Chakra Alignment & Native American Medicine Wheel Ceremony  

Sunday April 24, 2022      12 – 3 pm  Held outside.

April’s Topic: Nurturing Confidence and Creation


Join us for a powerful afternoon of aligning with higher awareness on a heartfelt level and stepping into partnership with Life. This event combines a Native American Medicine Wheel ceremony with Linda’s chakra alignment process, sacred healing chants, and energetic healing skills, to restore balance, calm reactive feelings, and connect you with the wisdom of your higher soul to receive higher guidance.  

Ceremony begins with an invocation, intention setting, and wisdom teaching.  Linda then activates the energy of the Medicine Wheel to unite and synergize the energy and intentions of all present.  She will guide you to align with the higher wisdom of each chakra to release limits, and embrace higher awareness. Linda will then sing her sacred healing chants and channel her energetic healing skills to clear blocked energies and stuffed emotions, and hold the sacred space for you to receive guidance and wisdom from divine Source.   

April’s topic is “Nurturing Creation.”   Do you find yourself struggling to heal anxiety, control issues, and limiting beliefs? Do you want to feel more confident and trusting of the process – even when results aren’t going as planned?  Would you like to go beyond learning law of attraction or abundance consciousness to living it?

 Linda will guide you to step into partnership with the creative and abundant energy of Life using the five Laws of Creation.  Do you find yourself struggling to not feel anxious or overwhelmed, or to not feel limiting beliefs and feelings? Would you like to feel more confident and manifest with greater ease? Would you like to trust and enjoy the process – even when results are slow or aren’t going as planned? Have you learned the Law of Attraction and believe in abundance consciousness, but aren’t producing the level or consistency of results you see others attaining? What if you could feel more supported by Life and in life? Then join us to step into conscious partnership with Life!

 You are welcome to bring any stones, crystals, or items you wish to have energized in the energy.

I thought it would be a nice meditation, instead I felt a level of peace I hadn’t felt before and the cancer on my hand dissolved within the week.  – Scott

This was one of the most profound experiences I’ve experienced.  – Sher

When Linda sang her chants it felt like love surrounded and flowed through me. Christine   


Bring: Chair, hats, layers and jacket for weather fluctuations, and water bottle. You will be sitting outside in the shade. 

Sunday April 24, 12 – 3 pm.
12:00:  Arrive and settle in and add your stones and crystals to help build the medicine wheel.
12:30:  Ceremony begins and ends about 2:30 to 3pm. No arrivals after ceremony begins. 

Location: Address given upon registration.  Located in north Clairmont just east of Pacific Beach and La Jolla.   You must be registered to attend and receive the address. If you are signing up the day before or day of the event please check to make sure there is room. I will not be emailing, answering the phone, or giving directions after 10am.  


To Register:  These links take paypal and all credit cards. You can also venmo me at Linda White @Linda-White-94

Extra earlybird rate by April 16:                                               $30 for 1 person             Two for $60          

Almost an earlybird rate thru April 20:                                    $35 for 1 Person             Two for $70 

Registration after April 20 to day of: (If there is room)           $40 for 1 person             Two for $80

You can contact me at 619-582-5505 or