Private Healing Sessions

Private sessions provide the individualized guidance for transforming on core levels the underlying causes of health problems, limiting results, beliefs, and feelings.  What makes this work so empowering is this is combined with creating and integrating new heartfelt patterns that are key for creating lasting changes. 

I have a large toolbox of skills and wisdom I call upon to customize your session based on what you are wanting to heal and create, where you are in your process of healing and growth, and what is needed to create the level of inner and outer transformation you desire.  The following are a few examples and explaining of the work but doesn’t include all that I do. For example, I’m also a business and health coach, teach compassionate communication, do couples and group work, and so much more!


1. Integrative Energy Work, Soul Connection, and Shamanic Healing    

One of the most powerful tools for healing physically is the ancient practice of energy work . . . because you are energy! 

There are many explanations for how energy works from the airy fairy to the scientific.  In its simplest form, a trained practitioner is able to focus life force energy to clear blocked energy and strengthen energy fields just as a magnifying glass can be used to focus and magnify the sun’s energy to start a fire. 

People often ask if my energy work is Reiki. The answer is yes, and a whole lot more!  I was attuned as a Reiki Master in 1997 and from the moment I began to work with this method for focusing energy I was taught to whatever that person needed. Other people experiencing my work who were trained in other healing methods would call different pieces of what I do Prannic Healing, Theta Healing, Psychic surgery, quantum healing, Neuro-emotional release, and other things I had to make up words to be able to talk about it. Such as the elemental energy work and shamanic Chants that clear the build up of tension, stress, and agreement with stuffed emotions.

This type of session combines energy work with chakra balancing, and a shamanic soul connection to connect with the wisdom, peace, and power of your higher soul. T If desired it can include shamanic journeying.  It restores your body to balance and aligns you with the wisdom of your higher soul. It enhances your body’s ability to heal and produces a state of peace that resets your nervous system. This is key for healing adrenal fatigue which is a contributing factor causing many health problems.

This type of session focuses on restoring you to balance and wholeness, releasing tension, stress, blockages, and stuffed emotions and judgments, and connecting you with the peace of your higher soul.   

Decrease and heal: 

  • Pain, fatigue, tension, stress, chronic health problems, adrenal fatigue, inflammations . . .
  • Digestive, hormonal, and immune issues. 
  • Anxiety, overwhelm, self-judgment, hyper-sensitivity.


  • Emotional and physical balance and well-being, relaxation, circulation, and energy.
  • Inner peace, confidence, trust, feeling supported by Life, connection with Creator/God-Goddess/Divine Source
  • Strengthen the immune, endocrine, balance brain waves and recover faster from chemo, surgery, and illness. 


2. Core Belief Pattern Transformation Session. Includes transformation of core beliefs and conditioning, soul connections/soul retrieval, advanced energy work, inner child work, time line/ past life therapy, and guidance to develop new patterns and habits that are necessary to create positive life changes and integrate lasting emotional changes. 

This type of session is for doing the deeper emotional healing necessary to fully transform the ingrained emotional anchors and subconscious conditioning that produces how you feel generally and get triggered as you do – even though you know better. Patterns that cause and maintain anxiety, depression, triggered feelings/trauma, self-judgment, addictions, anger/resentment, guilt, suppression of feelings and self, limiting beliefs and behavior, co-dependency, and more.   

If you have done years of personal growth and healing and aren’t attaining the level of transformation you desire Linda’s comprehensive wisdom will help you understand why and guide you to finally create those changes. 

These patterns are why you can be generally confident, but feel anxious and not enough when results aren’t working or someone is critical. Why you may know it’s okay to feel your feelings, but still judge yourself, get stuck in limits and overwhelm, and frustrated at not being able to create the level of inner and outer changes you desire.  

Each session is unique and individually guided based on where you are in your healing process and what is needed.  what you need but will include some or all of the following:

  • Own your true nature, strengthen faith in your power to create positive changes, and apply the Rainbow Healing Method to apply the acceptance that releases judgments that can block healing. 
  • Intuitive reading and guidance to transform the underlying patterns causing how it is, why it isn’t changing, and what is needed to learn and shift to create the type and level of emotional transformation you desire. 
  • Time Line and past Life Therapy and Inner Child Healing:  I open a doorway and take you to where you formed the limiting core beliefs and conditioning maintaining limits, judgments, and triggered feelings.  I guide you to consciously and emotionally release faith in these core beliefs and the conditional beliefs/attachments formed from them.     
  • Energetic/Physical Release/Sound Healing:  As you release limits I clear the buildup of stuffed emotions and automatic agreement with these false and limiting beliefs you formed. This also clears the tension, stress, and blocked energy these produced.
  • Soul Connection, Retrieval & Healing.  I take you to connect with, experience, and embrace the unconditional peace, love, confidence, compassion, happiness, trust, power, and freedom of your divine higher soul.  This is not a guided meditation but a reuniting and experiencing of the part of you that lives beyond the limits of the mind and body in unconditional peace, unity, love, trust, and abundance. The part that sees the bigger picture of what you’ve learned, are learning, and need to learn because it lives in full awareness of your true nature and how creation really works. This soul-level healing takes you beyond believing in higher awareness to feeling it.  
  • Energy Work: As you lay in oneness with your Higher Soul I balance and strengthen your body’s energy fields, chakras, brain waves, and clear blocked energy.   
  • Integrative Emotional Wisdom: Opening and embracing higher awareness is just the beginning of living it. If you In my ongoing session we continue to identify and shift limits, embrace additional lost soul pieces, and I teach you how to apply in daily life the emotional wisdom that integrates lasting changes. Applying this wisdom develops new patterns and habits that replace anxiety with trust, self-judgment with self-love, acceptance and compassion, feeling not enough and low self-worth with unconditional confidence. And so on and so on. 


