Sarah McAdams

After  years of therapy, emotional release work, tapping and energy work, and being an intuitive healer myself, I still had the same anxiety happening and I was constantly taking things too personally and felt overwhelmed and drained because being super empathic I feel other people’s feelings.  After our first session I felt a level of peace and trust I’d never felt before but want to say this was nothing compared to how profoundly different I felt after working with her the next six months. Her guidance to heal conditioning helped me to see that I was stuck doing release work but wasn’t doing the work to integrate and develop the higher awareness I believe in.  She helped me to see that the reason the release techniques I was doing wasn’t producing lasting results was that they didn’t heal the subconscious patterns of conditioning causing me to feel on guard and anxious. Turns out this is what really caused me to be drained by others. She showed me how to work with my own energy and feelings in-between sessions so that I could sense others but not drain me or stop me from expressing my own authentic self and feelings. Her awareness of how to heal conditioning is truly the wisdom I was looking for. I’m so grateful to not have to spend time each day doing protection techniques being bothered by others feelings.  Sarah McAdams