Whether your goal is to succeed, attract love, or simply to feel better about yourself, confidence is the fuel that makes that happen. When you feel confident you feel on top of the world, empowered, and loveable. You feel capable of creating what you want, handling life’s challenges, and comfortable expressing your thoughts, needs and unique self. Confidence feels great!

  • The 36 Days to Unconditional Confidence program increases feelings of self-worth, personal power, abundance, and self-acceptance to  develop the unshakeable confidence to attain goals and overcome life’s challenges, express yourself authentically, and not be bothered by slow results or critical people.  

When you feel less confident, life doesn’t feel as good, in fact it can feel like an uphill battle!  It produces feeling self-conscious, not enough, and undeserving because you are your own worst critic. This causes you to feel less less capable of attaining your dreams, which of course limits the actions you make, and the results you attract.

  • The good news is that lack of confidence is learned, so it can be unlearned! You just need to learn how!  


What is Unconditional Confidence?

Unconditional Confidence is a result of developing a state of mind (and being) where your value and worth, self-esteem, and personal power stays constant because it isn’t defined results, or other people, but by you!

It is a level of believing in yourself and your powers of creation that empowers and inspires you to overcome life’s challenges, grow beyond limits, and to keep going until your dreams become your reality.

It is a level of self-acceptance that heals self-judgment and produces the freedom of being that allows you to express your authentic self even when others might judge, react or be critical.

It is the awareness to trust that however it is going is your unique process of creating what you want, and you are supported by life every step of the way.

It is the wisdom to enjoy life even as you are learning, growing, and creating powerful changes.


To develop Unconditional Confidence is a process of healing conditional confidence. This begins with understanding that confidence is not an all-or-nothing experience.  We all have areas of life where we feel confident, and other areas where we don’t. Even the most successful and talented people have times where they feel anxious and experience self-doubt, because we all develop confidence, or lack of it, through the process of learning called conditioning. This produces ‘conditional belief patterns’ that cause your feelings to yo-yo based upon how external circumstances are going, and how other people are being.

36 Days to Unconditional Confidence combines developing the belief system that increases confidence with how to heal the patterns of subconscious conditioning that causes yo-yo confidence.   


Examples of conditional confidence:

    • You’ve done years of personal growth, even opened to higher awareness, but it doesn’t last, and then you judge yourself for having the old limiting beliefs and feelings coming up!
    • You’re generally confident and may even be successful but you’re control issues and perfectionism puts a damper on feeling and enjoying your success.
    • You’re generally optimistic and positive yet get stuck trying not to feel anxious, not enough,  and self-doubt when results aren’t going as you’d like, or people are being critical.
    • You value and accept parts of you yet have other areas where you’re too hard on yourself, you deflect compliments, or you expect others to judge or reject you.
    • You believe your dreams and needs are important but avoid setting boundaries, asking for support, or taking time for you because it might rock the boat or upset others.


Are you ready to experience a higher and more consistent level of confidence?


Introducing the 36 Days to Unconditional Confidence Program 

This dynamic program provides the wisdom and support to increase self-worth, self-acceptance, personal power, and confidence. It includes:

    • 6 weekly live zoom events
      • Wisdom teachings and interactive exercises for increasing the self-acceptance, self-worth, self-esteem, and personal power that produces Unconditional Confidence!
      • Soul Connections: Connect with and align with the wisdom of your higher self and soul. Experience and align with the part of you that lives in unconditional trust, love, power, and abundance. These live shamanic journeys and guided processes take you beyond mentally believing in higher awareness to feeling it as your heartfelt higher truth. If you already believe, this will take it to an even higher level.
    • E-Workbook, affirmations, and journal for aligning with and applying the wisdom you are learning. As you apply this wisdom in daily life you develop the emotional muscles and mental habits that increase and sustain unconditional confidence.
    • Emotional Wisdom: To un-condition the conditional belief patterns that cause the self- judgment, limiting beliefs, and feelings that put a damper on feeling your positive feelings.
    • Buddy system and Private FB support group: Become part of a community of heart centered and consciously aware beings supporting each other to evolve personally and attain life goals. This program is more than a course, it’s about receiving the support to stay on track and grow beyond what you believe possible.
    • E-book: When her book 36 Days to Unconditional Confidence is published you receive it before it goes national.


What’s the investment? 

I am so excited to start this program that I’m offering this life changing six-week program for only $149.

And for a limited time you can enroll with a friend and you both attend for half price!   

Money back guarantee:  If you apply this wisdom and attend all the weekly live zoom events and don’t feel more confident, I’ll give you your money back! No questions asked.   


  Yes, I’m ready, sign me up!

  Not sure yet? Attend a FREE introductory event to experience the possibilities.


Additional ways to save:  

Share with friends:                   Post on social media or recommend to your email list and have them mention your name when they register.                                                       For each additional person who registers you earn a $36 discount off of your registration. If more than three                                                         signup you earn credit towards future programs or private sessions.

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I would be honored to support you in breaking free of the limits of the past and opening to the infinite possibilities that await you!






Manifestation Mastery

 Own and focus your powers of creation using the Five Laws of Creation and Emotional Wisdom

  Turn your dreams into your reality 

 Manifest beyond what you believe possible or have created so far!  

You can choose in person or live on Zoom.

Now is the time!

A time of healing, transformation, and creation. A time of re-inventing yourself, and your life.  A time to give yourself the support to heal physically, grow beyond limits, and open to greater possibilities.  A time to step into partnership with the creative and abundant energy of Life.

And you don’t have to do it alone.

 The Five Laws of Creation are guidelines for owning your powers of creation and focusing your choices to increase success, health, love, and happiness from an awareness of partnership with Life.  If you’ve learned principles such as Law of Attraction, positive thinking or abundance consciusness, great!  Laws of Creation includes these plus the additional wisdom that will increase consistency of results, and sustain the confidence to keep believing and keep going until your dreams have become your reality.


  • Shamanic Journeys and Soul Connections to increase confidence on heartfelt levels
  • Clarify a heart inspiring vision and own your power to create it.
  •  Identify and shift limiting beliefs that limit creation, self expression, trust, and enjoyment of the process.
  • Go home with an action plan for creating and sustaining positive emotional and life changes, and the tools for staying confident, and in the flow of creation as you nurture your hearts desires into form.


 “36 Days to Unconditional Confidence” increases the confidence, self-worth, self-acceptance, and abundance consciousness to create beyond what you believe possible or created so far.

Next you will combine this increased confidence with the wisdom to attain life goals with greater ease and abundance.

“Manifestation Mastery.” How to own and focus your powers of creation using the five Laws of Creation. You will learn the wisdom to apply these principles by applying it to heal limits and manifest positive changes in all areas of your life.

  • Prosperity and abundance.
  • Improve health, mental clarity and energy.
  • Relationships and communication.
  • Emotional transformation and spiritual connection.

If you attend ‘The Manifestation Mastery and the Laws of Creation’ it includes attending 36 Days to Unconditional Confidence for FREE! 

If you attend 36 Days to Unconditional Confidence and then decide you want to do both, you receive a $149 discount off attending Manifestation Mastery.

Questions Call/text Linda White at 619-582-5505