15-Minute Initial Consultations

This 15 minute phone session gives you an opportunity to ask any questions or to connect with me before signing up for a session.  Many find it answers why they haven’t been able to change certain patterns and how I can do to help you take your personal growth and healing process to the next level.  It’s a chance to see if you resonate with me and what I offer at no cost or obligation to do anything else.

FREE 30 minute remote phone call. I also provide a free half hour session for those seriously interested in doing private sessions remotely. A common concern is not knowing if the energy work is effective remotely. It includes the above 15 minute discussion about how the work can help you plus I center you and send you about 5 minutes of healing energy.  This is an opportunity to discover at no cost whether or not doing remote sessions is something that works for you.

Are you ready to get started? Contact me today to request your FREE consultation!