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Welcome to Integrative Core Healing

 Hello, my name is Linda White, the creator of Integrative Core Healing Method, Emotional Wisdom, Core Connections and the Rainbow Energy Healing Process.  For over 20 years I’ve been honored to help thousands to heal physically and emotionally, attain life goals with greater ease, and to experience and live higher consciousness in daily life.  

Whether you’re seeking to heal emotionally or physically, to improve relationships and create greater success or to experience and live higher consciousness, I help you to become aware of and shift on heartfelt levels the underlying core beliefs, conditioning and physical imbalances causing the limits and health problems that block creating and experiencing the life how you want it to be. 


How to
  • Release and Transform the core beliefs, conditioning and other root causes of limiting beliefs, judgments, reactions and behaviors that limit what and how you create and experience life.
  • Alleviate or eliminate pain, fatigue, digestive, hormonal and autoimmune issues, circulation, tension, stress and other causes of health problems.
  • Increase and sustain confidence, trust, happiness, support, love, peace, freedom of being and the abundance and inspiration to
  • Manifest success, health, positive feelings and fulfilling relationships beyond what you’ve learned to create so far
  • Experience the peace and wisdom or your Higher Self and Soul.


What makes what I do so empowering is several unique skills combined with the comprehensive wisdom to address the different aspects and stages of transformation.

1. My ability to intuitively read the underlying belief, behavior and health patterns maintaining how it is and what you need to learn in order to return to balance and wholeness. In other words I don’t take months to get to the deep stuff.

2. I connect you with the heartfelt wisdom of your higher self and soul. The part of you that lives beyond the limits of the mind and body.

3. Integrative Wisdom: Along with helping you to shift the underlying core beliefs that maintain limits, reactions and judgments I have developed the Integrative Wisdom to un-condition the conditioning which causes why you get triggered and stuck combined with how to give to yourself the empowering and compassionate support to live your dreams and enjoy life more!  These patterns are why even though you ‘know better’ you still get triggered by people and circumstances as you do, still stuff feelings, get drained by others and haven’t been able to heal fully.

4. Manifestation Wisdom: If you’ve learned abundance consciousness and other principles of creation but aren’t manifesting the level of success, relationships or health you desire I help you to shift the core conditioning and apply the laws of creation to manifest with greater ease, joy and effectiveness.

Thus, instead of telling you to own your power, let go, don’t judge, take it personally or worry, or to believe in, trust, accept and love yourself, I show you how. I connect you with the part of you that already believes beyond what you believe, to shift the core beliefs and conditioning that keep you stuck and to apply in daily life the wisdom creates consistent and lasting changes. 

  •  Develop the level of faith in what you want to believe, your true nature and partnership with Life that moves mountains and attracts miracles.
  • Un-condition the core emotional conditioning, attachments and imbalances causing anxiety, overwhelm, depression, resentment, self judgment, negative mind chatter, fear of failure, disconnect, guilt, overreactions, hyper-sensitivity, unworthiness, PTSD, and other ingrained patterns.
  • Un-condition core physical conditioning that blocks healing of chronic pain, stress and anxiety.
  • Increases self love, acceptance, compassion, personal power, emptiness, happiness, trust, abundance, freedom of being and self expression.
  • Changes how you relate to and deal with feelings in order to stop stuffing them and use them as a tool for transformation.
  • Heal hyper-sensitivities to the people and sensations of the world around you and learn to trust and work with your innate intuitive gifts.
  • Stop being drained by other people’s moods and behavior and the world around you.
  • Feel okay to make your needs and desires a priority, express healthy boundaries and receive the support you deserve.


The following are a few of the many methods I call upon along with the wisdom, born from my own experiences, to more deeply apply, sustain and live the life you desire and were born deserving.

  • Core Pattern Transformation: Become aware of and shift the underlying core beliefs, hyper-sensitivities and subconscious conditioning causing judgments, reactions, anxiety, resentment, stress, overwhelm, depression, guilt and blocking creation, healing, happiness and freedom of being.
  • Reconnect with your Unconditional Higher Self and Soul: Experience the peace, confidence, love and wisdom of your unconditional higher self and soul.    (This is not a meditation)     
  • Integrative Emotional Wisdom:  Apply in daily life the wisdom that produces and sustains the positive feelings you want more of and how to apply them to more fully heal patterns causing anxiety, overwhelm, reactions, low self worth, anger and control issues, feeling not good enough or powerless, guilty when you’ve done nothing wrong and other limits to happiness, freedom of expression and enjoying life.
  • Un-Condition (Deprogram) Core Conditioning: Heal the root cause of why judgments and emotional triggers keep coming up and how to develop unconditional trust, confidence, love, happiness and abundance.  
  • Advanced Energy Work:  Using multiple methods of energy work, release the physical tension, stress, stuffed emotions and blockages and calm anxiety and overwhelm. Balance and re-open your body’s innate energy systems to enhance and accelerate your body’s ability to heal and regenerate.
  • Manifestation Wisdom.  Sometimes a shift or energy tune-up is all you need and other times you need to learn how to create life differently. How to own your true nature and powers of creation and focus it to create the level and quality of relationships, health, success and emotional wellbeing you desire. 
  • Heal Hypersensitivities:  Stop being negatively affected by other people’s feelings and the sensations of the world around you and develop your innate intuitive and healing gifts to help others, yourself and enjoy life more!


If this resonates with you, I invite you to learn more about my story – the experiences, training and philosophy I bring to my healing work

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