Core Belief Transformation

Are you curious what a session entails? Though each session is unique to what you need, the following are some of what can happen in this core healing work.

  • We begin session by applying emotional wisdom to release judgments that block clarity and to align with your true nature, power to change what limits you, and to allow the underlying patterns to be healed.
  • As we discuss what you want to transform I intuitively read the underlying patterns causing how it is, why it isn’t changing,and what is needed for you to more fully heal these ingrained patterns.
  • Time Line Therapy and Past Life Work: I take you back to where you formed the core belief anchors, conditional beliefs and coping behaviors causing limiting results and feelings so that in healing these false beliefs you are able to grow beyond them.
  • Inner Child Healing:  We give your younger self any support needed to heal on an emotional level and open to receiving it in present day.
  • Energetic and emotional release of the emotional anchors and years of agreement with these, as well the build up of stuffed emotions, and the tension and stress these cause.
  • Divine Core Connection/Soul Healing.  I then take you to connect with, experience and embrace the peace, love, joy, confidence, happiness, trust, power and freedom of your divine higher soul and self.  Whatever level of awareness you are at this takes it to an unconditional level. As you feel this wiser part of you it allows you to see yourself through the eyes and heart of your higher soul and divine source.
  • Energy Work: As you lay in oneness spending time with your higher soul I clear any remaining blocked energy, balance and strengthen your body’s energy fields.  This enhances and accelerates regeneration and healing.

Sometimes all you need is a few sessions and you’re back in alignment with your wiser self and in the flow of creation.  Other times there is a need to more fully heal old patterns, or to to learn new skills and develop and strengthen new patterns that are necessary to produce lasting changes.  You’ve had these patterns awhile and after a session you are forever changed. Even if you believe you already know how to do this, I’m going to suggest there is always more to learn. And, there is a big difference between knowing and applying.  Even my clients who are coaches, therapists, and healers themselves rarely have learned to correctly and consistently apply the integrative wisdom I teach.

  • Integrative Emotional Wisdom:  If you’ve experienced powerful healings and spiritual awakenings, but they don’t last, this is because you haven’t fully healed or un-conditioned old patterns, or developed new patterns to the level that will sustain the higher awareness you opened to as your general way of being.  This is especially important if you are highly sensitive, empathic and intuitive because you tend to have stronger conditioning than the average person due to how your system processes feelings and the sensations of the world around you.
    • Un-condition patterns causing self-judgment, limiting beliefs, anxiety, low self-worth, fear, overwhelm, guilt, hyper-reactivity, and other uncomfortable feelings.
    • Heal what causes you to stuff emotions, ignore your needs and dreams, and to suppress feelings, self-expression and being your unique self.
    • Develop the emotional muscles and new habits that produce feelings of self-love and acceptance, self-worth and esteem, personal power and confidence, trust, compassion and spiritual connection.
    • Transform how you relate and communicate with yourself, and how to deal with yours and other people’s feelings in a healing way.
  • Manifestation Wisdom:  Changing how you perceive and feel can sometimes produce results showing up right away, other times it doesn’t.   Thus, I teach you to own your power and apply the Five Laws of Creation to manifest greater results from an awareness of unconditional trust, power, love, and abundance.
    • Clarify what you want & embrace the belief system to create it.
    • Shift beliefs that limit creation and identify the actions needed to create and recieve what you want.
    • Surrender and work with the flow of creation to be more effective and enjoy the journey.
  • Energy Wisdom & Soul Integration: Learn to work with the energy of your body and emotions inbetween sessions to enhance and accelerate physical and emotional healing.
    • Learn to access the wisdom of your higher soul for yourself for guidance and healing.
    • Develop your intuitive and energetic healing skills to be of service to others.


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