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I began my journey as a Reiki master back in 1998. From my previous clear connection and working in partnership with Life/GodThough I’m sharing about the different elements and methods of energy work becauseI’ve developedI’m sharing here the different aspects of the energy work I do, but all are part of each session.

What is Energy Work and how does it work?

The great thing about energy work is that you don’t have to follow any religious philosophy or even believe in it for it to work. And, since it doesn’t interfere or cause reactions with other treatments or medications the only side effect is feeling more peaceful, relaxed, connected, confident and healthier!

Energy work is part of every session I do because it restores you to a state of physical and energetic balance. A few things it does is it clears blocked energy and restores balance, which increases circulation and relaxation, alleviates pain and symptoms, and improves general emotional well being. It strengthens your body’s innate energy systems and mental clarity, which improves and enhances your body’s ability to heal and regenerate. Balance may not sound so great, except that balance is what produces feeling good emotionally and physically, and imbalance is what causes, or contributes to illness, pain, fatigue, tension, depression, overwhelm, anxiety and more.

How energy healing works: There are many methods of energy healing, and many explanations for how it all works.  The explanations range from airy fairy to the scientific, and could fill a book. In its simplest form, it is a focusing of the creative energy of life that is present in all things, in order to clear blocked energy, tension, stress and stuffed emotions, reset your system, and to restore you to a state of balance and wholeness. Just as a laser can focus light to do surgery, or a magnifying glass can focus the sun’s energy to start a fire, so do I tap into and focus this life force energy to enhance and accelerate your body’s ability to heal and regenerate itself.

The following are a few of the many results reported from clients over the last 22 years.

  • Alleviates, decreases or eliminates pain, fatigue, low circulation, inflammation, high blood pressure, chronic colds and health issues, headaches, fuzzy brain and digestive issues as well as the underlying causes such as adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune and more.
  • Reduces hypersensitivities to the moods of others, sounds, smells and the energy of the world around you.
  • Improves circulation, sleep, mental clarity, energy, athletic performance, and general emotional well-being.
  • Increases stamina, strength, inner peace, mental clarity and relaxation.
  • Experience an expanded sense of peace, trust, unity and support from Life/Source/God.
  • Alleviates PMS and hormonal imbalances.
  • Releases stuffed emotions, tension and stress which improves emotional well being.
  • Enhances emotional healing by alleviating the physical imbalances contributing to anxiety, PTSD, overwhelm, depression, panic attacks, and addiction
  • Heal faster from surgery, childbirth, illness and trauma.
  • Cleared the buildup of pathogens, toxins, pesticides, medications, radiation and chemotherapy

The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine (energy work). — Dr. Oz


To read more about how our mind-body is intertwined, check out my blog articles. Bye By Pain and  How your Beliefs Cause Stress and Health Problems

The following are some of the multiple methods of energy work I do and is part of all sessions as needed.

Reiki and Advanced Energy Methods – I call my work advanced energy work because though I began with being a Reiki master 23 years ago, I was guided to develop additional applications and a deeper understanding of energy work. This includes how to combine it with the Emotional and Manifestation Wisdom, and Modern Shamanism I’ve developed to heal the ingrained patterns causing energetic limitation, reactions, constriction and imbalances. .Energy work is powerful, but it doesn’t replace doing the other aspects of mind, body and spirit healing that is key for sustaining and living higher awareness and living in balance.  I bring 35 years of applying and living spiritual, metaphysical, personal growth and psychological principles to help you understand and apply the life principles everyone talks about so they work in any area of life.

Some of these have names such as reiki, prana, soul retrieval, psychic surgery, healing touch, channelling elemental energy,  kumay, psychic surgery/extraction, journeying, past life, inner child, NLP, Time-Line Therapy, Theta healing, sacred chants and medicine wheel. Also others I don’t have names for because I’m just channelling whatever you need. One of which is my unique ability to read your subconscious patterns and guide you to shift in past and present, and then take you to experience and embrace the unconditional awareness of your Higher Soul.


