John Aikins

As a successful and confident CEO I didn’t think I needed to do any such work because I’d followed motivational speakers like Tony Robbins and others and I’m very confident and optimistic, but my wife insisted because I’d been so stressed out lately. I’m glad she did! Linda helped me to see how I was ignoring my negative feelings because the ‘focus on the positive and ignore the negative’ I’d learned was creating a build up of tension and stress.  I didn’t think I needed it, but she helped me to see and heal issues from my past that were causing anxiety when results and projects didn’t go as planned. Which is most of the time! She showed me how to deal with those feelings without ignoring and suppressing them. I felt great after the first session, and as I worked with her my high blood pressure dropped down, my acid reflux was gone and found myself feeling even more confident because it wasn’t interrupted by situational anxiety.    — John Aikins.