Integrative Energy Healing Training

 Integrative Energy Healing Training

Begins January 2023

Integrative Energy Healing Training is a 20 – week in-person to facilitate energy work, spiritual, and emotional healing for yourself and others.  What makes the energy work I teach so powerful and empowering is it combines the power of energy work to balance the body and calm feelings, emotional wisdom applications to heal judgments and limits that can block healing, and to uplevel your ability to access and channel higher awareness. 

 The synergy of this produces you being a tuning fork that will radiate higher consciousness through the energy work and guidance you provide to others.  You will learn to apply this mind, body, spirit paradigm of healing to: 

  • Decrease or eliminate pain, fatigue, stress, tension, inflammation, and chronic health problems.
  • Decrease or eliminate anxiety, overwhelm, self-judgment, limiting beliefs, hyper-sensitivity, defensive and other reactive feelings, and suppression of feelings, needs, and self.
  • Increase self-acceptance, confidence, peace, feeling enough, personal power, self-expression, and freedom of being.
  • More easily connect with, experience, and live in alignment with higher awareness, and channel it for others.
  • Stay present and grounded and not be negatively affected by the feelings and energy of others.

This training includes emotional wisdom applications for developing and applying the higher consciousness that increases confidence, self-acceptance, and healing co-dependent patterns because not knowing how to do this is why so many shut down and feel drained instead of sharing their gifts and creating a successful practice helping others. 

You will learn to:

  • Alleviate and heal pain, fatigue, overwhelm, inflammation, digestive and other chronic health problems, PTSD, and addiction. 
  • Decrease anxiety, self-judgment, limiting beliefs, hyper-sensitivity, defensive and other reactive feelings, and suppression of feelings, needs, and self.
  • Increase self-acceptance, confidence, peace, feeling enough, self-expression and freedom of being, and getting your needs met.
  • More easily connect with higher awareness and be more present and grounded in your body. 

It includes learning:

  • Multiple forms of Energy work including Advanced Reiki, prana, and methods I’ve developed from 24 years of doing energy work: Channel life force energy and divine love to clear blocked energy and stress; alleviate anxiety, pain, and overwhelm, and balance and strengthen the flow of energy through the body.
  • Intuitive Development and Spiritual Healing: Develop and trust your intuitive guidance, and hold sacred space for your clients to embrace higher awareness.
  • Shamanic Journeying:  Connect with higher guides to embrace and channel higher awareness. 
  • Advanced Chakra Therapy and the Eight Levels of Awareness: Work with energy, color, and sound to do chakra alignment sessions to restore balance, and apply the life lessons of each chakra to experience ever-expanding levels of awareness.
  • Emotional Wisdom Applications: How to shift limiting beliefs, judgments, anxiety, and reactive feelings and increase confidence, inner peace, self-acceptance, personal power, freedom, and spiritual connection.
  • Rainbow Healing Method: Combine energy work, advanced chakra therapy, and inner child work, with the emotional wisdom that releases stuffed emotions, transforms co-dependency and heals the habit of judging.  
  • Healing the Judgment Monster: Develop and apply the consciousness of compassion, personal power, and the 4 types of acceptance to heal the habit of judging.
  • Healing for the Empathic Heart and Sensitive Soul:  Address the energetic, physical, and emotional causes of hyper-sensitivity so you express your needs, set healthy boundaries, and stop being negatively affected by the feelings and energy of others.   

You will also receive:

  • 8 – Chakra Attunements: Journey to connect with the higher consciousness of each chakra.
  • Reiki Attunement. Energetically activate pathways that enhance your ability to focus and channel life force energy. If you have already been attuned this will take it to another level.
  • Two – 1.5-hour Private Sessions: Individual guidance to transform ingrained patterns of conditioning and embrace the wisdom of your higher soul.  
  • In-class practicum: Part of each class includes practicing what you are learning by doing sessions for each other.  
  • Support Buddy: Outside of class, you will practice remote healing and visioning skills with a different person from class each week.

Integrative Energy Healing Training is for you if you are: 

  • A coach, counselor, energy worker, holistic, and medical practitioner who wants to up-level their healing skills.

  • An individual who wants to develop these skills for their own healing and growth.  

