Integrative Energy Healing Free Introduction  June 29, 7-9:30 pm

Learn about this powerful new course for up-leveling your energetic healing skills and combining it with the emotional wisdom to heal the judgments causing you to stuff emotions and suppress your needs, dreams and expressing your unique self.

Learn Energy Work and Emotional Skills for Overcoming Anxiety, Overwhelm and Hyper-Sensitivites. Sat Feb 15, 2-4:30 pm

Go beyond learning techniques by learning to address the root causes. Experience an energy transmission to restore you to balance, calm frazzled nerves, and alleviate anxiety, overwhelm and tension, combined with learning to apply the emotional wisdom and energy work skills to transform and heal these underlying root causes.

Chakra Attunement & Medicine Wheel Ceremony  June 19, 2-5:30 pm

Join us for an afternoon of healing, aligning with higher awareness, and connecting with others living a spiritual path.

Healing for your Creative & Sensitive Child

Some children (and adults) feel the feelings of others and the sensations of the world around them more than the average person. This causes them to feel overwhelmed, anxious and more reactive to people and circumstances. As a result, they learn to suppress feelings which only increases these problems.

Unconditional Confidence & Creation – Manifestation Wisdom

Own your true, nature, power and partnership with Life. What makes this workshop unique is that it takes you beyond learning abundance consciousness or the Law of Attraction by teaching you to apply ALL the Laws of Creation from a heartfelt awareness of unconditional trust, confidence, power and abundance.

Healing The Judgment Monster

Are you tired of being your own worst critic? Of being told to not judge or worry, or to love and accept yourself, but not how to actually do it? If you’re feeling frustrated and bad that you haven’t been able to to stop feeling negative feelings or judging yourself, your feelings, your body or your life, it’s because you haven’t learned how to do it!