Host An Event With Linda to Earn Free Sessions


Hosting an event is a way to bring what you’ve experience with me to those you care about.  In gratitude for hosting an event or connecting me with speaking events you will receive credit towards events and private sessions.

All events are experiential and all attending will feel transformed afterwards!

There are three options:

  1. Host an event Invite others to attend any of the events listed below or we pick a topic uniquely designed for your group.
  2. Have me be a guest speaker in person or online. It can be a support group for health, personal or spiritual growth, business, or a private group of friends, family or your business.
  3. Referrals fees: If you spread the word on Facebook and to those you know you can receive credit of $20 for each person who comes for a full session


This credit is based upon how many people attend or come for session from it. Must be a minimum of 10 people and can be in person or online.

Types of events: These can be one time or set up as ongoing events. How it works is that you gather the people to a paid event, don’t worry, I help you with every step, and you attend for free and earn credit based upon how many attend and if they do session or events beyond this. Contact me for current rates for each event and what you earn by sharing the wisdom and light!

Connect, Energize & Thrive!  This two hour experiential event takes you to be with and experience the peace, wisdom, love, freedom and support of your Divine Higher Self & Soul.  It begins with setting intention, owning your true nature and partnership with life followed by a guided journey and Divine Connection to connect with and receive guidance from your unconditional higher self and soul. As you lay in this sacred space, I will clear tension, stress and  blocked energy, balance your body and brain waves, reset your nervous system and align your chakras and chi.   Requires gathering at least 8 people and can include as many as you’d like. It can be held at my place if you don’t have room.

Connect, Energize & Thrive!  Same as above but held as a tele-conference. Even easier!

Healing and Circle: This is a smaller more intimate event and lasts 4 hours. It includes teachings, guided shamanic journeys and energy transmissions, chakra meditation and a healing circle in which each participant receives an individual mini reading, energetic clearing and Divine Connection with higher self and soul.     Limit to 7 people.

Healing and Success for the Empathic Heart and Sensitive Soul: Highly sensitive/intuitive/empathic people can face greater challenges than others. This 1/2 day workshop teaches energetic and emotional tools to heal hyper-sensitivity and causing you to be more affected by others and use your intuitive gifts as a tool for living your dreams.   

Manifestation Wisdom:   This 4 hour event is for owning your true nature and partnership with Life. You will learn to understand and apply Laws of Creation focus the power of your beliefs and actions to manifest emotional, health, relationship and career goals with greater ease and abundance. This is combined with my Power Circle process to synergistically to step into a higher level of trust and confidence in yourself and your ability to create what you want.

Master Mind Synergy Circles: The above workshop is followed by an 8 week (or ongoing) group  1.5 -2 hour   to support applying these steps to daily life and un-conditioning of patterns that limit creation, power and confidence.

Are you ready to get started? Contact me today to schedule an event!