Bye Bye Pain and Illness


Bye Bye  Pain and Hello Happiness. How to re-energize your life!

By Linda White Shaman, Advanced Energy Healer & creator of Integrative Core Healing & Emotional Wisdom

Our physical and emotional well being are intertwined. What you feel physically affects your general emotional well being and what you believe consciously and subconsciously, which produces your emotions, affects how your body physically responds to and experiences the world around you.  Thus, if your thyroid goes out you might feel depressed, if you tend to judge, expect others to judge this produces anxiety which can lead to adrenal fatigue.

One of the most powerful tools for healing physically is the ancient practice of energy work . . . because you are energy! To grasp this concept, picture one cell of your body as the size of a football field and in the middle is a stick pin.  The head of that pin represents the amount of actual matter and the football field the amount that is energy.

There are a range of explanations for how energy healing works from the airy fairy to the scientific, so let’s start with the basics.  Just as a magnifying glass can focus the light energy of the sun to start a fire so can a trained energy worker focus the life force energy that flows through and connects all things to enhance your body’s innate ability to heal and regenerate itself!   Energy work alleviates pain, inflammation and other health symptoms in several ways. One is by clearing the buildup of tension, stress and stuffed emotions and restoring your body to a state of balance. This resets your system, calms the mind and body which then increases the flow of energy through your body.    

The second solution is addressing your emotions because how you relate to yourself, others, feelings and life circumstances affects tension. Tension equals pain and blockage.  The CDC states 80% of chronic health issues have stress as a causal factor and 90% of stress is due to how we perceive and relate to ourselves, others, feelings and life circumstances.  When you’re in a constant state of stress, anxiety, expecting criticism, overwhelmed, feeling insecure or in pain it not only creates tension but it activates your adrenals as part of your inner defenses. This in turn diverts energy from vital body functions which is what leads to creating very real health issues.

What compounds the problem is that most people have learned to believe trying not to feel their feelings is the solution, when it isn’t. In fact, trying to not feel upset feelings or think negatively is a primary cause of stuffing emotions, over reactions and leads most people to actually feel worse because when it doesn’t work they then judge themselves for not being able to stop or change these feelings.

This last part is a key factor of why feelings cause tension.  The solution is learning to give to yourself the emotional support and apply the higher consciousness that heals judgments, anxiety and other negative feelings which eliminates the need to suppress them. No suppression, no tension.

This last part is a key factor of why feelings cause tension. We suppress due to learning it’s wrong or bad to feel certain feelings or the fear that having negative feelings will create them.  This is a common misconception around the concept of thought creates.  It isn’t having a negative thought or emotion that creates it, it is what and how we deal with these that affects whether or not you move through it, stuff it, or create it in your life.

The more effective solution is learning to give to yourself the compassionate emotional support that allows you to accept, own and move through your emotions.  In some cases this is all you need. If there is core work to also be done, this creates a loving space from which you will be more effective at shifting the underlying beliefs causing judgments, anxiety and other negative feelings. This eliminates the need to suppress them. No suppression, no tension- no pain.

When you can alleviate the causes of tension and experience peace physically and emotionally it reopens the flow of energy throughout your body and creates peace, which increases energy. When your body gets  the energy it needs this increases circulation and general emotional well being,  reduces pain, inflammation and enhances your body’s ability  to do what it’s designed to do – heal and regenerate itself.   

Linda White, Shaman, Master Energy Healer & creator of Integrative Core Healing has been helping heal emotionally and physically for over 20 years.  619-582-5505


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