    3. Integrative Emotional and Manifestation Wisdom: 

    Integrative Emotional Wisdom: If you have experienced profound expansions of awareness but they don’t last it’s because fully transforming subconscious conditioning requires a few more steps.  Just as exercising develops physical muscles and stamina, so it is with creating lasting emotional transformation.  In ongoing sessions, I guide you to shift additional core beliefs and integrate higher awareness by teaching you to develop and apply the belief system and emotional habits that will sustain living the higher awareness you have opened to. As you apply this wisdom to go from believing in higher awareness to living it.  

    1.) Weaken and un-condition old patterns that maintain self-judgment, limiting beliefs, reactive feelings, unworthiness, anxiety, hyper-vigilance, and more.

    2.) Strengthen the belief patterns that produce how you want to feel generally and relate to yourself, other people, and circumstances. Applying this wisdom creates new pathways in your brain that increase and sustain positive feelings and spiritual connection and transform how you relate to yourself, others, and the world around you. 

    3.) Un-conditional automatic subconscious patterns.  Not knowing how to do this is why even though you have released limits, changed what you believe, done healing of trauma, and ‘know better’ you still are triggered and react as you did in the past. Applying this wisdom develops new emotional and mental habits that retrain your body and subconscious to respond differently.

    4.) Inner Child Wisdom and Rainbow Healing Method: Learn to give yourself the different types of emotional support that calms and comforts triggered feelings and fulfills and heals co-dependent patterns. Wouldn’t it be great to stop having confidence, self-worth, happiness, freedom of being and self-expression, dependent on others and life being a certain way?

    I call these emotional sit-ups because they strengthen your emotional muscles which are the pathways in the brain that determine how you feel generally and react to people and circumstances. And just as there are different exercises for different parts of the body, there are different emotional wisdom applications for different feelings.  As you learn to apply this wisdom you more quickly un-condition the old and develop new pathways that increase positive feelings such as joy, peace, confidence, freedom, surrender, and more. 

    Thus, instead of telling you to let go, don’t worry or let it bother you, or to love, accept, and believe in yourself I show you how and support you in developing them so they become an ingrained part of your being!   

    • Un-condition patterns causing self-judgment, limiting beliefs, reactive feelings, anxiety, low self-worth, fear, overwhelm, guilt, hyper-reactivity, and other uncomfortable feelings. 
    • Un-condition patterns causing confidence, self-worth, trust, and other feelings to be negatively affected by slow results or the feelings and behavior of others. 
    • Un-condition hyper-sensitivities, PTSD, hyper-vigilance, caretaker syndrome, taking things personally, and more.
    • Develop the belief system, emotional muscles, and habits that produce and sustain feelings of self-love and acceptance, self-worth and esteem, personal power and confidence, trust, compassion, and spiritual connection.
    • Give yourself the support that fulfills emotional needs and transform how you relate to and communicate with yourself, and others. 
    • How to thrive as a highly empathic, intuitive, and sensitive soul. 

    Manifestation Wisdom:  Emotional Transformation is key, and other times we need to develop the skills and consciousness attain life goals, communicate better, and present and in the flow of creation. How to own your power, develop unconditional confidence, and apply the Five Laws of Creation to manifest greater results from a consistent awareness of unconditional trust, love, and abundance.

    • Own and apply your power to create health, success, healthy relationships, and emotional transformation and well-being beyond what you have so far. 
    • Business and career coaching.
    • Improve the quality of your relationships.
    • Improve health, heal emotional eating, and addictions, and feel present in your body.
    • Clarify what you want and your purpose and clear limits to creating it.
    • Develop and sustain the level of confidence, personal power, trust, and abundance consciousness that empowers you to take action in trust and create beyond what you have learned to have so far.
    • Shift belief patterns maintaining procrastination, perfectionism, judging your process, anger, resentment, guilt, and feeling not worthy, deserving, or enough.
    • Learn to consciously surrender, and trust the flow of creation, so you can more easily learn from the process, and enjoy life as you attain life goals.


    Energy WisdomLearn to work with the energy of your body and emotions in between sessions to enhance and accelerate physical and emotional healing.  For those wanting to develop these skills to help others check out Integrative Energy Healer Training. 

    • Learn to access the wisdom of your higher soul for guidance and healing.
    • Develop your intuitive and energetic healing skills to be of service to others.


     4.  Shamanic Journeys, Soul Connections, and Sound Healing. 

    “When Linda sings I feel the energy flow out of my body and surrounded by love.” Christine.

    This session is like the Integrative Energy Work and Soul Connections with a focus on connecting with totem animals and higher guides and receiving guidance from Divine Source and your own higher soul.  This can include Life Purpose Journeys to access future selves in order to increase confidence, find life purpose, and bring back from their future the wisdom and consciousness to bring this future into form.

     20-Minute Initial Consult FREE
    This remote phone session. It provides an opportunity to ask questions about how what I can do can help you specifically, and to connect with me personally befor signing up for session. Many have shared that it helps them to understand why they haven’t been able to change certain patterns to the level they want, and a better understanding of what is needed to produce these. It’s also a chance to see if we are a match to work together at no cost or obligation to do anything else.

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