FREE Introduction to Integrative Core Healing

FREE Introduction to Integrative Core Healing

September 23, 7-9 pm,  at The Center for Health and Human Potential

  Have you done years of healing and growth and are frustrated at not creating the level of inner and outer transformation you seek? In this informative and experiential event you will learn how to take your healing and growth process to a higher and sustainable level. Come discover what it takes to heal the underlying root causes of many health conditions as well as limiting beliefs, self judgment, anxiety, reactivity to people and circumstances, stuffing your emotions, not expressing your needs and desires and procrastination; as well as chronic pain, fatigue and other health conditions.

What makes Integrative Core Healing so empowering is that in addition to guiding you to shift limiting beliefs on core levels, I also energetically clear the buildup of stuffed emotions and tension from years of agreeing with them and restore your body to balance.  I then connect you with the heartfel wisdom of your higher soul, the part of you that lives in unconditional trust, love, wisdom, compassion, and freedom of being.  This method also includes the emotional wisdom to develop the inner foundation to sustain and live from this higher awareness.  Thus, instead of telling you to let go, don’t judge or worry, or to believe in, love and express yourself, I show you how!

This evening is an opportunity to experience me and the work I do since so many claim to do such things, but don’t deliver.  I look forward to helping you to transform limiting emotional patterns and chronic health conditions and to live and experience your ideal life.

A few common results from working with Linda  

  • Alleviate pain, tension, anxiety, fatigue, stress, overwhelm, negative mind chatter and more!
  • Increase energy, mental clarity, circulations, vitality and general physical wellbeing.
  • Increase feelings of peace, power, confidence, abundance and feeling supported by Life
  • Decrease in feeling negatively drained and triggered by the moods and behavior of others and the world around you
  • Relax and calm hyper sensitivities
  • Accelerates physical healing and regeneration
  • Feel okay to express healthy boundaries, ask for what you want and share your needs and feelings – and receive positive support
  • Attain life goals with greater ease and abundance

And so much more!

To register:  Free Introduction of Integrative Core Healing. 

When: September 23,   7-9:15 pm  We start at 7pm so please arrive 10-15 minutes before to settle in.

Where:  The Center for Health and Human Awareness          6342 Riverdale St, San Diego, CA 92120