Healing for the Empathic Heart and Sensitive Soul

Healing for the Empathic Heart and Sensitive Soul

  • Do you feel tense or drained in groups, or when others are upset – even if you didn’t do anything to cause it?
  • Does it feel like you take on the feelings of others and can’t let go?
  • Do you know your needs matter, but still don’t express your needs, upset feelings, or boundaries because you feel bad if you do?
  • Are you capable and generally positive, but also struggle to not feel anxious, overwhelmed or bothered by others judgments and criticism?
  •  Are you your worse critic and get stuck in people pleasing, co-dependency, and taking things too personally?
  • Do loud noises, bright lights or strong smells bother you?  
  • Have you been criticized for feeling things too big, or making a big deal out of nothing?
  • When you spoke to the truth to your family were you told you didn’t know what you were talking about?
  • Do protection techniques help some, or don’t do much?

If so, you most likely are a highly sensitive and empathic person. I know, because I am one, so I understand the challenges of being highly intuitive, but also the gifts that it has given me – once I learned the wisdom to work with my feelings and the energy of my body in a healing way.

Though you may have grown up feeling bad for feeling things bigger than others, being a sensitive and empathic person doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you!  All it means is that you have heightened senses of intuition, empathy, sound, smell, or touch that causes your body to react as if the volume is always turned up high. This is why you may have felt overwhelmed, on-guard,  and find it harder to heal ingrained emotional patterns than the average person.  

This overwhelm, along with other conditioning, is what caused you to develop patterns of suppressing, and trying to not feel your feelings, and to ignore your needs and put everyone else first.  This suppression creates muscle constriction and stress tension which causes very real health problems, anxiety, and depression. Everyone suppresses on some level because everyone learns through the process of conditioning. The challenge for a sensitive person is that feeling things bigger causes stronger conditioning which is why it can seem harder, or impossible, to heal emotionally and physically.    

This is why being sensitive can feel like a curse rather than the gift it was meant to be!

Yes, a gift!  Being a master chef with heightened taste and smell, a musician with perfect pitch, or a counselor, health practitioner or parent that senses what you need with greater empathy and compassion are only a few examples of how heightened senses can be beneficial. My intuition allows me to read my clients energy and subconscious patterns which helps me to helpt them become aware of and heal aspects of conditioning they aren’t aware of.  

You see, it isn’t being sensitive that is the problem, it’s that growing up, or as an adult, you don’t know how to work with these heightened sensations or the energies of your body in a healing way.  I know I didn’t!  I wasn’t raised by people who knew how to deal with their own feelings, or mine in a supportive way, which created patterns of tuning out my feelings.   

The good news is that just as DiVinci had to learn to paint, so can you learn to work with your feelings, intuition, and the energy of your body and the world around you in order to embrace and share the gift of you in the world. I know I did and from it I developed the wisdom and skills to help people heal on core levels.    

From my own journey and working with people even more sensitive than myself, I have developed specific applications of Emotional Wisdom and Energy Work for alleviating the challenges that empathic and intuitive people experience.  I know from my own experience and from sharing this work with others that it will help you to change what has felt unchangeable, and will empower you to confidently share your unique self and gifts with the world.

 If you are ready to experience powerful changes in how you live and experience life, I invite you to work with me to develop the skills, wisdom, and belief system that will transform how you relate to yourself and others, and empower you live your dreams and enjoy your life more.  You can do this in a private session, attend an event, or register for my Integrative Energy Healer Training. The first step is to register below and have a conversation with me.

  • Experience greater peace, confidence, self love and freedom of being.
  • Calm overwhelm, frazzled nerves and alleviate the tension, pain, digestive and other health problems this produces. 
  • Understand and heal the true causes of why you feel drained and are negatively affected by other peoples feelings and how to stop it.
  • Learn why protection techniques don’t always work, how they can limit you, and what to do instead.
  • Develop the inner foundation, energy skills, and emotional wisdom to more fully heal the hyper-vigilance, anxiety, PTSD, overwhelm, co-dependency, depression, and self-judgment, etc.
  • Heal why you stuff and don’t express your hurt feelings, needs, and desires, and boundaries and learn to feel comfortable expressing these and making your needs a priority.
  • Give to yourself and receive from others the compassion, self-acceptance, and self-love you always deserved. 
  • Develop your intuition and unique gifts as a tool for empowerment, freedom of being and success.  

Before working with Linda I had stopped working with clients and couldn’t go to the store, or be in crowds, without becoming exhausted.  She gave me my life back!  — Karen

I had studied mindfulness and done years of counseling which helped some, but I still struggled with self-judgment and anxiety, and never asked for help and never set boundaries.  Linda helped me get in touch with my true self and feel confident expressing my needs both professionally and in my marriage. — Susan 

Three ways to support yourself

        • Schedule a private session to start feeling better today!
        • Attend one of my monthly events to experience the possibilities.    
        • Register for the Advanced Energy Healing Training to develop your intuition and the emotional and energetic skills to work with the your body and your feelings in a healing way.  Giving yourself these skills will empower you to live your dreams and be of service to others without feeling drained and overwhelmed. 

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