How Your Beliefs Cause Stress and Health Problems.


“The number one toxin that keeps us from living our fullest and happiest life, is our negative thoughts and emotions.” So many new studies are now showing what some of us have been teaching for years, which is that our cells respond physically to what we believe and feel.

If how you perceive what is or isn’t happening causes you to respond with fear, anxiety, worry, anger, resentment, or overwhelm, it activates your sympathetic nervous system. This is your fight or flight system which activates your adrenal glands and releases cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine. These send signals to your body to increase heart rate, blood pressure and divert energy from your hormonal, immune and digestive system so you have the energy to fight or flee, or in today’s world, get everything done. By the same token, when life goes sideways, plans take longer, if we have learned to believe that however it is we can affect it positively and by this we can create our ultimate outcome, then we experience the confidence and trust that produces peace however it’s going.

Let’s dive a little deeper. Many say it’s having a negative beliefs that is the cause of stress, anxiety, fears and health problems. I believe these are a contributing factor but I see this differently. You see, even though different perceptions do produce different feelings, the primary reason our feelings can cause health problems is the habits of believing your limiting beliefs are true and/or judging how you feel or yourself for not being able to control or change it. Not knowing how to deal with or to change painful feelings, leads to developing coping mechanisms in order to not feel them. When you judge your feelings you then feel bad and activate your own inner defenses. Next comes trying not feel such feelings which or to convince yourself to feel differently. From this desire your body responds. On top of this it activates your adrenal glands and your autonomic nervous system to fight or flee. This produces a suppression of your breathing, constriction of muscles and more which causes you to tune out or stuff them in your body.

Thus, it isn’t having a feeling, but trying to not to feel them that can keep you stuck in cycles of reaction and defensiveness. It’s not having a negative thought but believing they are true that keeps you stuck because these cause you to stuff, deny and be constantly frustrated when you don’t know how to change them. Being in this constant stress mode over time is what causes the constriction and tension that creates very real imbalances that over time weakens your immune and digestive system, contributes to hormonal imbalances. This in turn creates  very real health problems such as adrenal fatigue, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, fatigue, anxiety digestive, hormonal, immune and other health chronic health problems.

What causes you to get stuck in this stress mode?

  1. Judgments and beliefs that cause you to suppress, ignore, deny, justify uncomfortable feelings and feel defensive and on guard.
  2. Not knowing how to change these judgments or the coping patterns created because of them such as ignoring your needs, feelings and putting up with how it is.
  3. Not knowing how to heal the core beliefs and conditioning causing self doubt, anxiety, anger, depression, resentment, guilt, not enough, overwhelm, frustration or hopelessness.
  4. Not knowing how to let go of the old when triggered and to develop, embrace or to apply unconditional trust, happiness, love, power, acceptance, compassion, abundance, resiliency and other higher awareness that takes you releasing limits to healing them.
  5. Not knowing how to change unhealthy relationships, limiting circumstances or chronic health problems because sometimes it’s our perceptions and sometimes our feelings are a call to change the imbalances and limitations in our lives.


According to the CDC stress is a causal factor in 80% of todays chronic health issues. Though the circumstances, environment and genetics all play a part in this, studies for decades have shown that 90% of stress is due to how we perceive and thus react to people and circumstances and how we deal with our feelings.

I’m going to take this a little deeper because many conclude the solution is to deny and ignore negative feelings. Reality is that suppression of feelings is one of the primary cause of stress in the body.  Yes, negative emotions produce a response to our body and cells but the real cause of the tension and constriction called stress that affects your cells the most, thus your health is how you perceive, relate to and deal with your feelings. This determines whether or not you stay stuck in them and suppress them or move through them in a healthy way.  Thus, it isn’t having negative feelings but how you deal with them and whether or not you know how to shift them that is the primary cause of the tension and constriction that leads to health problems, anxiety and depression.

The good news is that not knowing how isn’t an obstacle. It’s just a signal to look and learn how. And, if you’ve been doing this and it only takes you so far, this is because many are teaching release work and other steps or techniques for releasing limits but not how to integrate lasting changes. Which is why when I went through a similar experience I kept looking for greater understanding of the process and how to affect the ingrained patterns of conditioning that run your life, until you learn to change them.

Emotional Wisdom teaches how to develop the consciousness and apply the wisdom that leads to lasting changes. Steps for shifting back to trust and confidence when triggered, how to stop releasing judgments and limiting beliefs and heal what causes them.  How to own your power and go beyond learning about abundance and life principles to applying them to live your dreams and enjoy life more.  If you would like to learn more about how to do this give me a call our attend an event.


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