Private Healing Sessions

Private sessions provide the deeper and individualized guidance for healing ingrained patterns and developing new patterns that are key for integrating and sustaining lasting changes.  You are a unique being, thus, each session is customized based upon what you want to transform, which aspects of healing are necessary to fulfill that, and where you are in your process of healing, growth and creation.

 Based upon what my clients testimonials you will feel lighter, more peaceful and confident, and experience immediate changes in how you feel emotionally and physically.  It’s also common to afterwards feel a decrease in anxiety and pain, less triggered by other people’s behavior, and better able to flow with whatever is happening in their life.  These feelings grow with each session.

You are welcome to do a single session, or a few. And, I will share that lasting changes comes from doing the integrative work.  You will feel better in the first session  and a shift and opening to healing ingrained patterns is a process. If you are already doing the steps to integrate lasting changes you would already be living in high states of acceptance, trust, personal power, confidence and freedom of being.  Even if you have done years of personal growth I find very few in the last 22 years are applying the steps I teach for integrating lasting changes.   Not knowing how to apply the emotiona l causing anxiety, limitation, and imbalance usually need you to develop the belief system and daily habits that produce and sustain lasting changes.  

Each session restores physical and emotional balance, and ongoing sessions empower you to develop the belief system, life skills, and wisdom to sustain and live the higher awareness you opened to in session.   

Soul Connections and Soul Healing to Experience Higher Consciousness

One of the challenges in personal growth is many learn to believe in higher awareness, but don’t always feel it or live it. Especially if your past included experiences that produced feeling anxious, depressed, not enough, people pleasing and suppressing your needs, feelings and expression of self. I have a unique shamanic skill to take you to experience and embrace the  heartfelt wisdom of your Unconditional Higher Soul. The part of you that lives beyond the limits of the conditional mind and body.  From this higher awareness you are better able to go beyond mentally believing in higher awareness to feeling it as the higher truth of you.  find out more…

Core Belief Pattern Transformation

I intuitively guide you through the process of transforming the underlying emotional anchors, conditioning, and hyper sensitivities maintaining limiting beliefs and behaviors, judgments, reactions, anxiety, PTSD, resentment, addictions, overwhelm, depression, and suppression of self.  Each session includes advanced energy healing, soul connections, and the integrative wisdom to create and sustain lasting changes.        find out more…

Advanced Energy Healing   

Are you are looking for relief from pain, fatigue and other health problems or struggle with anxiety, overwhelm, depression, and being negatively affected by the moods of others? The energy work I do resets your autonomic nervouse system which releases you out of the flight or flight pattern many are stuck in due to life circumstances, anxiety, constant overwhelm, and not knowing how to take care of yourself.

It restores the physical balance necessary to heal adrenal fatigue and opens the flow of energy to all body systems to restore health and improves general emotional well being.  This type of session combines Reiki and other advanced methods  and shamanic elemental healing I’ve developed the last 23 years.     find out more…

Integrative Emotional, Manifestation and Energy Wisdom Coaching

Sometimes, a shift in consciousness, or balancing of energy is all you need and you’re back in the flow of creation. Other times it is necessary to develop new belief patterns, behaviors, and skills to create and sustain the level of results and emotional transformation you desire. Integrative Wisdom teaches you how to apply in daily life the emotional, energetic, and manifestation skills that un-conditions old patterns, develops and strengthens new patterns, restores health, and empowers you to manifest a higher level of success, health, relationships, and positive feelings. 

Each session builds upon the last like emotional sit-ups that build the pathways in your brain so you respond differently to people and circumstances. As you apply this wisdom it takes you beyond knowing higher awareness to experiencing higher and consistent levels of self-love and acceptance, compassion, confidence, personal power, forgiveness, trust, inner peace, surrender and the freedom to be and express your needs, feelings and unique self. find out more…

 20-Minute Initial Consult FREE
This remote phone session. It provides an opportunity to ask questions about how what I can do can help you specifically, and to connect with me personally befor signing up for session. Many have shared that it helps them to understand why they haven’t been able to change certain patterns to the level they want, and a better understanding of what is needed to produce these. It’s also a chance to see if we are a match to work together at no cost or obligation to do anything else.

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