Soul Healing and Soul Retrieval

Experience an expansion of heartfelt higher awareness. This is not a guided meditation or traditional energy work. I am a gatekeeper, which is a unique shamanic skill and type of soul healing. I take you to be with and experience the peace, confidence, love, acceptance, trust, abundance, freedom of being and wisdom of your Unconditional Higher Self and Soul. As you feel and embrace this higher awareness you immediately feel the peace and support of your higher self and as you learn to work with and align with this part of you, to release faith in limiting or judgmental beliefs.  

If you have trouble feeling trust, happiness, confident, inner peace, or loved this is often due to events that caused you to suppress your feelings, needs, and expression of your unique self. This created a disconnect that makes it hard to feel your positive feelings, which can also make fears and doubts feel bigger.

These patterns of disconnect happen with everyone on some level because we all learned through the process of conditioning. They are stronger if you’ve experienced traumatic emotional or physical events, illness, abuse, excessive criticism and lack of positive support or neglect. It can also happen from the loss of a loved one, or if you’re highly intuitive, empathic or sensitive to the feelings of others and the sensations of the world around you.  

 You are always one with your Higher Self and Soul. This process is like creating a shortcut on your computer that helps you to more easily access programs that are already there.  Once you connect with this higher part of you, you feel the difference, and as I teach you how to connect with and and access this higher wisdom for yourself, you sustain it as part of your being. 

 Thus, instead of working to get ‘there’ you reconnect with the part that already believes how you want to believe.   

This type of session also includes the following as needed.

  • Core Belief Transformation
  • Clearing of stuffed emotions and the buildup of agreement with false and limiting beliefs
  • Balancing your innate energy systems to enhance healing and regeneration. (see Advanced energy work)
  • Integrative Wisdom to help you nurture and develop the consciousness to sustain it and to create positive changes in your life.

Are you ready to get started?