Unconditional Confidence and Manifestation Mastery

  Apply the Five Laws of Creation to own and focus your power to attain personal, professional, emotional, and spiritual goals with greater ease, abundance, and joy.

Imagine believing that whatever dreams are, or the challenges you face, they are possible, you can do it, and however it’s going you are supported by life. Of trusting that however life is going you can positively impact it, and how it’s going is merely your process of learning to make the type of choices that will create it. And, that as you learn and do your part, the energy of creation responds beyond expectations. 

In this part of the program, you will combine the wisdom to develop unconditional confidence with applying the five laws of creation. You will learn how to: 

  •  Own your true nature and powers of Creation and focus this to attain life and emotional goals with greater ease and abundance. 
  • Develop the unconditional confidence, self-worth, and abundance consciousness to take action in trust and to stay in the flow of creation even when results aren’t going well or people are critical. (read more about this here: Unconditional Confidence. 
  • Get clear about what you want and the steps for creating it. 
  • Clear obstacles to believing in yourself and creation.
  • Develop the wisdom to surrender and trust the process and enjoy life as you are healing and manifesting positive life changes. 
  • Learn to nurture creation and receive the support you have always deserved.   

Every moment you are co-creating with the abundant life force energy that flows through and connects all things.  By your choices, you are affecting the direction, rate, and flow of creation, and how you experience it.  You have this built-in ability, this power to create, even if you haven’t yet learned to focus your choices to create the level and consistency of results and emotional transformation you desire.

 To own this power and focus it you will learn the Five Laws of Creation. These are guidelines for understanding and applying the principles that govern how creation works. These principles are already active in your life just as gravity affects you even if you don’t understand the science behind it.  Anytime you create anything big or small you are using these principles.  It’s not knowing how to use them consciously that affects whether you attain the results you want, or not.  Or, why you are great at manifesting in one area of life, or sometimes, but not always, or in other areas of your life. 

The key is learning to apply them consciously.  The greater your ability to apply these principles the more effective you become at creating the level and quality of what you want.  Understanding them explains why in the past you have not been able to create certain types or levels of results or emotional healing.  This helps with healing the self-judgment and low-self worth that was formed from believing not being able to attain certain goals or get your needs met.  As you learn to apply the laws of creation to each area of life you develop rock-solid trust in your ability to attain life goals and that you are supported by Life.  

 If you’ve already learned principles such as the Law of Attraction or abundance consciousness that’s great!  This wisdom will provide the additional wisdom that will improve your ability to manifest because it includes all the laws of creation plus the wisdom to apply them.  

These principles are the same for all areas of life. What differs is the type of actions and beliefs needed to create different types of results or feelings.  Thus, you will learn general lessons for creation plus specific lessons for applying the Laws of Creation to the following areas of life.  You will apply emotional wisdom applications to heal limits to creation and a plan for improving:

  1. Career, prosperity and money issues.  
  2. Health, emotional eating, addictions and energy.
  3. Relationships,  communication, and getting your needs met. 
  4. Emotional well-being and spiritual connection even as you are in the middle of creating what you want. 

 As you learn to apply the laws of creation to each area of life you develop rock-solid trust in your ability to attain life goals and that you are supported by Life.  

  • Unconditional Confidence 

    • The Unconditional Confidence program  teaches 22 powerful emotional wisdom applications for increasing confidence, self-love and acceptance, self-worth, and personal power. This uniquely teaches how to heal the conditional beliefs that cause confidence to plummet and anxiety, feeling not enough, and low self-worth to increase when results are slow or other people are reactive and critical.     
    • 8 Guided shamanic journeys for embracing higher awareness on heartfelt levels. 
    •  Power Circles – Embrace and apply the wisdom you are learning and synergistically activate the creative energy of life.  
    • Emotional Wisdom applications to heal limiting beliefs and low self-worth, procrastination, avoidance, overwhelm, as well as the beliefs and judgments that limit creation, success, and happiness.
    • Emotional Wisdom applications to stay confident, in the flow of creation, and enjoying life AS you are creating positive life changes. 



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