My clients always ask how I learned and developed the work I do, so I thought I’d take the time and share my journey.  At least a short over view as it would fill a book to share all of it! 

My first training for being of service to others was in the mid 80’s when I attended seminars that taught me foundational patterns of accountability and to become aware of the beliefs producing how I feel and create in the world.  In 1986 I added in learning the spiritual principles of how creation works and my oneness with the Source of all creation, love and abundance. This led me to sign up to be a spiritual practitioner in which I learned to guide myself and others to align with and create from this higher awareness.

As I kept deepening my wisdom and skills, which included going to college in my 30’s to study psychology, and continuing my own personal and spiritual evolution I began to learn the deeper wisdom for applying what I’d learned. I also came to own my gift for intuitively reading subconscious and life patterns, and to go beyond re-patterning limits to un-conditioning them, and how to apply the integrative emotional wisdom and additional lessons for manifestation that are key for integrating and sustain lasting changes. 

Linda White

 This was the beginning of an amazing journey in which I learned from others and the Divine to embrace and live from an awareness of oneness and Partnership with Life.

In 1997 when I started seeing clients I had one of my clients, who was a Reiki master, tell me I was already channeling energy and higher consciousness, and suggested I enhance my gifts with a Reiki attunement. I did, and it did!  From my first attunement to becoming a reiki master, I was shown how to combine this with shifting core beliefs and conditioning to clear years of agreement with limits, stuffed emotions, and to connect them with the wisdom of their higher soul. 

I was shown by this higher guidance, to develop additional methods of energy work. I’d have people experiencing what I do tell me the names they had for it such as Prahna, healing touch, theta healing, quantum, etc., and others I had no names for. Mainly I learned to channel whatever my client needed and spirit didn’t care about what I had learned or following a method. 

The most wonderful skill Iearmed is to be a gatekeeper. The divine showed me how to take those I serve through a doorway to experience and embody the peace, bliss, and wisdom of their higher soul and feel their oneness with God/Source. I see it as a more direct form of soul healing and retrieval that I combine with the wisdom to integrate and develop new heartfelt belief patterns.

As I merged my studies in psychology, energy work, NLP, Time Line Therapy, and spiritual training, I developed the wisdom and skills to more fully heal and transform the core beliefs and subconscious conditioning causing and maintaining emotional and physical trauma and limitation, as well as the stress that contributes to many chronic health conditions. A key factor was how to develop new patterns on heartfelt levels that sustained living the higher awareness of those magical ‘ah ha’ moments. 

For the last 21 years I’ve been blessed and honored to have a successful practice helping others heal physically, transform emotionally and manifest beyond what they believed possible. The good news is that you don’t have to go through all that I did to learn it. That was my path because there weren’t any trainings for the wisdom I was learning. I now share all of this with you. 

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