Advanced Energy Work & Soul Healing

The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine (energy work).

Dr. Oz

What is Energy Work and how does it work?

The great thing about energy work is that you don’t have to follow any religious philosophy, or even believe in it, for it to work. And, since it doesn’t interfere or cause reactions with other treatments or medications the only side effect is feeling more peaceful, relaxed, connected, mentally clear, energized, and healthier!

Energy work is part of every session I do because the state of physical and energetic balance it produces compliments emotional healing and personal transformation.

How energy healing works: There are many methods of energy healing, and many explanations for how it all works.  The explanations range from airy fairy to the scientific, and could fill a book. In its simplest form, your body, thoughts and emotions are energy.  When you understand how, you can focus the creative energy of life that is present in all things, just as a magnifying glass can focus the sun’s energy to start a fire.  I also combine this ancient energy withcombines the power of intention and understanding of the energy fields of the body to:

  • Calm and reset your nervouse system which turns off your your fight or flight mode
  • Release tension, stress, stuffed emotions and blockages to energy flow
  • Restore you to a state of balance and wholeness.
  • Re-open and strengthens the flow of energy in your body to enhance and accelerate healing and regeneration.

The following are a few of the many results reported from clients over the last 22 years.

  • Alleviates or eliminates tension, stress, pain, fatigue,  inflammation, PTSD, panic attacks, high blood pressure, chronic colds and health issues, fuzzy brain,
  • Clears stuffed emotions and the tension, stress and blockages caused by suppression of self and feelings.
  • Restores the balance that is key for healing adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune, and digestive issues..
  • Restores physical balance which improves mental clarity, sleep, stamina, and general emotional well-being.
  • Calms hypersensitivities to the moods of others, sounds, smells and the energy of the world around you.
  • Increases feelings of peace, hope, presence, and feeling spiritually connected and supported.
  • Enhances emotional healing by alleviating the physical imbalances contributing to anxiety, PTSD, overwhelm, depression, panic attacks, and addiction
  • Heal faster from surgery, childbirth, illness and trauma and clears the buildup of pathogens, toxins, pesticides, medications, radiation and chemotherapy
  • Learn to work with the energy of your body and trust your intution for self healing or to be of service to others.

Energy work by itself is a powerful tool. I combine it with my ability to connect you with the heartfelt consciousness of your higher soul and to heal any limiting belief and relationships patterns and conditioning that limit creation, healing, confidence, happiness and self expression.   Why? because though I can reset your system, and take you to higher awareness, if you don’t heal and transform the limiting beliefs and behaviors that cause reactive feelings, judgments, and conditioning that cause  suppression of feelings, creation and self expression; If you continue to do behaviors and handle feelings the same way then your that causes stress and imbalance, you will recreate the symptoms again. system which is what allows you to let go of triggered feelings, hyper-tension, feeling anxiious and on guard.   It reopens the flow of energy and increases your bodies ability to heal and regenerate.

  • Reiki Plus
  • Modern and traditional Shamanism
  • Soul Connections and Healing
  • Sound Healing
  • Rainbow Energy Healing

To read more about how our mind-body is intertwined, check out my blog articles. Bye By Pain and  How your Beliefs Cause Stress and Health Problems

The following are some of the multiple methods of energy work I do and is part of all sessions as needed.

Reiki Plus

I call my work Reiki Plus because though I began with being a Reiki master 23 years ago, I was guided to develop additional applications and a deeper understanding of energy work as needed for my clients. This includes combining it with the Emotional and Manifestation Wisdom, and the Modern Shamanism I’ve developed.  I bring 35 years of applying and living spiritual, metaphysical, personal growth and psychological principles to help you understand and apply the life principles everyone talks about so they work in any area of life. Combined with working with the energy of your body and connecting with your higher soul provides

Some of these have names such as prana, soul retrieval, psychic surgery, healing touch, channelling elemental energy,  kumay, psychic surgery/extraction, journeying, past life, inner child, NLP, Time-Line Therapy, Theta healing, sound healing and others I don’t have names for because I’m channelling whatever you need. One of which is my unique ability to take you to experience and embrace on heartfelt levels the unconditional awareness of your Higher Soul.

Modern Shamanic Healing & Soul Healings

Combines Ancient healing methods and Soul Healing to restore you to balance and to connect you with the peace and wisdom of your Higher Soul. I also teach you how to live, relate and create from an awareness of oneness and partnership with Life, and to apply the Laws of Creation and other spiritual principles so they work in our modern world.’

Elemental Energy

I channel the energies of nature to clear blockages and enhance healing.

Sacred Sound Healing

I sind sacred chants to enhance clearing of blockages, the buildup of tension, stress and stuffed emotions, and connecting you with higher consciousness.  “The first time Linda sang I felt a wooosh of tension flow out of my body, leaving me feeling more peaceful and relaxed.”  – Sarah

Higher Soul Connections and Soul Healing

Experience and Embrace Higher Consciousness:   This is a unique shamanic skill that reunites you with the wisdom and consciousness of your higher soul. This is the part of you that exists beyond the limits of your mind and body and lives in unconditional awareness of your true nature, oneness and partnership with Life.  I learned this from the divine and was later told by a shaman that this is called being a Gatekeeper.  I open a doorway and take you to the place within you where oneness and wholeness resides. I then guide you to embrace the consciousness of this higher part of you and to apply it in daily life to increase peace, trust, confidence, love, abundance and freedom of being.  This takes you beyond believing in higher awareness to feeling and embodying it emotionally. This is not a guided meditation.

Why did I disconnect from my higher soul?

