Chakra Alignment & Medicine Wheel Ceremony

Sunday July 30,   12 – 3 pm   Held outside and in person 


 Release stress, anxiety, and limits, and experience the peace, freedom, trust, and loving wisdom of your higher soul.

This powerful ceremony begins with calling in the wisdom of the elders, setting intentions, and a 10+15 minute wisdom teaching.  I then activate the energy vortex of the Medicine Wheel, guide you to align with the higher truths of each chakra, and connect you with the wisdom of your higher soul. 

As you sit in oneness with and receive guidance from Divine Source I will sing my sacred chants and channel elemental life force energy to restore physical, emotional, and spiritual balance and wholeness. 

I thought it would be a nice meditation, instead, I felt a level of peace I hadn’t felt before and the cancer on my hand dissolved within a few days.  – Scott

This was one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever experienced.  – Sheryl

When Linda sang her chants it felt like love surrounded and filled me up. Christine

You are welcome to bring any stones, crystals, or items you wish to have energized in the energy.

Bring: Chair, hat, layers, and a jacket for weather fluctuations, and a water bottle. You will be sitting outside in the shade.

SundayJuly 30, 12 – 3 pm.
12:00:  Arrive and settle in and add your stones and crystals to help build the medicine wheel.
12:30:  The ceremony begins at 12:30 and ends between 2:30 and 3 pm. No arrivals after ceremony begins.

Location:  Located in north Clairmont.   You must be registered to attend and receive the address. 

To Register:  These links take paypal and credit cards. You can also Venmo me: @Linda-White-94

Earlybird rate thru July 20                                      $35 for 1 Person             2 for $70 

 Almost an earlybird July 21- 28                             $40 for 1 person             2 for $80

July 29 and day of event (if there’s room)              $45 for 1 person              2 for $90

You can contact me at 619-582-5505 or [email protected]  

A little history if you are new to this:

In 1997 I was asked to do a guided meditation at a Native American medicine wheel in east county that had been blessed and used by several local tribes. At the time I hadn’t owned who I am and said ‘I’m not a shaman and don’t want to pretend to be something I’m not’.  The woman whose property it was on said, ‘You don’t need to be a shaman, I love your work, just do your chakra meditation.’ I gratefully said yes! 

One of the ways I have learned much of the healing work and emotional wisdom I share is that when asking the Divine for guidance to grow beyond limits and help others to do the same, I would experience expansions of consciousness. These were profound experiences in which I suddenly knew things I had no way of knowing. Healing methods and what I call the inbetween steps that filled in the gaps in knowledge I didn’t have and couldn’t find in the world.  would experience and retain the wisdom to believe and love unconditionally, to do different types of healing work, and that usually lasted about half an hour and I’m completely conscious  that included the wisdom of how to apply and develop the belief system and habits to sustain and live it.

On this day, as I sang my sacred prayers, which I had also learned from Divine Spirit/Creator, it happened again. I instantly understood there was the power of uniting energy with others and the power of intention. I also knew suddenly how to set and activate the energy vortex that would enhance these and create a portal to of the medicine wheel.  I was also guided to do things during the process I had no way of knowing and to merge the traditional medicine wheel format with my chakra alignment process. I was also shown how to use this sacred space and energy in the private healing work and events I did.

I was forever transformed and grateful when those attending shared that they had never felt anything so powerful.

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