Advanced Energy Work & Soul Healing

The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine (energy work). 

What is Energy Work and how does it work?

The great thing about energy work is that you don’t have to follow any religious philosophy, or even believe in it, for it to work. And, since it doesn’t interfere or cause reactions with other treatments or medications the only side effect is feeling more peaceful, relaxed, connected, mentally clear, energized, and healthier!

There are many methods of energy healing, and many explanations for how it all works that range from airy fairy to the scientific. In its simplest form, your body, thoughts, and emotions are energy.  You can focus this energy with the power of your thoughts and intention the same way a magnifying glass can focus the sun’s energy to start a fire. Instead of creating a fire, a trained practitioner works with the energy of your body, and focuses it to restore balance, and to re-open and strengthen the flow of energy through your body. This allows your body to do what it was designed to do – heal and regenerate itself.    

Energy work by itself is one of the most powerful tools there is. Just laying on a table and receiving energy work can produce peace and relaxation, release stress and tension, and restore balance. This by itself improves general emotional well-being because going to peace turns off your flight, fight, or freeze mode and restores your nervous system to rest and balance. This increase the flow of energy through the body which can increase healing, and is get for healing adrenal fatigue. 

When your body feels in balance and you feel peaceful, you feel safe.  This breaks and calms tension, stress, and trauma responses that keep you stuck in a perpetual cycle hyper-vigilance, overwhelm, anxiety, or depression. Laying in peace can be transformational, and many experience shifts in perspective just laying in the energy.  

As powerful as energy work is, it doesn’t do everything!  What it doesn’t do is change the underlying beliefs and subconscious conditioning which causes you to keep being triggered as you are. This is why I combine energy work with shamanic soul healing and becoming aware of and healing the judgments, limiting beliefs, and subconscious conditioning causing and maintaining reactive feelings, low self-worth, anger, resentment, anxiety, and other limiting feelings.   

What Energy Work can do:

  • Calm and reset your nervous system which turns off your fight, freeze, or flight survival mode.  
  • Release tension, stress, stuffed emotions, and blockages to energy flow
  • Restore you to a state of balance and wholeness.
  • Re-open and strengthen the flow of energy in your body to increase stamina, mental clarity, and to enhance and accelerate your body’s ability to heal itself.
  • Enhances emotional well-being because when you feel better physically this increases feeling your positive feelings more. 

    The following are a few of the many results reported from clients.

    • Alleviated and reduces tension, pain, fatigue, inflammation, chronic colds, and high blood pressure. and low circulation.
    •  Eliminate cancer, cysts, digestive issues, chronic infections, adrenal fatigue, and immune issues. 
    • Increased emotional well-being and positive feelings of trust, resiliency, and confidence and decrease of anxiety, PTSD, low self-worth, and self-doubt. 
    • Felt lighter, more grounded, and less bothered by other people’s moods.
    • Able to stay confident and in the flow of creations even when results didn’t go well.   
    • Alleviation of painful menstrual and hormonal symptoms. 
    • Improved mental clarity, sleep, stamina, and feeling present physically and emotionally.
    • Calmed hyper-sensitivities & hyper-vigilence to the moods of others, sounds, and smells.
    • Increased feelings of peace, hope, and feeling spiritually connected and supported.
    •  Self-acceptance and compassion for self and feeling comfortable setting boundaries, ask for what they want, and take time for themself.
    • Healed faster from surgery, broken bones, childbirth, illness and trauma and radiation and chemotherapy.

     To read more about how our mind-body is intertwined, check out my blog articles. Bye By Pain and  How your Beliefs Cause Stress and Health Problems

    The following are some of the multiple methods of energy work I do and is part of all sessions as needed.

    Reiki Plus

    I call my work Reiki Plus because though I began with being a Reiki master 23 years ago, I was guided to develop additional applications and a deeper understanding of energy work as needed for my clients.  Some of these have names such as prana, soul retrieval, psychic surgery, healing touch, kumay, psychic surgery/extraction, journeying, past life, inner child work, NLP, Time-Line Therapy, Theta healing, and sound healing. Others don’t have names because I don’t follow a method, I channel whatever it is you need.  

    Higher Soul Connections and Soul Healing

    This is a unique shamanic skill that reunites you with the wisdom and consciousness of your higher soul. This part of you exists beyond the limits of your mind and body, sees the bigger picture of your process, and lives in full awareness of your true nature, oneness, and partnership with Life.  

    There are many reasons you became disconnected with this part of you, and the more severe the disconnect, the harder it is to feel and experience feelings such as trust, confidence, love and inner peace. This is not a guided meditation.  I take you to embrace this higher part of you on a conscious and heartfelt level.  This takes you beyond mentally believing in higher awareness to feeling and embodying it emotionally.     

     Shamanic Elemental Energy Work & Sound Healing: 

    I sing sacred chants and channel the energies of air, water, earth, and fire/sun to clear tension, stress, blockages and to  enhance healing.

    “The first time Linda sang I felt a wooosh of tension flow out of my body, leaving me feeling instantly more peaceful and relaxed.”  – Sarah


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