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Develop Unconditional Confidence!

 Healing for the Sensitive Soul

Hello and Welcome.  

Words don’t describe the level and magnitude of what Linda does. Her work for healing core conditioning, integrative emotional wisdom, and soul connections are like no other, and as a coach, I thought I had learned and done it all!  In the first session she helped me decrease anxiety and feel abundant and confident on a higher level. It was profound! Working ongoing I finally stopped being my own worst critic, taking everything too personally, prioritize my dreams, and create a successful practice. Jeanie – The Fitness Coach

I came to see Linda hoping for a little relief from two torn tendons in my rotator cuff and bicep because I couldn’t take medication for the pain. I showed up in tears because my pain level was a 20.  By the end of the session it was down to a one and even less the next morning. Five weeks later and I’m still pain free.  – Barbara Ham, Financial Planner and Ballroom Dancer

Linda helped me stop waking up and living with the constant gut ache from the anxiety, and hyper vigilance I lived with.  My increased confidence and her business guidance led me to create a living doing what I love.  – Anjelica Massage Therapist

After years of release work, hypnotherapy, NLP, Tapping, and counseling Linda helped me heal from being in relationship with a narcissist.  – Maura Simmons.

Before I was referred to Linda I had stopped doing my own healing work and became a hermit.  Her wisdom helped me calm my hyper-sensitivity and stop being a hermit drained by others. – Anne 

I told her in our first session that I was there because a friend suggested it, but didn’t believe I could ever learn to love myself.  Then, she did what I thought was impossible! — Christina Landers

Not being able to fully heal emotionally or physically, or attain success and create healthier relationships doesn’t meant you can’t. All it means is you haven’t yet learned to apply ALL the steps for creating and sustaining such changes – even if you believe you have.  

Would you like to:

  1. Increase trust, confidence, self-love, joy, peace, and freedom of being and be able to sustain these even when results aren’t going well or people are judgmental?
  2. Transform the underlying causes of anxiety, self-judgment, overwhelm, hyper-sensitivity, addiction, reactive feelings, self-judgment, guilt, – on heartfelt levels.
  3. Alleviate pain, fatigue, inflammation, digestive, hormonal, and other chronic health problems  .
  4. Thrive and succeed as an empathic and sensitive soul. 
  5. Replace the habit of judging with new heartfelt patterns that increase self-acceptance, compassion, and confidence? 
  6. Attain greater success, health, love, and happiness from an awareness of unconditional trust, personal power, and abundance. 
  7. Heal relationship patterns and trauma from the past and create balance, healthy, and loving relationships.

 Why I Can Help You Heal, Transform, and Create Beyond What You Have So Far.  

Each session is individually guided based on what you want to create and heal, where you are in the process of creating what you want, and the level you want to take it to.   

  1. Core Belief Transformation:  Linda’s ability to read subconscious patterns allows her to guide you to transform on heartfelt levels the root cause of limiting beliefs and results, trauma, self-judgment, anxiety, overwhelm, people-pleasing, depression, etc.  
  2. Shamanic Soul Connections and Soul Retrieval: Experience and embrace the peace, confidence, trust, and freedom of your higher soul. The part of you that lives beyond the limits of the mind and body.   As you reunite and embrace the part of you that lives beyond the limits of the mind and body you go beyond mentally believing in higher awareness to feeling it as the higher truth of you. 
  3. Advanced Reiki and Elemental Energy Healing:  Clear the buildup of blocked energy, stress, tension, and stuffed emotions contributing to or causing pain, fatigue, digestive, and other health problems. Transform the physical conditioning and imbalances contributing to anxiety, depression, and overwhelm. Enhance and accelerate your body’s ability to regenerate and heal.
  4.  Integrative Emotional Wisdom: Instead of telling you to own your power, let go, don’t judge, worry, or take it personally; or telling you to trust, believe in, accept and love yourself, she shows you how!   

    How to:

      • Increase and sustain inner peace, trust, happiness, freedom of being, self-love, and acceptance.
      • Develop new patterns that produce Confidence, Trust, Power, and Self-Worth that stays constant even when results are slow or other people are critical.
      •  Un-conditions patterns maintaining anxiety, limiting beliefs, reactive feelings, co-dependency, and people-pleasing, as well as depression.  
      • Feel okay to prioritize and express your needs, feelings, and desires – how ever others might respond.
      • Inner Child work to heal the wounds from not having needs met. 

  5. Thrive as an intuitive, empathic, and highly sensitive soul.  Go beyond the basics of protecting yourself to thriving and share your gives with the world.
  6. Shamanic Sound Healing: Clear tension, stress, blocked energy, and the buildup of subconscious agreement with conditional beliefs.  “When Linda sings, I feel the tension flow out of my body and felt like I was surrounded by love.” – Christina
  7. Manifestation Mastery for Business and Relationship Coaching: Own and focus your power and apply the Five Laws of Creation to manifest health, relationships, and success beyond what you have learned to create so far!   

