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  Manifestation Mastery 

 Step into partnership with the creative energy of Life and manifest beyond what you believe possible or have created so far!

          • Learn and apply the Five Laws of Creation to manifest greater health, happiness, relationships, and success with greater ease and abundance. 
          • Develop the belief system to manifest FROM an awareness of unconditional trust and abundance. 
          • Own your true nature and powers of Creation.  
          • Develop the Unconditional Confidence to take action in trust, be and express your unique self, and to stay confident and in the flow of creation even when results aren’t going well. 
          • Live in a state of surrender and trust that allows you to enjoy life as you are healing, growing and improving the quality of your life.  
          • Receive the support to grow through limits and trust 
        •                                                   Now is the time!

The Laws of Creation are guidelines for understanding and applying the life principles that govern how creation works. Whether you want to increase prosperity, relationships, health or transform limiting beliefs and feelings, the greater your ability to understand and apply these principles the greater your ability to positively affect the world around you, your feelings, and your health.  

Every moment by your choices you are already co-creating with life and affecting the flow of creation, and how you experience it.  You have this built in ability even if you haven’t learned to own or focus this power to create the type, level, or consistency of results you want. Manifestation Mastery is about applying these principles because knowing life principles isn’t the same as knowing how to apply them!

If you’ve already learned principles such as Law of Attraction, abundance consciousness, or other life principles, that’s great! They are sub-lessons of the first law of creation.This program includes the five principles by which creation operates.  Now, I can teach you these principles in 30 minutes. This program is about learning and applying them so they work in any area of life. 

It includes applying and developing the emotional and manifestation wisdom to

heal limiting beliefs and feelings and develop the confidence that motivates positive action. 

Develop the belief system that empowers you to trust and keep going however it’s going in the middle. 

More easily identify what type of choices to move through stuck or slow results 

Use the laws of creation to assess what is or isn’t working, and what type of choices will create positive changes.

 This includes learning the common misunderstandings and misapplications which are why so many people who have learned spiritual principles are not getting the level of results and emotional transformation they see others having.   It is combined with the emotional wisdom for healing limiting beliefs, developing a rock solid belief system that produces being able to both manifest with greater ease, but to trust even when it seems there is no reason to.    

Manifestation Mastery does more than teach these principles, it teaches how to apply the emotional wisdom for shifting where and how your beliefs and behavior limit creation, self-expression, health, love, and happiness.  

Each week class includes

guided journeys and guided processes for embracing higher awareness on a heartfelt level.

Power Circles

Week 1. Week one includes Unconditional Confidence program. Own your true nature, power, and ability to create what you want. Shamanic journey to embrace the part of you that already lives in this higher awareness and Power Circles to synergically hold vision and step into the higher truth of you.

Week 2.  Clarify a heartfelt and inspiring vision and clear obstacles to clarity.  How to 

You will learn to apply these principles to the four primary areas of life:      

  • Career & Prosperity 
  • Health, weight loss, mental clarity, and energy.
  • Relationships and communication.
  • Emotional well-being and spiritual connection.

 This is important because though these principles are the same whether you’re building a business, improving health, relationships, or emotional well being, but the type of actions and beliefs needed to create it are different. Thus, you may generally believe all is possible, yet have specific beliefs or conditioning around money, relationships, or taking care of yourself that limit you in ways you aren’t aware of. 

This program is about learning the wisdom to help others by applying what you are learning in your own life. 

You will learn the skills to transform limiting beliefs around your ability to manifest the level and quality of what you want at the level you want it to be by applying this wisdom in your own life.  You will become aware of and learn to shift the primary belief patterns that limit creation and cause procrastination.replace it with new belief patterns that empower you to confidently attain life goals, and to trust and enjoy the journey along the way. 

You will As you learn from experience how to apply these clearing out those limits and as you come to understand how to use these principles consciously you

As you apply them to one area of your life you develop wisdom that affects all other areas. For example developing confidence in your career, will increase results and since confidence is the primary quality men and women look for in a mate, then you may naturally attract a new relationship. Applying it to improve relationships will of course improve your personal and professional relationships, as well as the one with yourself. which can increase time to work on your dreams, or take care of your health. And, taking care of your health and being able to positive affect feelings makes everything more better!

  • Own your true power, nature and partnership with the creative energy of Life so that you create and relate from an awareness of unconditional trust, power and abundance.
  • Receive and simultaneously attend 36 Days to Unconditional Confidence program which increases self-worth, personal power, self-acceptance and self-esteem to produce the unshakeable confidence to manifest beyond what you currently believe possible or have created so far.
  • Clarify what you want and heal blockages to clarity.
  • Identify the actions for creating it and heal patterns of procrastination, self-judgment, limitation and
  • Develop and apply the mind set that inspires action, activates creation energy and supercharges the law of attraction.
  • Heal limits to creating and receiving what you want, and sharing your unique self and gifts with the world.
  • How to consciously trust so that surrender and flowing with the process becomes your new normal.
  • How to use the laws of creation to identify and learn the life lessons that transform how you relate and create in your life.

Through wisdom lessons, guided exercises, and shamanic journeys you will embrace and develop the belief system that will empower you to live your dreams and enjoy life a whole lot more! 

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