Energy Healing Session.

For more information on my energy work methods see Advanced Energy Healing

This type of session is focused on restoring your body to balance, aligning with higher awareness, and clearing the build up of tension, stress, stuffed emotions and blocked energy that contribute to or cause pain, fatigue, and other health issues. It also helps with healing the physical imbalances and conditioning that contribute to anxiety, PTSD, depression, hyper-sensitivity, stress, lack of circulation, inflammation, and overwhelm.

  • Enhance and accelerate physical regeneration and healing
  • Alleviate pain, fatigue, digestive, hormonal, immune and other health problems
  • Connect with your Higher Soul.
  • Increase self acceptance, inner peace, confidence, connection with your higher soul, and general emotional well being.
  • Un-condition ingrained emotional and physical patterns contributing to anxiety, depression, overwhelm, hyper sensitivities and health issues.

This type of session includes some or all of the following as needed:

  • Clear the buildup of tension, stress, stuffed emotions and blocked energy contributing or causing health issues which also affect your general moods.
  • Identify and shift limiting beliefs that block you from experiencing the level of health, happiness, love and abundance you were born deserving.
  • Energy Balancing & Attunement (Chakras,Chi, Bio-energy field, brain waves, NLP, etc.)
  • Soul Connection to align with the peace, love, support, and wisdom of your higher soul.
  • Reset your nervous system, brain, circulation and body systems
  • Opens and strengthens the flow of energy and circulation to strengthen your body’s ability to heal and regenerate and reset your nervous system
  • Guidance to un-condition your body’s physical and emotional conditioning.

 And whatever else you need!

Reported Results:

  • Decreases pain, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, stress and tension.
  • Feeling like a wet noodle, peaceful, tingly, hopeful, positive, confident, and relaxed
  • Alleviate fatigue, digestive and immune and circuluation problems,  inflammation,arthritis, panic attacks
  • Increases energy, mental clarity, general health and emotional well being, vitality and athletic performance.
  • Strengthens the flow of energy to increase physical energy, stamina and general emotional well being.
  • Increase relaxation & circulation which increases energy, mental clarity & your body’s ability to heal and regenerate itself
  • Heal adrenal fatigue which is a primary factor in majority of health issues.
  • Feel less drained by others, calm hyper-sensitivities.
  • Healing of addictions and sexual dysfunction

All first sessions are 1.5 hour due to it being the first. After that, this type of session is available as 1 hour sessions.

Understanding the power of Energy Work

Your physical and emotional well being are intertwined.  What you feel physically affects your general emotional well being and what you believe consciously and subconsciously, which affects how you physically and emotionally respond to and experiences the world around you.  Whether the cause is physical or emotional stress, it is one of the primary factors affecting chronic health conditions.

One of the most powerful tools for healing physically is the ancient practice of energy work . . . because you are energy!  The latest studies in neuroscience and quantum physics are now acknowledging that our thoughts affect the energy that flows through our cellular structure.

There are many explanations for how energy works from the airy fairy to the scientific.  In its simplest form a trained practitioner is able to focus the life force energy present in your body and all things just as a magnifying glass can be used to focus the suns energy to start a fire.

When you clear, balance and strengthen the energy fields in and around the body it opens the natural flow of energy through the body. This increases circulation and the functioning of the immune system, brain and nervous system, hormonal and digestive systems which of course affects everything else.  Energy work also affects your general emotional well being because when your body is balanced you have more energy, strength, mental clarity and hormonal balance, which affects your mood.  Just as love releases endorphins so does being healthy improve general emotional well being.

Now, this doesn’t mean that energy work alone does everything, just as doing emotional healing, chiropractic or nutrition doesn’t do everything. Which is why I combine the power of energy healing with connecting you with heartfelt higher consciousness and healing the underlying beliefs, behaviors and conditioning that constrict energy, and limit healing, freedom of being, creation, happiness, and attaining life goals.

Are you ready to get started?