Modern Shaman Training

The essence of shamanic healing is that it provides soul level healing that takes you beyond believing in higher awareness to feeling it by connecting you with the wisdom of your higher soul. This is combined with embracing the awareness that you are one with and co-creating with the energy of Life that flows through and connect all things.   

Modern Shamanism combines ancient healing practices with the wisdom to live and create from this higher awareness in our modern world and your daily life.  Thus, I take you to connect with and consciously embrace the part of you that lives in unconditional love, confidence, oneness, self-acceptance, peace, and trust and guide you to heal the limiting beliefs, behaviors, and health issues that limit living it.

In 1998 after 10 years of my own personal growth, spiritual training, and psychological education, I was shown by the divine how to do for others what the divine has done for me. To take them through a doorway to be with the part of them that lives beyond the limits of the body and mind. The part of them that lives in unconditional love, power, wisdom and partnership with Life. where in the past they formed the emotional anchors and core conditioning that was limiting them in present day and guide them to release and the years of agreeing with them and suppressed emotions they caused.  I was also shown how after releasing faith in these limiting patterns emotionally, consciously, and energetically to take them through another doorway where they were reunited with the peace, love, wisdom, and support of their higher soul.  A year later a shaman told me that her grandmother who had trained her had told her about this ancient skill and gave me the name for it. She said I had the gift of being a gatekeeper.  

In Core Belief Patter Transformation you learned to understand and guide others through the process of transforming emotional anchors and to apply the integrative re-patterning for transforming ingrained core beliefs and conditioning. You came to understand and shift on heartfelt levels the belief patterns that cause different types of limiting and reactive feelings, and to develop to higher levels the positive feelings to replace these.

Integrative Energy Healing Training taught you to channel energetic healing and intuitive guidance combined with emotional wisdom applications that release stuffed emotions and blocked energy. You embraced and learned to own your true nature, power, and apply the four types of acceptance to heal the habit of judging and to give yourself and others the type of emotional support that restores and sustains emotional balance and wholeness and builds confidence and self-esteem. You learned to calm hyper-sensitivity so you and those you serve can embrace and share your gifts with the world. 

Unconditional Confidence and Creation taught you the wisdom to co-create with the abundant and creative energy of Life. You learned to own your power to create and abundant nature as unconditional and how to focus the power of your choices to attain life goals from an awareness of partnership with Life/Creator.

In Modern Shaman Training you will take what you have learned to the next level.  You will learn to facilitate elemental energy healing, soul connections and soul healing, shamanic journeying, and sacred ceremonies to provide a deeper level of healing and heartfelt shifts in consciousness that are key for integrating and sustaining expansions of awareness.

By this time in your training you will have learned to access higher awareness and guide others to do so, channel multiple styles of energy work, shift limiting belief patterns, and emotional wisdom applications for healing conditioning and developing and sustaining higher awareness. You will also have developed the skills to nurture unconditional confidence and abundance and to apply the 5 Laws of Creation to more effectively and directly create the inner and outer changes you desire from an awareness of partnership with Life. 

You will now combine the skills and wisdom you have learned and combine it with shamanic healing methods that take provide an even deeper level of healing and developing the consciousness for livingand creating from an awareness of unconditional trust, love, abundance, and partnership with Life.       

You will learn to hold the space to take others to the past for healing ingrained limits and to be with their Higher Soul to embrace lost aspects of self.  You will also facilitate individual and group processes for them to receive their own guidance from divine Source. 

To restore them to balance and wholeness you will embrace the consciousness and skills to become a gatekeeper.  This advanced shamanic skill allows you to take them to heal where in the past they becameis disconnect occurred and to hold a doorway that directly takes them to experience and embody the consciousness of their higher soul. Even if they are unable to remember or access it, you will be able to help them return to wholeness. 

