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    • Shamanic Soul Healing and Soul Retrieval
    • Sound Healing
    • Divine Connections to Experience and Embody Higher Consciousness
    • Rainbow Energy Healing


The following are a few of the many results reported from clients over the last 20 years.   

  • Alleviated, decreased or eliminated pain, fatigue, low circulation, inflammation, high blood pressure, chronic colds and health issues, headaches, fuzzy brain and digestive issues as well as the underlying causes such as adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune and more.
  • Reduced hypersensitivities to the moods of others, sounds, smells and the energy of the world around you.
  • Improved circulation, sleep, mental clarity, energy, athletic performance, and general emotional well-being.
  • Increased stamina, strength, inner peace, mental clarity and relaxation.
  • Experienced an expanded sense of unity and support from Source/God.
  • Alleviated PMS and symptoms of menopause
  • Enhanced emotional healing because it affects the physical reaction aspects of anxiety, PTSD, overwhelm, depression, panic attacks, and addiction
  • Healed faster from surgery and childbirth
  • Cleared the buildup of pathogens, toxins, pesticides, medications, radiation and chemotherapy


The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine (energy work). — Dr. Oz

The great thing about energy work is you don’t have to follow any religious philosophy or even believe in it for it to work. And, since it doesn’t interfere or cause reactions with other treatments or medications the only side effect is feeling more peaceful, relaxed and healthier!

I include energy work as part of every session I do because it enhances emotional healing by restoring physical and energetic balance. By reopening your body’s innate energy systems and strengthening them to function at optimal levels it accelerates your body’s ability to heal and regenerate. Balance may not sound so great except that balance is what produces feeling good emotionally and physically, and imbalance is what produces symptoms of illness, fatigue, tension and more.

How energy healing works: There are many methods of energy work, and many explanations for how this powerful method works. They range from airy fairy to the scientific, and could fill a book. In its simplest form, it is a focusing of the creative energy of life that is present in all things, to clear blocked energy, stuffed emotions, and to restore balance and reset your system.  Just as a laser can focus light to do surgery or a magnifying glass can focus the sun’s energy to start a fire, so can I tap into and focus this life force energy to enhance and accelerate your body’s ability to heal and regenerate itself. There are many methods of energy work, and in my experience they all are helping your body return to balance and wholeness.

Does energy work change my beliefs?  Energy work improves general emotional well being but it doesn’t replace doing the steps of becoming conscious with and changing how you perceive yourself, others and life circumstances. It is learning to change how you relate to and deal with feelings when they come up that changes ingrained patterns. Energy work seems to change beliefs because you feel so much better. Because it clears the physical buildup of tension, blockages and stuffed emotions causing imbalance, you then have more energy, feel more peaceful because in returning you to wholeness and balance it improves general emotional well being, Think of it this way. When you get sick, you can feel fatigue which can feel like depression. Which is why when you have a cold or other health challenges you might feel down, and when you feel better physically, you also feel better emotionally.  This can seem like someone clearing or balancing energy is ‘changing your beliefs’ because in feeling better physically you are stronger and less affected by the energy and moods of others or life’s challenges.

I will say an exception to this rule is The Soul Healing connections I do because when you embrace as true the wisdom of your higher soul on this heartfelt level, your ‘choice’ then allows you to see beyond the limits of your limiting beliefs.

What does dealing with feelings and emotions have to do with health issues?   If you’re dealing with health issues, you want all the energy you have going towards healing. By how you perceive and deal with your feelings and your ability to shift reactive feelings, determines whether you stuff them or move through them and return to a positive state of mind. These ingrained patterns are what causes you to stuff your feelings and emotions.  This causes tension that constricts muscles and breathing which in turn blocks circulation of energy, blood and the nervous system. Releasing this buildup and the blockages caused by suppression over time is why energy work is so powerful. It alleviates the physical imbalances and re-opens your energy which restores you to balance. This, in turn, increases general emotional well being the same way when you feel sick, you feel down, and when you come back to being healthy you have more energy and feel up again.

I’m going to be honest with you because from doing this for 24 years I’ve learned that the reason feelings keep returning is because as powerful as energy work is, it doesn’t change your belief system for you. It can alleviate painful feelings, but to sustain balance and higher awareness it’s equally important to become present with and learn how to transform the ingrained belief patterns causing anxiety, overwhelm, reactive feelings, judgments and more.  This is why I combine energy work with healing limiting core beliefs, and to develop and apply the higher awareness that changes how you relate to other people, yourself, feelings and life circumstances. This is important because it’s these ingrained belief patterns, and how you deal with them when feelings come up, that determine whether you stuff emotions, which causes blockages, or move through and un-condition them.

Which is why if you’ve done some great energy work and your painful feelings and health symptoms keep returning it’s because though energy work is one of the most powerful tools there is, it doesn’t do everything.  Learning to sustain higher consciousness takes effort. Emotional Wisdom makes it easier.

To read more about how our mind-body is intertwined, check out my blog articles. Bye By Pain and  How your Beliefs Cause Stress and Health Problems

The following are some of the multiple methods of energy work I do and is part of all sessions as needed.

