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Welcome to Integrative Core Healing

 Hello, my name is Linda White. I’d be honored to help you to heal physically, to heal the limiting beliefs and emotions blocking you, to connect with and live higher consciousness, and to attain life goals beyond what you believe possible, or have created so far. I’ve been honored and grateful to have been able to help so many people heal what they haven’t been able to heal for over 20 years. If you’re feeling like what you’ve learned isn’t all there is, you’re right! If you’re frustrated that you paid lots of money to learn Whether you’re new on the path or a seasoned veteran, I provide the deeper wisdom and skills to take you beyond learning and opening to higher awareness, to living it! 

Would you like to:
  • Heal and Transform the core conditioning maintaining limiting beliefs, judgments, reactions, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, guilt/shame, anger, taking things too personally, and limits to living your dreams and being and expressing your unique self.
  • Alleviate or eliminate pain, fatigue, digestive, hormonal and autoimmune issues, circulation, tension, stress and other health problems.
  • Increase and sustain feelings of self love and acceptance, confidence and trust, happiness, love, peace, and freedom of being.
  • Feel the freedom to be and express your thoughts, feelings, needs, desires and unique self however others might think feel or behave.
  • Develop the level of confidence, self worth and life skills to create and live your ideal life.
  • Stop being negatively affected by the moods and behavior of others.
  • Heal hyper-sensitivities so that you don’t feel drained by others feelings or behavior. (This is also why many intuitives have stronger conditioning than the average person)
  • Learn to develop and work with the energy of your body and feelings
  • Develop your innate intuitive and healing gifts to be of greater service of others.


Now, I understand that sounds like something every coach, counselor and healer on the planet says! What makes Integrative Core Healing so unique and empowering is a few things.

  • I’ve been blessed to have been shown the wisdom to combine ancient healing methods of advanced energy work and shamanic healing, with the emotional and manifestation wisdom to transform the underlying patterns causing how you relate, create and experience life.
  • I combine my intuitive ability to read energy and subconscious patterns causing self judgment, limitation, anxiety, reactive feelings, anger, sadness, depression, and other feelings you may not have been able to change.
  • I help you to heal the core beliefs, conditioning and hyper-sensitivities causing limitation, hyper reactivity, self judgment, reactive feelings, co-dependency, suppression of self. Patterns that limit creatin and cause the tension and stress that creates very real health issues.
  • I teach you to apply in daily life the Integrative Emotional Wisdom that takes you beyond learning and opening to higher awareness and life principles to living them! Thus, instead of telling you to own your power, let go, don’t judge, don’t take it personally or worry, or that you should trust, believe in, accept and love yourself, I show you how!  How to appy in daily life the wisdom that un-conditions subconscous programming and develops new belief patterns that will produce and sustain positive feelings, health, results and quality of life you desire.  Patterns that produces higher and more consistent levels of self love and acceptance, confidence, inner peace, freedom and self expression, trust, happiness and connection.
  • I connect you with the peace, confidence, freedom, support and wisdom of your higher soul. This unique skill takes you  beyond mentally believing in higher awareness to feeling it.
  • I provide compassionate support and advanced energetic healing for for restoring health and and the physical imbalances and hyper-sensitivities that can contribute to anxiety, depression, pain, faituge, and other chronic health problems.  As  we clear tension, stress, stuffed emotions and blocked energy, this restores your body to balance, and re-open the energy channels of your body to improve mental clarity,  health, and to enhance your bodies ability to heal and regenerate itself.  
  • I teach you to own your power and apply the Manifestation Wisdom to more easily manifest the level of health, relationships and success you desire.


Integrative Core Healing improves your health   

How does ICH help with healing chronic pain, fatigue, and other health problems?  I help with health issues on a phsycial, energetic and emotional level. The energy work helps reset your system and opens the flow of energy to accelerate and enhance your bodies ability to heal itself.  I combine this with healing patterns that cause you to suppress your needs, feelings and self expression and to deal with your feelings when they come up in a healing way.  It’s hard enough being ill, and having to deal with a medical system and beuracracy, so if you didn’t know how to set boundaries, express your needs and feelings, ask for help and feel okay to make your needs a priority before hand, it’s important to learn them now so that you can have all energy going towards healing.

Whether it’s genetic, physical imbalance or stuffing of emotions that caused it, when you’re out of balance physically this can put a damper on feeling your positive feelings. This in turn produces feeling your uncomfortable feelings bigger than usual because part of your survival mechanism is that when you don’t feel good, it wants you to stop and take care of yourself. Stop and change what isn’t working.  Not feeling good produces it feeling harder to ‘do what it takes’ in an area of life. If you’re like most people, you probably tend to ignore negative feelings until they reached a point of creating fatigue, pain, digestive issues or health problems.

One reason it’s important to learn how to deal with your feelings better, is because not knowing how to express needs, boundaries or deal with feelings in a ‘healing way’ is what caused you to stuff them in the first place. When you stuff your feelings it constricts muscles and breathing in order to hold them in and squelch them.  This tension and stress also activates your adrenals and takes energy away from vital systems such as your digestive, hormonal and immune systems in order for you to get things done and through the day.  A little bit here and there is no problem. but when it’s become a consistent way of life this constriction and activation of adrenals produces very real physical blockages and imbalances that over time produce very real health problems.

Health issues are a signal from your body to do that which would restore you to balance and health. If you’re like most people, you are busy with work and family, and don’t run to the doctor until it reaches a level in which you can no longer ignore it. This is why addressing emotional issues, along with addressing physical and life imbalances is recommended to alleviate the stress that contributes to high blood pressure, cardiac and other health problems. Unfortunately, they often don’t recommend these until it reaches a level in which the imbalances may take a bit to correct. Even the CDC lists stress tension as a primary cause of many health problems today.

 If you’re thinking “I already know how to breath and allow my feelings or I do such and such to release them.” To this, I simply say I’m glad you learned that. It’s an important step. It’s only the first step, not all of them. What are you doing to go to heal what causes you to suppress them? 

Integrative Emotional Wisdom  takes you beyond releasing the energy of emotions, or a shift in perspective, by guiding you to apply ALL the steps necessary to return to and sustain balance, health and happiness.   


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