Healing for the Empathic Heart and Sensitive Soul

Healing for the Empathic Heart and Sensitive Soul

Though you may have grown up feeling bad for feeling things bigger than others, being sensitive doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you!  All it means is that you have heightened senses of intuition, empathy, sound, smell, or touch that cause your body to react as if the volume is turned up on high. 

It’s great that counselors and the general public are becoming more aware of this phenomenon. Unfortunately, not many know how to energetically and emotionally address the challenges highly intuitive and empathic people face. I do because I am one myself and for 22 years have been helping others like me thrive and live their dreams.   

  • Have you done protection techniques and energy clearing but it doesn’t stop you from being triggered by other people’s feelings and energy, or taking on others feelings and not being able to release them?
  • Do you know your needs matter, but still don’t ask for what you want, or express your needs, upset feelings, or boundaries to avoid upsetting others or feeling bad?
  • Are you tired of being told to own your power, let go, love and accept yourself, or don’t judge or worry – but not how to do these?
  • Are you ready to learn how to heal people pleasing, avoidance, anxiety, yo-yo confidence, hyper-vigilance, and taking things way too personally?   
  • To stand grounded in who you are and feeling disconnected from your body and heart?


These heightened senses have their pros and cons. 

The downside is that growing up feeling everything magnified caused you to react emotionally and physically to feelings, sounds, and smells on a higher level.  Thus, if they felt irritated, you felt it as anger, if they felt anger you felt it as rage. Those raising you didn’t understand this and may have punished you for how you reacted, or dismissed your feelings as you being too sensitive. 

If you weren’t raised by someone who knew how to deal with their own feelings in a healthy way, which most of us weren’t, you probably learned to feel bad for how you felt, and wrong for being who you are.  You also took things more personally and found yourself shutting down because your body was overwhelmed by all the sensations bombarding you. 

Multiply this by 10-20 if on top of this you were abused, punished for how you felt, or lived with people who were highly critical, over-reactive, narcissistic, controlling, or anxious and depressed themselves.  

From this your mind and body formed subconscious conditioning and coping patterns that led you to suppress your needs and feelings, feel anxious, and on guard, and put everyone else’s needs before your own to survive and feel safe and loved.   

These stronger patterns of conditioning are why it can seem harder to heal physically or emotionally for you than for others. Especially since most counselors and practitioners don’t know how to work with these heightened feelings or conditioning.

This is why being sensitive can feel like a curse rather than the gift it was meant to be!

Yes, a gift!  Being a master chef with heightened taste and smell, a musician with perfect pitch, or a counselor, health practitioner, or parent that senses what you need with greater empathy and compassion. These are only a few examples of how heightened senses can be beneficial. My intuition allows me to read my client’s energy and subconscious patterns which allows me to get right to the core issues, guide them to shift them, and to heal on deeper levels. It is also what allowed me to access the higher guidance that led me to develop the Integrative Core Healing, Emotional Wisdom, and Modern Shamanism work I do for others.   

You see, it isn’t being sensitive that is the problem, it’s that you haven’t learned to work with these heightened sensations or feelings in a healing way. Most of all, you haven’t learned how to heal the core conditioning which maintains the coping patterns formed by your heightened senses.  Patterns that maintain anxiety, fatigue and depression, and patterns such as people pleasing, caretaking, and not expressing your needs, feelings, or self.

The good news is that just as DiVinci had to learn to paint, so can you gain the skills to heal on heartfelt levels what has felt unchangeable!  

I did, and I can show you how!    

 From my own evolutionary journey and 23 years of helping others heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually I developed the emotional wisdom for alleviating the challenges that empathic and intuitive people experience. Lessons that taught me to love and accept myself AS I AM, stand confidently in my own light, be and express my needs and self, and make an abundant living sharing my gifts with the world. 

Are you ready to learn how to go beyond managing anxiety, overwhelm, and reactive feelings to a state of confidence, peace, and emotional balance?

To learn how to go beyond telling yourself you shouldn’t judge to a state of self-acceptance and freedom of being?

To alleviate anxiety and overwhelm  

If so, I invite you to learn and develop the emotional, intuitive, and energetic skills to thrive as an intuitive and sensitive soul.

Because if I can do it, so can you!

You can work with me privately or attend a FREE introductory class for my upcoming Integrative Energy Healing Training.      If you haven’t already experienced my work this provides an opportunity to sample the energetic healing and emotional wisdom that will empower you to change ingrained patterns that have felt unchangable.  This 20 week in person program teaches the energetic and emotional skills to change on core levels the patterns causing your intuitive and sensitive nature to feel like a curse rather than the gift it was meant to be.

Results from working with me: 

  • Transform and restore balance to how you relate to yourself and others.
  • Calm overwhelm, frazzled nerves and alleviate the tension, pain, digestive and other health problems this produces. 
  • Understand and heal the true causes of why you feel drained and are negatively affected by other peoples feelings and how to stop it.
  • Learn why protection techniques don’t always work, how they can limit you, and what to do instead.
  • Develop the inner foundation, energy skills, and emotional wisdom to more fully heal the hyper-vigilance, anxiety, PTSD, overwhelm, co-dependency, depression, and self-judgment, etc.
  • Heal why you stuff and don’t express your hurt feelings, needs, and desires, and boundaries and learn to feel comfortable expressing these and making your needs a priority.
  • Give to yourself and receive from others the support, compassion, self-acceptance, and self-love you always deserved. 
  • Develop your intuition and unique gifts as a tool for empowerment, freedom of being and success.  

Before working with Linda it seemed as if the more I grew spiritually the more drained I was by others. I had stopped working with clients and couldn’t go to the store, or be in crowds, without becoming exhausted.  Now I can go out with friends and have full time practice again and I feel energized vs drained at the end of session with my clients. She gave me my life back!  — Karen

I had studied mindfulness and done years of counseling which helped some, but I still struggled with self-judgment and anxiety, and never asked for help and never set boundaries – even though I knew it was important.  Linda helped me to heal why I didn’t do what was best for me and express and get my needs met both professionally and in my marriage. — Susan

Linda helped me to heal the root conditioning causing my confidence, self-worth and happiness to be dependent upon how others felt or acted.  I had done EFT and other release work with counselors, energy workers, and spiritual practitioners which helped a little but didn’t change how these would trigger me. Her work for healing conditioning gave me back my power by helping me heal this co-dependency.   – Heather

Linda’s soul connections and wisdom for healing conditioning is powerful. Working with her I changed reactive feelings and patterns I’d worked on for years and had come to feel powerless to change.  As a coach I thought I already knew what she said she did, but she came recommended by a friend who I had seen blossom and awaken, I signed up for help.  Her intuitive ability to pin point and guide me to change the patterns I had not been able to change gave me back my power over my feelings and life. .  –  Simone