Healing Anxiety, Overwhelm and Hyper-Sensitivities

 Healing for the Sensitive Soul and Empathic Heart

In this experiential workshop you will learn to better understand what causes you to be negatively impacted by the feelings of others and the sensations of the world around you and find it harder to change ingrained emotional patterns than the average person. 

  •  Understand why you feel drained by other people and healing can seem harder for you.
  •  Understand why your heightened intuition and empathy causes higher levels of anxiety, overwhelm and hyper-sensitivities – and the steps for balancing them so that you can reap the benefit of your intuitive gifts. 
  •   Experience the Rainbow Energy Healing Method to release reactive feelings and stuffed emotions in a healing way.  
  •  Experience an energy adjustment to calm frazzles nerves and reset your nervous system.

You will leave this workshop feeling greater peace and healing wisdom you can use in daily life to positively affect your emotional and physical well being.

Whether it’s mild or chronic, temporary or all the time, anxiety and overwhelm have become a constant part of our lives. You may not even label it as anxiety, but feel it as tension, stress, fatigue, or a dampening of your more positive and confident feelings.

If you don’t have the skills to shift and transform such feelings, you probably do what most do. You deny, ignore or try not to feel them, and when you can’t judge yourself for not being able to.  The problem with this is that suppressing feelings causes the tension and stress that constricts the flow of energy through your body. This constriction creates very real digestive, immune, hormonal and other health problems that over time can manifest as fatigue, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, and health issues.  This suppression is also the cause of many over-reactions which show up as either outbursts of anger that you regret, or holding them in even more, which increases fatigue and depression. And, when you don’t feel good physically, it increases anxiety and overwhelm!

I hope you’ll join me to learn emotional and energetic tools for addressing the root causes of anxiety and overwhelm, you will leave feeling more empowered to heal ingrained emotional patterns and health problems that have been unchangeable.

Linda White is the creator of Integrative Core Healing Method, Emotional Wisdom, Modern Shamanism and the Rainbow Energy Healing Process. For over 20 years she has helped people heal and thrive physically and emotionally, connect with and sustain living higher consciousness, and to attain life goals with greater ease.


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