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Welcome to Integrative Core Healing

 Hello, my name is Linda White. I’d be honored to help you to heal physically and emotionally, and to attain life goals, and sustain living higher awareness beyond what you’ve created so far. Whether you’re new on the path or a seasoned veteran, my 20+ years of doing transformational healing and living this wisdom in my own life, provides the deeper wisdom and skills to take you beyond learning and opening to higher awareness, to living it! 

Would you like to:
  • Heal and Transform why you still get triggered or drained by people and circumstances even though you ‘know better.’
  • Heal the root causes of reactive and limiting feelings, judgments, low self worth, anxiety, overwhelm, procrastination, depressions and suppression of feelings.
  • Alleviate or eliminate chronic pain, fatigue, and other health issues.
  • Increase and sustain feelings of confidence, self love, self worth and acceptance, trust, happiness, love, inner peace, and freedom of being, etc.
  • Manifest professional and personal goals with greater ease, confidence and enjoy the journey along the way!
  • Feel the freedom to be and express your feelings, boundaries, needs, desires and unique self – however others might think, feel or behave.
  • Stay confident, and trust however results are going or other people are being.
  • Heal hyper-sensitivities and embrace your intuitive and healing gifts.


I understand that sounds like something every coach, motivational speaker, and healer on the planet says! What makes Integrative Core Healing unique and empowering is that it takes you beyond healing limiting beliefs, or opening to higher awareness to living it.  Thus, instead of telling you to own your power, let go, don’t judge, don’t take it personally or worry, or that you should trust, be happy, believe in, accept and love yourself, I guide you through the process of transforming on core levels, and then show you how to do it for yourself!  I guide you to heal emotional and physical limits and blockages, connect with your higher soul,  and to apply in daily life the emotional, manifestatin and energy wisdom to sustain lasting changes. 

I understand how exciting it can be to open to higher awareness and even have some amazing life changes happen because of it.  I also know how challenging it can to find the deeper wisdom and guidance to go beyond the basics. I know because I went through this myself in the 90’s.  Which is what led me to seek and find the deeper wisdom to live, relate and create from a consistent awareness of unconditonal trust, love, power and abundance.

In your first session you will feel better physically and emotionally on levels words do not convey. If you already have developed the belief system, life skills, health, and daily habits to sustain this, it will last indefinately. If it doesn’t last it’s because there is a need to heal suboconscious conditioning and to developing new patterns to the level that will maintain the positive feelings, and produce a higher level of results and emotional and physical healing.

What makes Integrative so Powerful

  • My ability to intuitively read and guide you to more fully transform the underlying patterns causing reactive and painful feelings, judgments, limiting results, stuffing of emotions and self expression, anxiety, procrastination, depression and more.  This produces an accelerated rate of growth and healing.
  • I connect you with the peace, love, support and wisdom of Your Higher Soul.  This soul healing is a remembering of your true nature that takes you  beyond mentally believing in higher awareness to feeling it. Being able to connect and feel your wiser parts more easily is key for healing the beliefs that limit you from create the level of success, health, love and happiness you desire.
  •  Guidance to apply in deaily life the Integrative Emotional Wisdom that:
    • Un-conditions the subconscious programming
    • Develop the emotional muscles and energy wisdom that produce and sustain positive feelings, move through and un-condition triggered feelings and to give yourself the support to be and express your gifts and unique self in the world. .
    • Decrease or eliminate being negatively affected by people and circumstances
  • Advanced energetic healing to return your body to balance and to clear the tension, stress, and stuffed emotions which causes many health issues and can block physical and emotional healing.  Reiki, Modern Shamanism, and advanced methods I’ve developed alleviates pain, fatigue, and other chronic health problems, as well as the physical aspect of anxiety, overwhelm, and depression.     (read more) 
  • I guide you to apply the Manifestation Wisdom to own your power and apply the Laws of Creation to more easily and joyfully attain the level of health, relationships and success you desire.

I teach you to apply these for yourself inbetween our sessions so that you are empowered to affect your body, feelings and life circumstances on greater levels than ever before.


To find out more please check out my private sessions, events, blog and FREE video.

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