Chakra Alignment & Medicine Wheel Ceremony  

August 21, 2021  1:30-4:30 pm

Join us for a powerful afternoon of aligning with higher awareness on a heartfelt level and stepping into partnership with Life.  This event is a combination of healing circle and an opportunity to receive guidance to improve the quality of your life and transform how you create and experience life.  

I was honored in 1998 to be shown how to activate the energy vortex of the Medicine Wheel Ceremony and use it in the healing work I do. I was also shown to combine this powerful ceremony with a chakra alignment and shamanic elemental energy healing to unite and synergize the energy of all present for the benefit of all.

The ceremony begins with an invocation followed by a short wisdom teaching. Linda will then lead you through her chakra attunement process. As you are guided to align with the higher wisdom of each chakra she will sing her sacred chants to clear blocked energies and open you to the wisdom of your higher self and Source. This is followed by a period of silent meditation for receiving guidance, insight, and healing.

 You are encouraged to bring drums, rattles, and other instruments if you would like, as well as any stones, crystals, or items you wish to add to creating the circle and to be energized in the energy.

What to bring: Chair, hats, layers and jacket for weather fluctuations, and water bottle. You will be in the shade. 

Saturday August 21, 1:30-4:30 pm.
1:30 Arrive and settle in.
2:00 begins and ends about 3:30ish depending upon how many attend. No arrivals after 2pm.
3:30 – 4:30: Social visiting. I will provide light snacks afterwards so you can visit with those you shared ceremony with. 

Location: Address given upon registration. The group is growing so the location may change to allow more space and people to attend. 


To Register:    

Register by August 19, 2021:            $25             Two for $50

After August 19, 2021:                       $35