Modern Shamanic Healing

Combines Ancient healing methods and Soul Healing to restore you to balance and wholeness, connect with and experience Higher Consciousness and to live from this higher awareness. I call what I do Modern Shamanism because I learned how to do it directly from God/Spirit. Prior to learning energy work I’d already learned to live, relate and create in partnership with Life/God/Spirit. As I developed my energetic healing skills, this same divine guidance taught me what I later learned were shamanic and other methods of healing. One of my unique skills, is being a Gatekeeper and to do a more direct form of soul healing/retrieval. (read Divine Core Connections and Soul Healing below.)


Higher Soul Connections and Soul Healing: Experience and Embrace Higher Consciousness

This method is more than traditional energy work.  This is a unique shamanic skill that reunites you with the wisdom and consciousness of your higher soul. This is the part of you that exists beyond the limits of your mind and body and lives in unconditional awareness of your true nature, oneness and partnership with Life. This is not a guided meditation.   I take you to the place within you where oneness and wholeness resides. I then guide you to embrace the unconditional peace, trust, confidence, love, abundance and freedom of this part of you and to apply in daily life the Emotional Wisdom to develop the belief system that sustains living it. This takes you beyond believing in higher awareness to feeling and embodying it. 


Why did I disconnect? 

You are always one with your Higher Soul and Source, you just lost touch with this part of you due to formation of limiting and conditional belief patterns formed from your past experiences.   This disconnect is like losing the desktop shortcut or search links on your computer that help you to easily access the programs you use each day.

The programs aren’t gone, you just don’t know how to access them as well as you did pre-conditioning. The moment you began to form conditional beliefs, and everyone has them, is when feeling loved, trust, self worth, happiness, peace, confident or fearful, reactive, guilty, sad or overwhelmed became a programed response to other people and circumstances.  These created automatic response patterns that over time produced how you currently respond and experience people and events.

Though these patterns of disconnect are stronger if you’ve experienced traumatic events, excessive criticism, abuse, neglect, it  happens to everyone because we learn as children and adults through the process of conditioning. As a child your survival mind formed conditional beliefs that caused you to feel more or less, safe, loved, accepted and supported based upon external factors such as how others feel, behave or results. Disconnect also happens when you lose a primary loved one, didn’t receive the type of support to feel safe to be, think, feel and express healthy feelings, needs and boundaries, or the support to be and express the uniqueness of you.   You may not even realize you are disconnected because you’ve adapted over time and learned to accepted this is how it is. This can also happen when dealing with chronic health conditions or are highly intuitive.



Does energy work change my beliefs?  Energy work ‘by itself’ can release stuffed emotions and release the buildup of tension this causes, and so many amazing things. The balance energy work can produce, and my soul connections, can feel like you will never feel or hear ego again. Unfortunately, it doesn’t change your beliefs for you because that requires conscious choice. Think of it this way. When you have a cold you feel tired, and when tired, you may feel down, or not able to do as much.  More so if you’ve been tired or not feeling good for quite awhile.  When you then feel better physically, you then also feel an increase in mental clarity, energy and feeling stronger emotionally. This return to physical balance doesn’t mean beliefs were changed, it means that being in balance affects your general emotional well being.  Which is why I combine energy work with the Emotional Wisdom to transform the limiting belief patterns and conditioning which causes imbalance, limitation and painful feelings.

If I’m dealing with health issues, why do I need to address emotions?  Because how you relate to yourself, others, feelings and circumstances, and how you deal with feelings when they come up, is what produces either stuffing your feelings or using them as a tool for transformation.  When you suppress feelings you create the ongoing tension called stress. This constricts circulation on multiple levels. When dealing with health issues, you want all your energy going towards healing.  Secondly, if before you got sick you stuffed those feelings, didn’t feel okay to  make your needs a priority, ask for help, set boundaries, or moving through triggered feelings, then continuing to do these will block healing energy.  Remember, suppression causes tension which blocks energy flow. This is why Energy work is best combined with how to heal any patterns in the way of doing what is needed to heal.





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