Transformational Courses

36 Days to Unconditional Confidence

Whether your goal is to succeed, attract love, or simply to feel better about yourself, confidence is the fuel that makes that happen. When you feel confident you feel on top of the world, empowered, and loved. You feel capable of creating what you want, handling life’s challenges, and comfortable expressing your thoughts, needs and unique self. Confidence feels great!

Manifestation Mastery Using the 5 Laws of Creation

Own your power and focus it to manifest beyond what you’ve created and experienced so far from an awareness of unconditional confidence, abundance, and partnership with Life. If you’ve learned Law of Attraction and abundance consciousness, this will take what you’ve learned to the next level by teaching how to apply ALL five laws of creation.

Integrative Energy Healing Training

Learn the advanced energy work and emotional wisdom applications I’ve developed over the last 22 years to facilitate physical healing, transform emotionally, manage and calm heightened sensitivities, heal the habit of judges and causes of co-dependency, and more easily connect with and sustain living in a state of higher awareness. Begins July/August 2022.

Integrative Emotional Wisdom Training

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Modern Shaman Training

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