Healing Workshop For Your Creative, Intuitive and Sensitive Child

October 19th  2-3:30
Center for Health & Human Potential

$30 Early Bird,  $40 at the door. 
(Price includes parents and child)

Some children (and adults) feel the feelings of others and the sensations of the world around them more than the average person.  This causes them to feel overwhelmed, anxious and more reactive to people and circumstances. As a result, they learn to suppress feelings which only increases these problems.

In this experiential, hands on workshop for kids, you and your child will learn to use energy work, Rainbow Color Therapy, art therapy, Emotional Wisdom and other methods to:

  • Self comfort reactive feelings
  • Calm you and your child’s frazzled nervous system
  • Improve communication between child and parent
  • Learn additional tools for supporting your child
  • Restores a sense of power that was lost when they feel unable to control their body and feelings.

Early bird rate by Oct 18  $30

(Includes one child and both parents.)


Early Bird rate for two children plus parents is $50

At the door one child plus parents (if there is room): $40

At the door two children plus parents  $50

Workshop is limited to 10 kids.

Healing is a family Affair

Children learn through observation, experience and intuitively how to deal with and express feelings and relate to others.  All children are intuitive and empathic, some more so than others due to genetics or from dealing with health issues. Highly empathic or sensitive children sense other people’s feelings, sounds and other sensations bigger than the average person. This can cause them to over react or shut down when their system gets overwhelmed. Let’s be honest. You love your child and having a sensitive child or one dealing with health issues or autism is stressful. It can cause you to walk on eggshells, and to stuff and ignore your own feelings in order to not trigger them. The problem is that the tension from trying not to feel your feelings can be even more triggering to a sensitive child than if you feel and express them in a healthy way. Secondly, suppression of emotions is a primary cause of fatigue, digestive issues and other health problems.

How does suppression cause health problems? When you judge or try not to suppress your feelings your body responds and says ‘okay!’ This activates your adrenals and creates tension that constricts muscles, energy and circulation which is what creates very real imbalances and blockages that cause your health problems.

The challenge is that most parents don’t know how to do this or to release the buildup of tension from this which contributes to health issues. as I said before, can trigger a sensitive child even more.

Which is why part of supporting your child to thrive is healing how you relate with and deal your own feelings, how you respond to others, and how you communicate and deal with other people and life challenges. By doing this, you increase feelings of peace, confidence, etc., and decrease your stress and tension. You also become a model for your child to better deal with feelings and the energy of your body, AS he or she is also learning to do the same.

Linda provides individual sessions and classes for helping you do this in an accelerated manner.