Core Belief Transformation
Though each session is unique to what you need, the following are some of what can happen in this core healing work.

  •  We begin by aligning with the awareness that opens your emotional to shifting and moving through the process of transformation with greater ease.
  • As we discuss what you are wanting to transform  and I intuitively tune into the underlying patterns causing how it is, why it isn’t changing,and what is needed for you to more fully heal these ingrained patterns.
  • Time Line Therapy and Past Life Work: I take you back to where and how in the past you formed the core belief anchors, conditional beliefs and coping behaviors producing how you feel, react, relate and create in present day.
  • Inner Child Healing: This helps your past selves to heal which has a physical and emotional affect on how you feel and respond going forward in present day.
  • Energetic release of the years of agreement with these, and the judgments and stuffed emotions, tension and stress these cause. This includes agreement and contracts with family or traumatic events.
  • Divine Core Connection/Soul Healing. Now you’ve released it’s important to give your mind a new pathway to replace it.  I take you to connect with, experience and embrace the peace, love, joy, confidence, happiness, trust, power and freedom of your divine higher soul and self.
  • Energy Work: As you lay in oneness with higher consciousness I clear blocked energy and open and balance your body and energy fields.  This enhances and accelerates regeneration and healing.

Though some of the following may be included, these are usually part of ongoing sessions. After a session you are forever changed. And, tlet’s be honest. You’ve had these patterns awhile, and even those of my clients who are coaches, therapists, and healers themselves rarely have learned to correctly apply the integrative, manifestation and energy wisdom I teach.  This is why developing new belief and behavior patterns, and learning to apply this wisdom to work with your feelings and energy of your body are key for producing and sustaining lasting changes.

  • Integrative Emotional Wisdom:  Sometimes a shift or a few sessions to shift is all you need, other times old stuff keeps coming up because you haven’t developed new patterns to the level that it sustains living and experiencing the higher awareness you opened to in session. This is especially important if you are highly sensitive, empathic and intuitive because you tend to have stronger conditioning than the average person due to the level you feel feelings, and the sensations of the world around you.
  • Manifestation Wisdom:  From this higher awareness you are guided to develop and apply the communication, new behaviors and life skills to  create the level & quality of success, relationships and health you want.
  • Energy Wisdom: I teach you to work with the energy of your body and feelings to enhance and accelerate physical and emoitonal healing, calm hyper-sensitivities and more. If you desire, you can also learn to develop your innate intuitive and energetic healing skills to be of service to others.


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