Master Healer Wisdom School

Master Healer Wisdom School develops the belief system, skills, intuition, and consciousness to facilitate energetic, shamanic, emotional, and spiritual healing for yourself and others.  

These programs teach a comprehensive understanding of how to transform the six underlying causal factors of emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalances and limitations and apply multiple forms of healing for restoring each of these areas to balance and wholeness. 

You will learn to facilitate different types and levels of healing to support people through the different cycles and stages of emotional, physical, and spiritual healing and transformation. These programs take you beyond learning techniques, skills, and higher awareness by teaching the consciousness and wisdom to apply and live it. From this place of higher awareness and wisdom, you will guide others to heal, grow, and manifest balance and positive changes on ever-expanding layers and levels.     

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These programs and trainings are for you if:

  1. You are on a path of developing your intuitive, energetic, shamanic, spiritual, and emotional healing skills for yourself or to be of service to others. 
  2. You are already a holistic practitioner, coach, counselor, energy worker, massage therapist, yoga teacher, or facilitating breathwork, sound healing, or somatic healing, and want to uplevel your skills. 
  3.  You want to thrive as a highly empathic and sensitive soul and stop being negatively impacted by the feelings of others.  

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Level 1 programs:  Level 1 programs are available individually and both are required to be part of the collaborative marketing available.

Level 2   Modern Shamanism and Core Pattern Transformation.  Pre-requisite: Integrative Energy Healing Training and Unconditoinal Confidence & Manifestation Mastery.

This second year of training combines the wisdom of level one programs with the deeper wisdom, skills, and consciousness to transform ingrained core beliefs and subconscious conditioning and facilitate soul-level and shamanic healing, elemental energy work, and sacred ceremonies.  

  • Core Belief Pattern Transformation:  Learn the skills and consciousness for transforming core beliefs, emotional anchors, and subconscious conditioning on heartfelt levels. Understand the belief patterns producing different feelings and emotions and which higher awareness to apply to heal ingrained patterns.   

  • Practice Development:  For graduates of one and two-year trainings I provide additional support and guidance to develop a successful practice helping others heal and grow. This includes clinic hours and collaborative marketing. 
  • Certification for is required to be part of collaborative marketing.

    Integrative Energy Healer Training 

    Develop the intuitive, energetic, shamanic, and spiritual, skills to channel life force energy and connect with and sustain higher states of awareness.  This is combined with how to apply emotional wisdom applications to increase confidence, inner peace, and freedom of being and transform limiting beliefs, judgments, and reactive feelings.  Begins January 2023.

    Unconditional Confidence 

    Learn to coach others to develop the belief system that heals conditional confidence and increases feelings of self-worth, self-love and acceptance, personal power, and trust in your ability to attain all life goals.  This is combined with how to apply the 5 Laws of Creation to own and focus the power of your choices to the primary areas of life: Career/money, relationships, health, and being able to trust and enjoy life AS you creating what you desire. 

    Manifestation Mastery Using the 5 Laws of Creation 

    Own your power and focus it to manifest beyond what you’ve created and experienced so far. If you’ve learned the Law of Attraction and abundance consciousness these are two lessons of the first law of creation. Now learn ALL five laws of creation with an emphasis on applying them to the areas of: Career/money, health, relationships, and to trust and enjoy life as you are attaining life goals. This is taught in conjunction with Unconditional Confidence.

    Core Belief Pattern Transformation & Integration

     Learn to apply the five stages for transforming ingrained core beliefs and subconscious conditioning that are necessary for healing trauma, anxiety, and other ingrained patterns. Learn the specific belief patterns causing different types of feelings, and apply the integrative emotional wisdom for creating lasting changes in how you experience life and respond to people and circumstances.   

    Modern Shaman Training 

    Learn to facilitate soul connections and soul-level healing, elemental energy work, sacred ceremonies, and other shamanic healing practices. This includes learning my skill of being a Gatekeeper. You will merge this with the skills learned in previous training so you can guide your clients to apply, sustain, and live this higher awareness in the modern world.

    Linda White

    Clinic, Collaborative Marketing, Certification, and Practice Development

    After graduating one or two year trainings you can see clients in our clinic to receive in-life practice, guidance to develop your practice, and collaborative marketing so that you don’t have to it all on your own.