  • Ready to go beyond learning about being sensitive and what you should do, and thrive as an intuitive, empathic, and sensitive soul. 
  • Tired of being told to not take it personally, don’t judge or worry, or be loving, and accepting of yourself, and express your needs and boundaries, but not how to do it. This program shows you how!  

This is a powerful program by itself and it is also a prerequisite for the Master Healer Training which includes the Modern Shaman Training.

Below is an in-depth overview of what you will learn in the Integrative Energy Healing Program. 

This program combines the teachings of 7 different programs combined together to create a powerful mind-body-spirit paradigm of healing. You will learn:   

1. Energetic and Spiritual Healing: Activate, focus and strengthen your innate healing skills. You will learn multiple forms of energy work and spiritual healing for channeling universal life force energy to restore balance and wholeness. You will learn to read the body, listen with your heart to guide them to embrace higher awareness, and trust your ability to channel life force energy to help others heal and grow.   

Learn to:

  • Clear blocked energy and restore balance to the physical body, brain waves, energy fields, and emotional body.
  • Strengthen and enhance the flow of energy in the body to increase health, stamina, mental clarity, and the body’s ability to heal at accelerated levels.
  • Alleviate pain, fatigue, inflammation, digestive and immune imbalances, and other chronic health conditions.
  • Calm, balance, and reset the nervous system and adrenals to alleviate anxiety, overwhelm, depression, hyper-sensitivity and feeling on guard.
  • Hold a sacred space so you can let go of trying to figure out what they need and let Spirit guide you to help your clients open to higher awareness and heal beyond what you or they believe possible.
  • Develop trust in your ability to channel life force energy.  
  • Facilitate remote healing.

    2. Intuitive Development: Identify and focus your unique intuitive style and strengths to access higher guidance and see beyond the limits of what you have learned to believe about yourself or how life works. Hold a sacred space to connect with higher guides, understand spiritual messages, and allow divine clarity to flow through you. 

    • Use cards, art, and other methods for focusing your intuition. 
    • Increase trust in your ability to channel intuitive guidance. 
    • Discern the difference between intuitive guidance, your opinions, and subconscious conditioning.
    • Work with symbols and imagery to access feelings and higher wisdom.

    3.  Shamanic Journeying:  Learn to use shamanic journeying to access higher consciousness for guidance to grow beyond the limits of your learned beliefs.  Learn to journey safely and effectively in the upper and lower world, work with power animals, and spirit guides, and distinguish between wise helping energies and those which are not.  

    • Experience guided and non-guided shamanic journeys to connect with and embrace the wisdom of your higher soul, spirit guides, and divine Source.
    • Learn to use journeying to access higher consciousness and intuitively guide others to shift limits and embrace higher awareness.
    • Learn how to interpret the messages received and apply this wisdom in daily life.

     4. Advanced Chakra Therapy & the 8 Stages of Awareness:  

    Chakras are energy centers of the body that when in balance help to sustain health and emotional well-being.  They are also a built-in roadmap for learning and applying the life lessons that keep you in balance and sustain living higher awareness.  You will learn to apply energy work, color, and sound healing combined with applying the Eight Stages of Awareness.      

    Just as you must learn basic math principles to understand algebra, or calculus, so it is with healing and personal growth.  If you want to experience unconditional love (4th chakra), freedom of expression (6th chakra), or consistent spiritual connection, (8th chakra), it is necessary to learn and develop the emotional wisdom of the lower chakras that will produce a foundation for attaining and sustaining higher states of awareness.         

    • 8 Chakra Attunements
    • Facilitate Chakra Alignment sessions   
    • Understand, learn, and apply the wisdom lessons for the 8 primary chakras that are necessary to sustain balance and wholeness. 

      5.  The Rainbow Healing Method – Release Stuffed Emotions and Heal the Judgment Monster: 

      Learn and combine color and chakra therapy, inner child work, energy work, and emotional wisdom applications to release the automatic judgments causing tension, blocked energy, and suppression of feelings, needs, and self-expression.  You will develop and apply the consciousness of self-acceptance, emptiness, compassion, and personal power to comfort triggered feelings, fulfill emotional needs directly, and restore emotional balance. From this you will heal the automatic habit of judging that causes suppression in the first place.

