Private Sessions

Private sessions provide the more specific and individualized guidance that empowers you to create the level of health, happiness, love and success you desire. Since you are a unique being, I provide multiple methods and skills (listed below) that I call upon to support you in your process of healing and transformation. Each session is customized based upon what you want to transform, which aspects of healing are necessary to fulfill that, and where you are in your process of healing, growth and creation.

The comprehensive wisdom and skills I provide addresses the different aspects of mind-body-spirit healing that brings you to a higher level of balance and wholeness. Though I draw intuitively I also want to know which methods interest you so that they are part of your process.

In your first and each succeeding session 99% of people experience immediate changes in how they feel emotionally and physically. Many also report sudden increases in how results are showing up, they respond to other people and how other people are being towards them. This is because when we shift, our world is affected.

You can come for one session or work ongoing with me. For doing the deeper work of healing ingrained patterns and health issues I recommend doing at least three sessions or a series depending on where you are in your process. This is because conditioning and ingrained patterns require more than a shift in perspective or your energy to get balanced. Even for those who already believe in higher awareness and life principles, done similar work, or are healers, practitioners, counselors and coaches, rarely do I have someone show up who is already applying the integrative wisdom that is a key part of more fully healing ingrained patterns. Especially that which helps with the subconscious conditioning.

I also work with couples and families and discounts are available when you commit to a series of sessions.

15-Minute Initial Consult
If you have any questions or would like to connect with me before signing up for a session. This 15 minute phone session helps you to ask any questions you have about the work I do and how it can help you. Most of my clients come from referrals or from those who’ve met me and experienced me in some way. This telephone consult is an opportunity to connect with me and learn how my work can help you take your healing and growth to the next level. At no cost or obligation to do anything else.  find out more…



Bye Bye Pain And Illness

Embracing Higher Consciousness: Core Connections and Soul Healing

Experience and embrace the peace, confidence, love, acceptance, trust, abundance, freedom of being and wisdom of your Unconditional Higher Self and Soul and reconnect with aspects of consciousness you’ve lost touch with or didn’t develop growing up. This is more than traditional methods of energy work which can produce a sense of peace and feeling whole. I am a gatekeeper, which is a unique shamanic skill that allows me to take you to the place within you where your higher self and soul lives. This takes you beyond mentally imagining or believing in higher consciousness to feeling, experiencing and embodying it.  , find out more…


Core Belief Transformation

This type of session is for those ready to do the deeper work of transforming the underlying core beliefs and conditioning causing how you feel generally and how you relate to yourself, feelings other people and specific situations. By shifting these patterns in session and by applying the Integrative Wisdom in daily life you transform the automatic patterns that affect how you react and respond to these. These patterns are the root cause of limiting beliefs and behaviors as well as the judgments, reactions, anxiety, resentment, stress, overwhelm, depression, guilt and suppression of self and other feelings that limit creating the level of health, happiness, relationships, success and freedom of being you want.   find out more…


Advanced Energy Healing Attunement Sessions or Energy Tune ups
This type of session Are you dealing with pain, fatigue and other health problems? Are you generally positive but struggle with increasing feelings of tension, stress, anxiety, feeling on guard, hyper-sensitive or overwhelm? Have you been on the path awhile and just want to receive an energy attunement and connect with higher consciousness? This could indicate a physical imbalance in your body or energy fields.   Energy work is one of the most powerful tools for healing because you are energy!   find out more…


Integrative Emotional Wisdom

his integrative work takes you beyond releasing, shifting or energetic balancing (which is part of all I do) because it develops the belief system, behaviors and life skills that naturally produces and sustains the level of positive feelings, positive relationships with yourself and others, health and success beyond your current level.
find out more…