Though it may feel like you are disconneced with the positive feelings of your higher soul, you are never disconnecting. You just lost touch with this part of you due to formation of limiting and conditional belief patterns formed from your past experiences. Patterns that even with the work you’ve done may not have fully healed why you feel disconnected, or unable to access positive feelings.  Think of it more like losing the desktop shortcut on your computer that helps you to access the programs you use each day.  The programs aren’t gone, you just don’t know how to access them or to heal the ingrained belief patterns and conditioning that keep causing you to disconnect and to sustain living higher awareness. The moment you began to form conditional beliefs, and everyone has them, is when love, confidence, self worth and what’s possible became conditional.

Though these patterns of disconnect are stronger if you’ve experienced traumatic events, excessive criticism, abuse, neglect, it  happens to everyone because we learn as children and adults through the process of conditioning. As a child your mind formed conditional beliefs that caused you to feel more or less, safe, loved, accepted and supported based upon external factors such as how others feel, behave or results. This disconnect can also happen when you didn’t receive the type of support to feel safe to be, think, feel and express healthy feelings, needs and boundaries, or the support to be and express the uniqueness of you.  You may not even realize you are disconnected because you’ve adapted over time and learned to accepted this as how it is. These patterns are stronger the more empathic, intuitive or sensitive you are to the feelings of others, or if you’ve had to deal with chronic health issues.

Does energy work change my beliefs?  Energy work by itself doesn’t shift your beliefs, because this requires a conscious choice. Which is why I combine it with the wisdom to shift limits and open to higher awareness.  Anytime you can go to peace and wholeness this can produce a quieting of your negative mind chatter, and for many they can finally feel and heal the wisdom of their higher soul better.    Energy work can be used to release stuffed emotions, and the tension and stress these cause, and return you to a state of peace that opens you to seeing beyond the limits of your reactive feelings.  Think of it this way. When you have a cold you feel tired, and when tired, you may feel down, or not capable of doing as much.  More so if you’ve been tired or not feeling good for quite awhile.  When you then feel better physically, you then also feel an increase in mental clarity, energy and feeling stronger emotionally. This opening to higher awareness doesn’t mean someone changed your beliefs for you, it means that you opened to and shifted.  Which is why I combine energy work with the Emotional Wisdom to transform the limiting belief patterns and conditioning

If I’m dealing with health issues, why do I need to address emotions?  Because how you relate to yourself, others, feelings and circumstances, and how you deal with feelings when they come up, is what produces either stuffing your feelings or using them as a tool for transformation.  When you suppress feelings you create the ongoing tension called stress. This constricts circulation on multiple levels. When dealing with health issues, you want all your energy going towards healing.  Secondly, if before you got sick you stuffed those feelings, didn’t feel okay to  make your needs a priority, ask for help, set boundaries, or moving through triggered feelings, then continuing to do these will block healing energy.  Remember, suppression causes tension which blocks energy flow. This is why Energy work is best combined with how to heal any patterns in the way of doing what is needed to heal.

Sometimes all you need is a tune up to physical balance and you’re back into the flow of creation.  Other times, it’s important to transform the underlying belief and behavior patterns that are causing limitation, low self worth, self judgment, reactivity, anxiety, and suppression if feelings, needs, and your unique self.

Integrative Core Healing improves your health

How does ICH help with healing chronic pain, fatigue, and other health problems?  I help with health issues on a phsycial, energetic and emotional level. The energy work helps reset your system and opens the flow of energy to accelerate and enhance your bodies ability to heal itself.  I combine this with healing patterns that cause you to suppress your needs, feelings and self expression and to deal with your feelings when they come up in a healing way.  It’s hard enough being ill, and having to deal with a medical system and beuracracy, so if you didn’t know how to set boundaries, express your needs and feelings, ask for help and feel okay to make your needs a priority before hand, it’s important to learn them now so that you can have all energy going towards healing.

Whether it’s genetic, physical imbalance or stuffing of emotions that caused it, when you’re out of balance physically this can put a damper on feeling your positive feelings. This in turn produces feeling your uncomfortable feelings bigger than usual because part of your survival mechanism is that when you don’t feel good, it wants you to stop and take care of yourself. Stop and change what isn’t working.  Not feeling good produces it feeling harder to ‘do what it takes’ in an area of life. If you’re like most people, you probably tend to ignore negative feelings until they reached a point of creating fatigue, pain, digestive issues or health problems.

One reason it’s important to learn how to deal with your feelings better, is because not knowing how to express needs, boundaries or deal with feelings in a ‘healing way’ is what caused you to stuff them in the first place. When you stuff your feelings it constricts muscles and breathing in order to hold them in and squelch them.  This tension and stress also activates your adrenals and takes energy away from vital systems such as your digestive, hormonal and immune systems in order for you to get things done and through the day.  A little bit here and there is no problem. but when it’s become a consistent way of life this constriction and activation of adrenals produces very real physical blockages and imbalances that over time produce very real health problems.

Health issues are a signal from your body to do that which would restore you to balance and health. If you’re like most people, you are busy with work and family, and don’t run to the doctor until it reaches a level in which you can no longer ignore it. This is why addressing emotional issues, along with addressing physical and life imbalances is recommended to alleviate the stress that contributes to high blood pressure, cardiac and other health problems. Unfortunately, they often don’t recommend these until it reaches a level in which the imbalances may take a bit to correct. Even the CDC lists stress tension as a primary cause of many health problems today.

If you’re thinking “I already know how to breath and allow my feelings or I do such and such to release them.” To this, I simply say I’m glad you learned that. It’s an important step. It’s only the first step, not all of them. What are you doing to go to heal what causes you to suppress them?

Integrative Emotional Wisdom  takes you beyond releasing the energy of emotions, or a shift in perspective, by guiding you to apply ALL the steps necessary to return to and sustain balance, health and happiness.

Are you ready to get started?