I’m honored and blessed to have been able to help so many embrace their true nature and create life how they wanted it to be and feel.

Being a successful entrepreneur I already have a positive attitude and showed up because a friend who had gone to her and said she’d helped her to feel more confident and get butter results with less effort. She couldn’t really explain what or how she did it, but I was open. In my first session she tuned into my feelings of not being good enough that would come up whenever results weren’t going well that put me in a cycle of fixing the problem as the way to feel better. I had become a workaholic and also couldn’t say no to helping my friends and family. I literally had no time for myself even to get a full nights sleep which was affecting my health. And yes, I knew it was important but I felt I couldn’t change it. When after helping me shift the core beliefs causing this which was in the way of creating more time or prosperity, she connected me with my higher self I finally felt whole and enough. Feeling my higher self was an opening I can’t describe as saying it’s peaceful, supported, confident and open to receiving just doesn’t explain the fully feeling of it. She’s amazing and I’d worked with many healers who did energy work, but to go instantly to trust and peace, wow! Her wisdom really supported me to increase the positive I felt and shift what was in the way of changing my out of balance go go go. Her wisdom for how to integrate and un-condition old patterns calmed my inner critic and created staying confident and feeling enough however results are going, and even when I say no to others. 

Sarah Larkin

Linda helped me to feel my true power and stop judging myself. She helped me to better apply the life principles I’d learned so that I stayed confident and trusting however results were going. From that I was able to finally create the level of success I knew was possible but hadn’t been able to achieve. Her ongoing integrative work for healing conditioning is like nothing I’ve seen before and as a Life & Fitness Coach I felt I’d seen it all! 

Jeanie Callen-Barat

I’d had an ultrasound that showed two masses on an enlarged thyroid. I was scheduled for a biopsy and decided to do a private session to address any emotional or physical blockages. Afterwards I felt better physically and emotionally, but the real test was at the biopsy appointment where the technician had a really tough time locating the two masses seen on the previous ultrasound. (around 1 cm big each) He could only find one of them and it was very faint and barely perceptible. He called in the doctor and she checked the previous scans and ran another ultrasound and the results were the same. 

Linda Long

Linda helped me to feel okay to express my needs and feelings and to do it in a way that got my needs met. I was ready to leave my husband because I didn’t feel I could stay and be happy. Even though I’d previously learned to believe it was okay to be and express boundaries and my needs were important, I still felt bad saying no and expressing boundaries if others got upset or felt disappointed. I was your classic caretaker who put everyone else first and would avoid upsetting others at my own expense. This led me to begin to develop digestive issues and fatigue that other holistic methods helped with but not fully. Linda was the missing piece. She helped me understand and heal how I empathetically felt others feelings and why I’d shut down and react with my husband when he wouldn’t listen. After the first session I came home and my husband for no reason had brought me flowers. Something he hadn’t done in years. She taught me how to heal what she called conditioning and how to stay open and ask for a way that worked. And her energy work, man on man, I’d done lots of energy work but feeling my higher self that knew it was okay helped me to feel it was okay and as I worked with her to integrate and apply all this, it saved my marriage, my mind and my health.

Karen Masters

As a successful and confident CEO I didn’t think I needed to do any such work because I’d followed motivational speakers like Tony Robbins and others and I’m very confident and optimistic, but my wife insisted because I’d been so stressed out lately. I’m glad she did! Linda helped me to see how I was ignoring my negative feelings because the ‘focus on the positive and ignore the negative’ I’d learned was creating a build up of tension and stress. I didn’t think I needed it, but she helped me to see and heal issues from my past that were causing anxiety when results and projects didn’t go as planned. Which is most of the time! She showed me how to deal with those feelings without ignoring and suppressing them. I felt great after the first session, and as I worked with her my high blood pressure dropped down, my acid reflux was gone and found myself feeling even more confident because it wasn’t interrupted by situational anxiety.

John Aikins

On my intake form I didn’t list having anxiety because I was embarrassed to admit it. Yet she immediately asked if I tended to feel on guard with people. Her compassion created a place I felt safe to admit what I tended to ignore. Before we even got on the table she showed me simple emotional and energy steps that calmed down my tension about 25%. I’d grown up always feeling the feelings of others and just accepted it so much I didn’t even think of it as a factor. She helped me bring my general anxiety down from a 6 to a 0 in one session. As I worked with her to develop new patterns and sustain this peace it also gave me the level of trust and confidence I pretended to have. It also decreased my need to go to the chiropractor 1-2 times a week to 1-2 times a month for maintenance. 

Sam O’Connell

After years of therapy, emotional release work, tapping and energy work, and being an intuitive healer myself, I still had the same anxiety happening and I was constantly taking things too personally and felt overwhelmed and drained because being super empathic I feel other people’s feelings. After our first session I felt a level of peace and trust I’d never felt before but want to say this was nothing compared to how profoundly different I felt after working with her the next six months. Her guidance to heal conditioning helped me to see that I was stuck doing release work but wasn’t doing the work to integrate and develop the higher awareness I believe in. She helped me to see that the reason the release techniques I was doing wasn’t producing lasting results was that they didn’t heal the subconscious patterns of conditioning causing me to feel on guard and anxious. Turns out this is what really caused me to be drained by others. She showed me how to work with my own energy and feelings in-between sessions so that I could sense others but not drain me or stop me from expressing my own authentic self and feelings. Her awareness of how to heal conditioning is truly the wisdom I was looking for. I’m so grateful to not have to spend time each day doing protection techniques being bothered by others feelings. 

Sarah McAdams

In 2013 I was hosting a workshop and needed someone to lead the opening meditation. Little did I know how much more she could do! She not only wowed them with her wisdom but in a short period of time had them aligned with higher consciousness and open to greater possibilities! A few months later she did a distance session over the phone when I was going through a stressful time and she instantly calmed my state of mind and body from across the country! I had been meaning to work with her face to face but didn’t get the chance, nor was I ready to do the work, until last week when I came to address high anxiety and procrastination. When I went into her office it was in a cozy treatment room in her beautiful home in San Diego California. We started the 90 minute session in the chairs facing each other where she took me through her opening, consultation and showed me some exercises I can do at home daily to help regain emotional peace and connect to my higher self. She then had me on the table where she dove into more of the core programming causing some of the issues I’ve been experiencing. As she guided me to shift, I could feel the energy being shifted and it brought me to a place of neutrality and peace about some deep subjects. This was really deeper work than I’d done before and when the next day some ‘stuff’ came up, she provided a support call that brought me back to peace and trust. Her session produced feeling amazing and rejuvenated as well as helped me step into my power to do the work I’m here to do! I highly recommend Linda and Integrative Core Healing to anyone who wants to understand the conditioning of our brains and how to shift their awareness to a higher level. I fully trust her with my life stories and to hold space for me and it’s nice having someone who truly cares and who just “gets it!” 

Chase Cheney