      • Release stuffed emotions and the tension, stress, and blocked energy these cause.  
      • Heal the habit of judging that causes suppression of feelings, needs, and self-expression.
      • Embrace and apply the consciousness that produces self-acceptance, self-comforting, and 
      • Apply inner child work to fulfill unmet emotional needs that are key for healing trauma, personal empowerment, and restoring emotional balance and wholeness.  
      • Increase confidence, peace, and being present and feeling enough.
      • Develop trust that you can positively impact feelings that heals feeling powerless to do so.
      • Clear the blocked energy, tension, and stress that contributes to and causes heal problems.     

      6. Healing for the Empathic Heart and Sensitive Soul:  

      How to alleviate hyper-sensitivities so you can reap the benefits of your heightened senses. You will learn the physical, emotional, and energetic causes of hypersensitivity and what is needed to heal and restore balance to each of these areas.  As you apply this wisdom it becomes easier to stay grounded in yourself, alleviate anxiety and overwhelm, and positively impact feelings and health issues.   

      • Stop feeling drained by groups or other people, and understand why protection techniques don’t always work, and what to do instead.
      • Calm and reset your nervous system, and restore the balance and inner security necessary to heal adrenal fatigue, defensiveness, and hyper-vigilance. 
      • Give yourself the support that heals co-dependent patterns to heal people-pleasing, being over-responsible, caretaker syndrome, and having peace, security, and happiness dependent upon making others happy, or not upsetting them. 
      • How to feel okay to feel your feelings, make your needs a priority, express boundaries, ask for what you want, and get your needs met. (Key for healing co-dependency.)
      • Alleviate anxiety, overwhelm, hyper-vigilance, PTSD, feeling powerless, and taking things too personally. 
      • Stay more grounded, energized, and centered in your body and free to be and express yourself.

      Attend a FREE introductory Class for Integrative Energy Healing Training on November 29, 2022, to experience the possibilities!

      Experience some of the energy work, higher consciousness, and wisdom you will learn in Integrative Energy Healing Training. Use the link below to read more about what this event includes.    

      If you are interested and unable to attend this introductory class you can schedule a private session to experience my healing work before registering. If you decide to attend the training you can subtract the cost of these sessions from your tuition.   

      What’s the investment?

      Integrative Energy Healing Training is a weekly program held over 5 months.  Each 3-hour class includes a 1-hour practicum for giving and receiving healing sessions. It also includes two private 1.5-hour sessions with Linda and a Reiki Attunement.  If you want to experience the power of this work before registering, you can schedule these sessions now and then subtract the cost of these sessions from your tuition.   

      Integrative Energy Healing Program includes the course material from the following courses merged together in one dynamic program.   

      There is a last-minute opening of a spot and I am offering it at the early bird rate of $1999.  

      What it would cost to attend each of these individually:

      Shamanic Journeying                                                                 $700 Value

      Advanced Chakra Therapy & the Eight Levels of Awareness    $1100 Value

      Rainbow Healing Method                                                           $900 Value

      Healing for the Empathic Heart and Sensitive Soul                   $800 Value

      Energy Work & Reiki Attunement                                               $1400

      (If you have already been attuned this tales it to a whole new level of connection and flow.) 

      Spiritual Healing & Intuitive Development                                  $800 Value

      Healing the Judgment Monster                                                  $800 Value

      2 – 1.5 hour private session                                                        $400 Value


        The value of doing all of these separately would be:         $6,900 Value

        I am offering this powerful program at the amazing cost of only $2999. 

        There is a last minute opening of a spot and I am offering it at the early bird rate of $1999.  

       Payment plans are available and credit cards are accepted.

      Invite friends to check this out and for each person who registers you receive either an additional private session or $195 off your tuition. 

       Integrative Energy Healing Training  is a powerful training by itself and is also part of the Master Healer Training which includes: 

      •  Unconditional Confidence and Manifestation Mastery
      • Core Belief Pattern Transformation

      • Modern Shaman Training

      • Clinic, support, collaborative marketing, and guidance to develop a successful practice.  

      If you have questions or want to schedule a personal conversation with me you can email me at [email protected] or text me at 619-582-5505.

      If money or dates are a concern, talk to me. There is always a solution.

      When is it?

      Classes begin January 17, 2023, from 6-9 pm. We may start earlier at 5 pm if it works for everyone. 

      Classes meet weekly except for time off for the holidays.