Integrative Emotional Wisdom

Have you experienced how euphoric it can be to open to higher awareness, release limits, or have energy work and other healing work, only to have such feelings fade away? Have you done therapy, coaching and believe in positive thinking, but it feels mental, or lately you find yourself not feeling your optimistic self at the same level as in the past?  If yes, you’re not alone. This happens because as powerful as what you have learned and experienced was, it didn’t include how to apply and develop the new and unconditional patterns that are key for sustaining lasting changes.

Let’s be real.  Though with every ‘ah ha’ you are forever changed, if such shifts in consciousness was all that was needed to create lasting changes, then every person who has read a book, attended a seminar or opened to higher awareness would be fully enlightened, and never have their old ‘stuff’ come up again.  The reason this is happened is that opening and believing in higher consciousness is only part of the process. Next comes healing the subconscious conditioning which is why even though you’ve open and shifted what you believe, your old stuff still comes up, and you get triggered as you do. Even if you think you have already done this, in my experience working with top coaches, counselors and practitioners who have done lots of work, they have done what they thought would do this, vs what actually does.

What makes Emotional Wisdom so unique and empowering is that it includes the wisdom to address all the stages of transforming ingrained patterns and behaviors.  It uniquely addresses and un-conditions and repatterns the subconscious conditioning which is why even though you ‘know better’ you still get triggered as you do. They are also why your sense of power, self worth and abundance yoyo’s based upon results and the moods and behavior of others.

These applications are the bridge from learning higher awareness to applying and living it. Think of them as emotional situps. They develop and strengthen the belief system and pathways in your brain the same way physical exercise increases health and stamina in your body.  And just as there are different exercises for different parts of your body, so there are different wisdom and applications for produces different emotional states of mind.

As you learn to develop and apply these steps consistently to different issues and areas of life, you will develop the emotional muscles, life skills and new behaviors that:

    • Un-conditions the core conditioning which is why reactive feelings and judgments keep coming up even though you’ve released them
    • Develops higher levels of trust, love, acceptance, confidence compassion, personal power, surrender, forgiveness, etc., and how to apply these to more fully heal heal limiting beliefs, stress, co-dependency, low self-worth, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, guilt and other reactive feelings such as anger, resentment, frustration and more
    • How to make these unconditional so that you stop being triggered as you currently are by lack of results, or other people’s mood and behavior.
    •  Transform how you relate to yourself, feelings, other people and life circumstances in a manner that changes how you feel generally and get triggered byespond to specific situations.
    • Feel free to be and express your unique self, feelings, needs and boundaries and receive the support you deserve!
    • Heal
    • Heal the judgments that cause suppression of self, stuffing of emotions that are a primary contributor to chronic health issues, and can block you from healing

And so much more!!!


Are you ready to get started?