Modern Shaman Training

Modern Shaman Training teaches the skills and consciousness to facilitate soul-level healing with the heartfelt transformation of ingrained core beliefs and subconscious conditioning to heal what caused the disconnect with self that is the root of many emotional and physical imbalances and ailments. You will connect those you serve with the wisdom, peace, love, and power of their higher souls and then guide them to apply the emotional, energetic, and manifestation wisdom to live this higher awareness in our modern world.  

This training teaches traditional forms of soul retrieval and shamanic healing, along with the elemental energy work, Sacred Ceremonies, and other wisdom the Creator/God/Goddess has taught me. One of these is to be a Gatekeeper.

This ancient skill allows you to take someone to consciously meet, embrace, and feel the wisdom of their higher soul. This is not a guided meditation. It is being a bridge for them to connect with the parts of them that live beyond the limits of the mind and body in unconditional peace, love, power, and abundance.  To reconnect with aspects of themselves that were lost growing up due to trauma, emotional or physical needs not being met, being highly intuitive and sensitive, or having health issues. 

We all lose this connection on some level because we all learn the process of conditioning to have conditional beliefs which cause self-worth, personal power, confidence, and lovability to be based on external circumstances and our experiences of them.    

This is combined with the Core Belief Pattern Transformation to heal the trauma and transform the patterns that caused suppression of self and integrate lasting changes. 

    Modern Shaman Training builds on what you learned in the first year of trainings: 

    • In Integrative Energy Healing Training you learned energetic, emotional, intuitive, and spiritual healing methods combined with emotional wisdom applications for healing limiting beliefs and judgments, suppression of self, and hypersensitivities.   (You can read more here: Integrative Energy Healer Training
    • In Unconditional Confidence and Manifestation Mastery, you learned to own and focus your powers of creation using the Five Laws of Creation and develop unconditional confidence and self-worth that isn’t defined by results or other people. 
    • In Core Belief Patter Transformation Process you learned to understand and apply the five stages of emotional transformation and the 13 steps for healing ingrained limiting beliefs and feelings, core conditioning, and developing new patterns that sustain lasting changes.  

     Now you will take what you have learned to deeper levels to facilitate core-level healing on heartfelt levels that last. 

    Modern Shaman Training includes 7 energetic attunements and initiations. One for being a gatekeeper, four for channeling elemental nature healing, one for facilitating the Medicine Wheel, and one for channeling solstice and equinox ceremonies. The elemental attunements will include 4 day trips to the mountains, oceans, and lakes. 

    1. Become a Gatekeeper to facilitate Soul Healing:
    • Learn Level 2 Time-Line and Past Life Therapy. Travel to where in the past and subconscious they need to heal and apply level 2 Time-Line and Past Life Therapy to release emotional anchors and core beliefs.   
    • Soul Connections:  Hold the sacred space that allows your clients to connect with and experience the peace, love, wisdom, freedom of being, and support of their Higher Soul. The part of them that lives beyond the limits of mind and body and in constant awareness of their true nature, oneness, and partnership with Life.
    • Traditional and non-traditional forms of Soul Retrieval: After healing emotional anchors and trauma of the past you will then reunite them with the aspects of self that was so deeply suppressed it feels like they can’t feel trust, peace, inner security, love, compassion and personal power, freedom of being, etc.
    1. Guided and non-guided shamanic journeying level II: In level one, you learned to journey for yourself so you could channel intuitive and spiritual guidance for yourself and others. Now you will hold sacred space for individuals and groups to journey to connect with totem animals and higher guides to embrace higher consciousness, access future selves, and channel divine guidance.
    2. Channel Elemental Energy healing.  Through attunements with nature and enlightened ancestors you will learn to work with the energy of nature to facilitate healing and growth:

        Wind Energy:

            • Breathe the frequency and energy of higher consciousness and lost soul parts into the chakras
            • Create a shamanic fan and use wind energy to cleanse the auras of energetic attachments.
            • Facilitate breathwork to release stuck and stagnant energy.

        Fire Energy:

            • Work with fire energy to dissolve blocked energy and purification.
            • Perform fire ceremony for purification, to release limits, and set intentions for transmutation and transformation

         Earth Energy

            • Energetically strengthen the body’s rate of healing and regeneration.
            • Facilitate grounding rituals.
            • Work with stone and crystal energy, and essential oils, and infuse them with healing energy.
            • Plant energy and plant medicine. 

        Water Energy

            • Channel water energy to release inflammation, and pain, and cleanse the auric field of unhealthy attachments.
            • Facilitate spiritual baptism, cleansing rituals, and energizing and blessing of waters for healing.
      1. Sound Healing: Combine sacred space and channeling higher consciousness with using the power of your voice, drums, and other instruments to release blocked energy, stuffed emotions, and balance the body.  
      2. Facilitate Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals:
      • Native American Medicine Wheel:  Set and activate the vortex energy of the Medicine Wheel to unite and synergize the energy of all present for healing, and divine guidance, and to open to and embrace higher awareness.      
      • Solstice and Equinox Ceremony and rituals:  Guide groups and individuals to shift limits and align with the seasonal energies for guidance and working with the cycles of creation.  
      1. Shamanic Dance: Use the movement of the body to release tension, stress, and limits, and enter a trance state for receiving higher guidance and connection with Divine Source.
      2.  Extraction: Some cultures call this psychic surgery. Clear blocked energy, old wounds, and stuffed energy from traumatic events. This includes what many see as entities.
      3. Chord Cutting: When to do it, why it doesn’t always last, and what to do so it does.


      • Integrative Energy Healer Training
      • Unconditional Confidence & Manifestation Mastery
      • Core Belief Pattern Transformation Training.

        Linda white is the creator of Integrative Core Healing, Emotional Wisdom, Rainbow Energy Method, Core Belief Pattern Transformation, and other advanced healing methods.  For the last 20 years, she’s had a successful practice helping others heal emotionally and physically, and to attain life goals beyond what they believed possible. She has used the wisdom she teaches to have a successful healing practice for the last 20 years, and self-employed for the last 35 years.  She has also used them to heal chronic health issues for herself and others, improved the quality of her relationships, and best of all, to develop unconditional happiness, confidence, love, and abundance.