My learning to work with energy began by my training to shift myself and others from a state of limitation to an alignment with the abundance and higher awareness of their higher self.   In 1997, a Reiki teacher who came for a private session with me said I was already channeling energy work and higher consciousness, and suggested I enhance my gifts and skills with a Reiki attunement. I did, and it did!  Since I had opened up in the 80’s to oneness and partnership with Source/God this enhanced my intuition and just as I was guided to the deeper wisdom for co-creating with Life and shifting feelings on core levels, I was shown how to go beyond the methods of Reiki.  There are many methods and names for energy work such as Prana, Theta, Healing Touch, Quantum, Reconnective,neuro-emotional release, EFT, soul retrieval and healing, sound healing and to connect you with the wisdom of your higher soul. I was shown by the Divine how to do these along with how to guide you to heal the limiting core beliefs and conditioning which cause anxiety, limitation, overwhelm, and suppression of feelings, needs and self expression.


Modern Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is the original holistic method.  I combine channeling the elemental energy of nature for healing the body and clearing stuck energy, with my unique ability as Gatekeeper. This allows me to take you to connect with and embrace the wisdom, confidence, peace. freedom and guidance of your higher self and soul. Whether it’s energy work or other I call myself a modern shaman because I learned the same foundation of oneness but with the wisdom to velop and apply the emotional and manifestation wisdom to live, relate and create in balance and harmony with yourself, others and our modern world.   I utilize modern shamanic techniques of Kumay, song/sound healing, clear blockages, psychic surgery and extraction, journeying, past life and the Divine Connections, Soul Healing, and Soul Retrieval work shared below.


Divine Core Connections and Soul Healing: Experience and Embrace Higher Consciousness

This method is more than traditional energy work.  This is a unique shamanic skill that reunites you with the wisdom and consciousness of your higher self and soul and through this, the Divine energy of creation. I also call it your unconditional self because it exists and understands our true nature and partnership with Life beyond the conditioning of mind and bod. As part of transforming ingrained patterns it’s important to connect  and align with a higher awareness that allows you to see the higher truths beyond what you’ve learned to believe and with loving compassion release faith in these false beliefs.  I take you to consciously meet, feel and embrace this higher part of you. As you merge with this part of you, you then experience seeing and feeling it’s higher wisdom and unconditional love. This helps you go beyond mentally believing in or visualizing higher consciousness to feeling and embodying it. I take you to the place within you where oneness and wholeness resides so that you can experience and embrace the peace, confidence, love, trust, abundance, freedom of being and wisdom of your Unconditional Higher Self and Soul.    

You are always one with your Higher Self, Soul and Source, you just lost touch with this part of you due to formation of limiting and conditional belief patterns formed from your past experiences.   This disconnect is like losing the desktop shortcut or search links on your computer that help you to easily access the programs you use each day. The programs aren’t gone, you just can’t access them as well. The moment you began to form conditional beliefs, and everyone has them, is when feeling love, trust, self worth, happiness, peace, secure, confident  and your ability to positively create became conditional.  Reconnecting with this higher part of your whole self, true nature and partnership with Life. This takes you beyond mentally believing in higher awareness by producing a heartfelt experience of it. I then combine this with guiding you to develop the inner foundation to sustain it and how to access and apply this higher wisdom in daily life to heal emotionally and physically and manifest from an awareness of unconditional trust, love, power and abundance.   

This reconnection helps you to grow beyond mentally believing in higher consciousness to feeling it. This increases heart felt faith in yourself, your ability to positively affect your world and to feel safe, loved and supported by Life and in life which science has shown is a key step for shifting ingrained patterns and increasing vibration. Or, you may have experienced expansion of awareness, but it doesn’t last or it’s hard to re-access. Instead of working to attain the peace, confidence, trust or other positive feelings you would like to feel more strongly and consistently, I connect you with the part of you that already believes and feels this on heartfelt levels.  Thus, if you’re healing anxiety or being not enough, I’ll reconnect with the higher part of you that has the belief system to feel trust. secure and confident. If you want to heal judgments and experience self acceptance and love, I’ll connect you with the part of you that know you are always loved and valued as is. I then teach you how to develop and sustain the belief system and habits to relate to and work with this part of you on your own.

Why did I disconnect? Everyone has these disconnects on some level because we all learned through the process of conditioning to attach meaning to everything. These create automatic response patterns that were accepted as true and over time produced how you respond emotionally to people and events.  Though these patterns of disconnect are stronger if you’ve experienced traumatic events, excessive criticism, abuse, neglect, it  happens to everyone because we learn as children and adults through the process of conditioning. As a child your survival mind formed conditional beliefs that caused you to feel more or less, safe, loved, accepted and supported based upon external factors such as how others feel, behave or results. Disconnect also happens when you lose a primary loved one, didn’t receive the type of support to feel safe to be, think, feel and express healthy feelings, needs and boundaries, or the support to be and express the uniqueness of you.   You may not even realize you are disconnected because though in the case of a physical or emotional trauma it’s instant, for most it was formed over time and accepted as ‘how things are in your life.’  This disconnect can also occur when as a child or as an adult, you experienced chronic health conditions or are highly intuitive because in feeling things more, you form stronger conditioning than the average person.  

This is also part of the Core Pattern Transformation and Emotional Wisdom work because the more ‘heartfelt’ you can believe in and connect with higher awareness the greater your ability to change the patterns running your life.


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