 You will learn to facilitate:

  • Be a Gatekeeper to facilitate Soul Connections:  Learn to hold a doorway that takes your clients to connect with and experience the peace, love, wisdom, and support of their Higher Soul. The part of them that lives beyond the limits of mind and body and in constant awareness of their true nature, oneness, and partnership with Life.
  • Soul Connections:  Learn to hold a doorway that takes your clients to connect with and experience the peace, love, wisdom, and support of their Higher Soul. The part of them that lives beyond the limits of mind and body and in constant awareness of their true nature, oneness, and partnership with Life.
  • Soul Retrieval & Healing – Learn traditional and modern forms of soul retrieval to reunite clients with aspects of self that due to past trauma, excessive criticism, neglect, abandonment, and needs not being met were so deeply suppressed it feels like they can’t feel certain positive feelings such as trust, peace, loved, safe, etc., which are necessary to stop feeling certain painful feelings. they became disconnected with or dealing with major health issues.
  • Understand what causes emotional disconnect so that you can provide the type of emotional support to empower them re-integrate this part of themselves into their daily consciousness and way of being.   
  • Guided and non-guided shamanic journeying: Hold sacred space for individuals and groups to connect with totem animals and higher guides to embrace higher consciousness and receive divine guidance. This includes accessing future selves to discover life purpose and bring back from their future the wisdom to believe and do in present day that which will bring it into form.  and discover their life purpose. from their own higher soul.      
  • Channel Elemental Energy healing. Tap into and channel the energy of nature to facilitate healing and transformation for yourself and others.  You will You will learn to:
    • Wind: Breathe the frequency and energy of higher consciousness into the chakras, use wind energy to cleanse the auras of energetic attachments and breathwork to release stuck and stagnant energy.  Includes making your own shamanic fan.
    • Fire: Work with fire energy to dissolve blocked energy and fire ceremony for purification, release and transmutation.
    • Earth: Channel earth energies to strengthen the bodies rate of healing and regeneration, work with stone and crystal energy, and infuse them with healing energy.
    • Water: Release inflammation, pain, cleanse the auric field and blocked energy, facilitate spiritual baptism, cleansing rituals and blessing of waters.
  • Sacred chants and sound healing:  Channel healing energy and the vibration of higher consciousness using the power of your voice to release blocked energy and balance to the body which opens you to more easily accessing higher guidance. You do not need to be a great singer!
  • Extraction: Some cultures call this psychic surgery. Clear blocked energy, literal and metaphorical wounds, and stuffed energy from traumatic events.  
  • Chord Cutting. When to do it, why it doesn’t always last, and what to do so it does lasts.
  • Facilitate Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals:
    • Native American Medicine Wheel:  You will learn to set and activate the vortex energy of the Medicine Wheel to unite and synergize the energy of all present for healing, divine guidance, and to open to and embrace higher awareness.  You will learn to call in the seven directions and understand the lessons of the seven directions and how they correlate with the five laws of creation.   
    • Solstice and Equinox Ceremony and rituals:  Guide groups and individuals to shift limits and align with the seasonal energies for guidance and working with the cycles of creation.  
  • Divination: Interpretation of signs, symbols, and dreams.    
  • Shamanic Dance: Use movement of the body to release tension, stress, limits, and enter a trance state for receiving guidance and/or reminders from Divine Source.


  • Integrative Energy Healing Training
  • Unconditional Confidence & Manifestation Mastery
  • Core Belief Pattern Transformation Training.

    Linda white is the creator of Integrative Core Healing, Emotional Wisdom, Rainbow Energy Method, Core Belief Pattern Transformation, and other advanced healing methods.  For the last 20 years she’s had a successful practice helping others heal emotionally and physically, and to attain life goals beyond what they believed possible. She has used the wisdom she teaches to have a successful healing practices the last 20 years, and self employed the last 35 years.  She has also used them to heal chronic health issues for herself and others, improved the quality of her relationships and best of all, to develop unconditional happiness, confideness, love and abundance.