Energy Tune-Up and Shamanic Journey  Sold out!

June 27, 12-2:00pm
This event is inside and you will be laying down. Due to limited space there are only 9 spaces available.

 Join us on this journey of growing beyond the limits of your mind and body.

  • Calm overwhelm, anxiety, and release limits.
  • Increase confidence, inner peace, health, and freedom of being.
  • Restore balance and wholeness.
  • Experience and embrace the wisdom of your Higher Soul.
  • Sound Healing

Welcome to our healing community!

This month our healing event will be a smaller inside group as we are doing a guided shamanic journey combined with an energy balancing and chakra tune-up.  For those who haven’t experienced me in person this is more than a guided meditation because it is infused with the higher consciousness and elemental energies I work with.  I will be doing different events each month to connect with higher awareness and gain the wisdom to integrate on heartfelt levels.

 This uplifting and healing event begins with owning your power to create the inner and outer changes you desire and releasing limits to creation, confidence, and connecting with higher awareness.  Next, you will be guided on a shamanic journey to connect with and embrace the wisdom of your Divine Self. As you lay in communion with this higher state of awareness I will channel elemental healing energies (Advanced energy work) and sing my sacred healing chants to clear blocked energy, balance your chakras, and open the flow of energy in your body. 

From past participants,
I thought it would be a nice meditation, instead I felt a level of peace I hadn’t felt before and the cancer on my hand dissolved within the week.  – Scott 

When Linda sang her chants it felt like love flowed through and surrounded me. – Christine

I have experienced so many healers, Linda is the real deal! I finally feel what it means to love and accept myself.  Sandra

Bring: Padding to lay on the floor, blanket, and pillows to be comfortable. 

Location: Address given upon registration.  Located in north Clairmont 92117. 

Sold out

To Register: You can use these links to for paypal and credit cards or venmo me at @Linda-White-94.

Early Bird Rate thru March 24:       $35 for 1 person         $70 for 2 people 
March 25-26                                   $40 for 1 person        $80 for 2 people 
Day of event: March 27                $45 for 1 person        $90 for 2 people

Linda White has been helping people to heal and grow beyond limits for over 24 years.  What makes her work so empowering is she combines the energetic healing to restore physical balance and health, transformation of core beliefs and judgments, with the wisdom to integrate lastin changes.  She goes beyond telling you to own your power, let go of judgments and worry, and believe in,  love, and accept yourself because she shows you how to do it.  Her gift for connecting you with the your higher soul and to apply in daily life the emotional, energetic, and manifestation wisdom to creae lasting changes empowers you to  heal and grow beyond what you believe possible.