Healing Anxiety, Overwhelm and Hyper-Sensitivities

 Healing for the Sensitive Soul and Empathic Heart

Tools for healing Anxiety, Overwhelm, and Hyper-Sensitivities

Go beyond managing anxiety, overwhelm, and reactive feelings by developing the emotional and energetic skills to thrive as an intuitive and sensitive soul.

  • Are you tired of struggling to not feel anxious, overwhelmed, or not feel limiting beliefs and feelings?
  • Have you learned protection and energy techniques, cognitive behavior therapy, mantras, etc., but still feel drained in groups or when others are upset?
  • Have you learned the importance of self-care, setting boundaries, and expressing your needs and feelings, yet still aren’t doing these because you feel bad when you do them, or at the idea of doing them?
  • Are you tired of being told to love and accept yourself, own your power, and let go of anxiety, judgments, and limits, but not how to do these?

 Then you are in the right place!  

 In this informative and experiential workshop, you will learn the deeper wisdom for living and thriving as a sensitive soul. Though it may not always feel like it, being intuitive and sensitive is a gift. That is, if you have learned the wisdom that calms your hyper-sensitivity, balances your energy and emotions, and heals the core conditioning that maintains reactivity, so you can reap the benefits of your heightened senses and intuition.

  • Learn which healing methods directly or indirectly address the four underlying causes of feeling drained and having reactive feelings.  
  • Learn the key for calming your nervous system as well as reactive feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, and hyper-vigilance.
  • How to stop giving your power away.
  • Understand why protection and other techniques don’t always work, why they can make you feel worse, and what to do instead.
  • Experience the Rainbow Energy Healing Method to calm reactive feelings, release stuffed emotions, and heal the judgments causing suppression and hyper-vigilance.   
  •  Experience an energy alignment that calms frazzled nerves and resets your nervous system.

You will leave this workshop feeling greater peace and healing wisdom you can use in daily life to positively affect your emotional and physical well-being.


This part isn’t done

When: September 10, 12:30 -3 pm.   

Cost: Early-bird rate: $55 by Aug 31.  $65 by thru September 7, $75 after that.

(psalm, I know the price is low but this is also a way for them to experience some of what will be in the course. )

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