If you have questions, I invite you to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation in which I answer questions about how or if this is the next step in your evolutionary journey. (See below.)  

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’ve done years of personal growth and experienced expansions of consciousness – but  it doesn’t last and you still judge yourself and get triggered – even though you know better! 
  • You struggle with perfectionism, anxiety, and trying not to feel negative feelings. 
  • You’re tired of being told don’t judge, worry, or take it personally, or to let go and trust, or to own your power, and to love, accept, and believe in yourself – but not how to do it! 
  • You are generally confident but feel anxious when results aren’t going well, or when other people are upset. 
  • You have learned protection techniques but are still triggered by the energy and feelings of others. 
  • You feel a damper on feeling your positive feelings and can’t get your mo-jo back. 
  • You have learned to live with chronic pain, fatigue, and other health issues because you don’t know or believe there is anything more you can do. 
  • You’ve learned your needs, feelings, and boundaries matter, but still don’t express them or get your needs met. 
  • You’ve embraced abundance and spiritual principles but haven’t been able to create the level and quality of health, happiness, success, and relationships you desire. 
  • You’ve done years of personal growth and all you can find is events for beginners.

Then you’ve come to the right place!

I understand from personal experience how euphoric and magical it can be to open to higher awareness and learn skills for positively impacting your life and feelings. I also know how frustrating it can be when what you have learned only takes you so far. I know because I came up against those same challenges in the 90’s. Believing there was more to learn I began a journey of seeking the wisdom to help myself and others go beyond learning higher awareness or experiencing breakthroughs to living higher consciousness on ever expanding levels.  

In the 80’s I learned to apply spiritual and personal growth principles that transformed how I perceived myself and empowered me to attain life goals. I gained the confidence to leave a bad marriage, start a business that tripled my income in six months, built a children’s church, and began the training to live my dream of helping others heal and grow. It was challenging to face my fears and grow through limits and also powerful because I was learning to focus the power of my choices to attain life goals. Like many I went through a period of learning that seemed magical.  

Then, in the 90’s I went through a time when my community fell apart and going through a time when results were not showing up so miraculously.  I went through a time when I had to borrow money to pay my bills, and from three car accidents in six years I kept gaining weight until I was 285 lbs.  

Seeing lack of results as meaning there was more to learn and apply, I would ask spiritual teachers and professors why the manifestation and other spiritual principles didn’t seem to be working? Why even though I believed the principles and higher awareness were always true my limiting feelings of not being enough kept coming up so big. 

I was told to let go of limits and judgments, be with my feelings, and own my power. That I needed to love, accept, and believe in myself, and don’t take it personally! They would tell me worrying, and negative thinking are a waste of time, and I just need to believe it will be okay and surrender and trust the process.  

So, I asked “How do I do this?”  How do I heal the judgments in the way of loving and accepting myself?

How do I stop taking things too personally or feeling doubt and not enough? 

How do I own my power and stay confident even when I feel stuck, lost, or results keep not happening? 

How do I stop feeling drained by other people’s feelings and judgments?

What do I let go of and how do I trust?

How do I sustain the profound expansions of consciousness I’d experienced?

I was told to meditate, visualize, breathe, be with it, do affirmations, and keep releasing limits and judgments.  It was very frustrating because I was doing all of these and still my limiting feelings kept coming up and results weren’t happening. When I said it felt like there were gaps in the wisdom for emotional transformation, manifestation, and living spiritual principles, they dismissed me as someone not willing to do the work – when I was!

Can you relate?

I finally realized that as powerful as the wisdom they taught me was, they didn’t have all the answers. Especially how to heal the conditioning which was why my limiting feelings kept coming up even though I no longer believed they were true.  They didn’t seem to know how to heal the habit of judging or to develop the belief system and emotional wisdom to love and accept myself.  

Fortunately, another part of me had learned to trust I was partners with Life and that my dream of helping others heal and grow came with the ability to create it. When I stopped seeking from others how to learn this additional wisdom and committed to following the divine guidance that had always helped me so much through the years. 

For years, when I had questions my teachers couldn’t answer I would ask the Divine to help me better understand, apply, and live what they were teaching. I would experience visions that included understanding and believing beyond what I had learned. I later learned these were called spontaneous soul retrievals.  This also was a skill I was taught to do for others. 

Thus, began an even more amazing journey. It was as if my higher self/Life/God said: “Now that you have learned to trust me, let’s go beyond learning higher awareness to living it.”

