Chase Cheney

In 2013 I was hosting a workshop and needed someone to lead the opening meditation. Little did I know how much more she could do! She not only wowed them with her wisdom but in a short period of time had them aligned with higher consciousness and open to greater possibilities!  A few months later she did a distance session over the phone when I was going through a stressful time and she instantly calmed my state of mind and body from across the country! I had been meaning to work with her face to face but didn’t get the chance, nor was I ready to do the work, until last week when I came to address high anxiety and procrastination. When I went into her office it was in a cozy treatment room in her beautiful home in San Diego California. We started the 90 minute session in the chairs facing each other where she took me through her opening, consultation and showed me some exercises I can do at home daily to help regain emotional peace and connect to my higher self. She then had me on the table where she dove into more of the core programming causing some of the issues I’ve been experiencing. As she guided me to shift, I could feel the energy being shifted and it brought me to a place of neutrality and peace about some deep subjects. This was really deeper work than I’d done before and when the next day some ‘stuff’ came up, she provided a support call that brought me back to peace and trust. Her session produced feeling amazing and rejuvenated as well as helped me step into my power to do the work I’m here to do! I highly recommend Linda and Integrative Core Healing to anyone who wants to understand the conditioning of our brains and how to shift their awareness to a higher level. I fully trust her with my life stories and to hold space for me and it’s nice having someone who truly cares and who just “gets it!”  – Chase Cheney