Manifestation Wisdom

You are 74% more likely to attain personal and professional goals when you have the support and guidance to do so.

There are no limits, only what feels like limits because it’s the edge of what you’ve learned to believe and create so far!


Every moment by your choices of perception and action you are affecting the flow of creation in your life and how you experience it.  thus, by your choices your choices the creative life force energy present in all things is responding.  

Personal power is a result of understanding that by the choices you make you can affect how you feel emotionally and physically, circumstances, and attain life goals.  You have this ability because we live in a world that operates according to cause and effect. This means that everything that occurs produces a resulting consequence and everything that has happened is a result of a previous event.  This means that if you look at how something came to be there is a formula for how it came to be.  This is why

Why is this important to understand as a practitioner?  A few reasons. 

1. Understanding how creation works it stops being random luck or the will of a God whether or not you succeed, are happy, or 

It may not always seem as if you have a choice, or feel like you have such power, but you do. 

Manifestation Mastery teaches how to apply ALL the Laws of Creation to more consistently and easily manifest personal, emotional and professional life goals FROM an awareness of unconditional trust, confidence, love and abundance.  The Laws of Creation are the underlying principles for how creation and transformation work. Whether you want to increase prosperity, relationships, health or transform limiting beliefs and feelings, applying these principles increases your ability to positively affect the world around you, stay confident however results are going, and to enjoy the journey of life AS you’re healing and growing.

Manifestation wisdom takes you beyond knowing abundance consciousness, positive thinking, law of attraction because it includes the other life principles these don’t include.  It also includes healing the conditioning that causes your feelings of confidence, personal power and self worth to yo-yo when results aren’t going well, or others are being critical, judgmental or upset. Confidence is the fuel that inspires action and attracts greater results.   

  • Increase confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, and trust in your ability to create what you want at the level you desire.
  • Heal limiting beliefs and conditioning causing yo-yo confidence and self-doubt.
  • Improve the quality of your personal and professional relationships.
  • Un-Condition patterns that are negatively affecting confidence, self worth, self expression, and connection with others.
  • Heal the root causes of procrastination, feeling not enough, self-judgment, and limits. 
  • Attain prosperity and success, fulfilling relationships, health, and happiness beyond what you’ve learned to create so far  
  • Enjoy life while manifesting your dreams into your reality. 

Are you ready to get started?