From this journey I learned more than I can share here.  I came to realize that my ability to see there were gaps in what was being taught was because I was here to help fill in those blanks. I learned how to develop and apply unconditional confidence, acceptance consciousness, and the wisdom to integrate lasting changes. 

I found the answers to all I had been seeking and then some. 

Long story short, I learned the higher wisdom to address all six areas for transforming ingrained patterns, to work with the energy of the body, and the integrative emotional and manifestation wisdom to develop and sustain lasting changes.  I embraced my intuitive gift of reading subconscious patterns and how to heal them, and to do for others, what the divine had done for me. (FYI, there are many names for the Divine. Call it God, Creator, Universal Consciousness, or the wisdom of the universe.)

Thus, instead of telling you to own your power, let go, don’t judge, worry, or take it personally, I learned to show you how.

Instead of telling you to accept, and love yourself, I show you how!

Including the deeper wisdom for apply the 5 Laws of Creation that takes you beyond learning abundance consciousness or the law of attraction.

I also learned how to clear the body of blocked energy and connect you with the wisdom of your higher soul so you can experience the part of you that lives beyond the limits of the mind and body. 

Most important, how to apply in daily life the wisdom to sustain and live it. 

From this journey, I created Integrative Core Healing and Emotional Wisdom, Advanced Energy Healing, and Modern Shamanism. 

 And, yes, I used this wisdom myself to heal the adrenal fatigue, a blocked liver gland, gallstones and to lose 150 lbs – and kept it off. I developed the unconditional confidence to publish a holistic magazine and create a successful practice helping others transform on core levels for the last 23 years. Most of all, to have my happiness stop being dependent on life being a certain way.

Wisdom that has continued to evolve through the years.

If you would like to have a conversation to discuss what and how I can support you in your healing and growth process click on this button to schedule a time.

Hugs and Blessings,


In our first session I told her I didn’t think anyone could help me to love myself. And, then she did!   – Christina    

Being a successful entrepreneur I already have a positive attitude and showed up because a friend who had gone to her and said she’d helped her to feel more confident and get butter results with less effort. She couldn’t really explain what or how she did it, but I was open. In my first session she tuned into my feelings of not being good enough that would come up whenever results weren’t going well that put me in a cycle of fixing the problem as the way to feel better. I had become a workaholic and also couldn’t say no to helping my friends and family. I literally had no time for myself even to get a full nights sleep which was affecting my health. And yes, I knew it was important but I felt I couldn’t change it. When after helping me shift the core beliefs causing this which was in the way of creating more time or prosperity, she connected me with my higher self I finally felt whole and enough. Feeling my higher self was an opening I can’t describe as saying it’s peaceful, supported, confident and open to receiving just doesn’t explain the fully feeling of it. She’s amazing and I’d worked with many healers who did energy work, but to go instantly to trust and peace, wow! Her wisdom really supported me to increase the positive I felt and shift what was in the way of changing my out of balance go go go. Her wisdom for how to integrate and un-condition old patterns calmed my inner critic and created staying confident and feeling enough however results are going, and even when I say no to others.

Sarah Larkin

On my intake form I didn’t list having anxiety because I was embarrassed to admit it. Yet she immediately asked if I tended to feel on guard with people and tend to sense other people’s feelings. Her compassion created a place I felt safe to admit what I tended to ignore. Before we even got on the table she showed me emotional and energy steps that calmed down my tension about 35%. I’d grown up always feeling overwhelmed by the feelings of others and just accepted it so much I didn’t even think of it as something that was healable.  She helped me bring my general anxiety down from a 6 to a 0 in one session. As I worked with her to develop new patterns and sustain this peace it also gave me the level of trust and confidence I pretended to have. It also decreased my need to go to the chiropractor 1-2 times a week to 1-2 times a month for maintenance. 

Sam O’Connell

Linda helped me to feel okay to express my needs and feelings and to do it in a way that saved my marriage. I was ready to leave my husband because even though I’d previously learned to believe it was okay to be and express boundaries and my needs were important, I still felt bad saying no and expressing boundaries, and asking for help, and didn’t know why.  I was your classic caretaker who put everyone else first and would avoid upsetting or disappointing others at my own expense. This led me to begin to develop digestive issues and fatigue that other holistic methods helped with but didn’t fully clear until I worked with Linda. She helped me understand and heal how I empathetically felt others feelings and how to feel okay to express my needs. When she took me through the golden door I was able to understand beyond words that it was okay.  After the first session I came home and my husband for no reason had brought me flowers. Something he hadn’t done in years. She taught me how to heal what she called conditioning and express my needs in a healthy way that worked. And her energy work, man on man, I’d done lots of energy work but feeling my higher self and her energy work was off the charts powerful.  I went to save my marriage, I also regained my health!

Karen Masters

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