Modern Shaman Training

Modern Shaman Training

Free Introduction to Modern Shaman Training.

Feeling Called To Go Deeper?


  • Integrative Energy Healing Training
  • Unconditional Confidence & Manifestation Mastery
  • Core Belief Pattern Transformation Training.


Would you like to:

  • Learn to help others transform emotionally, heal physically and attain life goals on deeper levels?
  • Live in a sustained state of  peace, confidence, love and abundance – however life is going?
  • Expand your skills for facilitating emotional transformation and physical healing?
  • Up-level your energy and shamanic healing toolbox? 
  • Heal the limiting beliefs, feelings, judgments and health issues blocking your success and happiness?
  • Transform your sensitivity and intuition into your super-power!
  • Become part of a community that supports and empowers each other to heal, growth and thrive personally and professionally?

If so, I invite you to a FREE introductory evening to explore Modern Shaman Training! Come see if this is the next step in your evolutionary journey.

May 5th,

“Being a modern shaman is a journey of embracing your true nature, powers of creation and partnership with Life… It takes you beyond learning higher awareness – to living it.”

In this powerful training you will develop the belief system, wisdom and skills to facilitate deep and lasting emotional, physical and soul level transformation for yourself and others. In this comprehensive mind-body-spirit training you will learn to:

  • Alleviate pain, fatigue, digestive and other chronic health problems and restore physical balance, vitality and stamina.
  • Transform core beliefs and subconscious conditioning causing self judgment, anxiety, over reactions, hyper-sensitivity, depressions, anger, defensiveness, sadness and low self worth.
  • Develop new patterns that sustain confidence, self love and acceptance, peace, trust and surrender, happiness
  • Manifest greater health, relationships, success from an awareness of unconditional trust, power and abundance.


    Linda white is the creator of Integrative Core Healing, Emotional Wisdom, Rainbow Energy Method, Core Belief Pattern Transformation, and other advanced healing methods.  For the last 20 years she’s had a successful practice helping others heal emotionally and physically, and to attain life goals beyond what they believed possible. She has used the wisdom she teaches to have a successful healing practices the last 20 years, and self employed the last 35 years.  She has also used them to heal chronic health issues for herself and others, improved the quality of her relationships and best of all, to develop unconditional happiness, confideness, love and abundance.