Connect, Energize and Thrive

Guided Shamanic Journey, Soul Connection and Energy Healing Transmission

Monday, October 7,  7- 9:15 pm


This powerful event combines a Guided Shamanic Journey, Soul Connection and Energy Healing Transmission to alleviate pain, anxiety and other health problems and to increase confidence, trust and feeling supported by life.
  • Own your powers of creation and step into partnership with the creative and abundant energy of Life.
  • Experience a guided shamanic journey to open to and receive higher guidance.
  • Experience soul Connection: Using my gift as a Gatekeeper, a unique shamanic skill, you will connect with and experience the peace, love, confidence, freedom and wisdom of your Divine Higher Self & Soul. This is the part of you that lives beyond the limits of your mind and body.
  • Receive a powerful energy transmission, including Linda’s shamanic song healing to release the buildup of tension, stuffed emotions and blockages and to balance & strengthen chakras, chi, energy fields brain waves and more.

A few common results from those who’ve attended:

  • Alleviate pain, tension, anxiety, fatigue, stress, overwhelm, negative mind chatter and more!
  • Increase energy, mental clarity, circulations, vitality and general physical wellbeing.
  • Increase feelings of peace, power, confidence, abundance and feeling supported by Life
  • Relax and calm frazzled nerves and enhance your body’s ability to heal and regenerate.


   “I’ve never experienced such peace and calm. This was more powerful than many in person individual healings I’ve experienced.”  Teresa

“I was expecting a nice meditation, not a full on healing!”  Angela

When: October 7,  7-9:15 pm  We start at 7pm so please arrive 15 minutes before to set your space.

Where:  Center for Health and Human Awareness          6342 Riverdale St, San Diego, CA 92120

Bring: You will be laying down for about 45 minutes so bring padding to lay on, pillows and a blanket. If laying down is uncomfortable there are chairs to sit in.

Cost:  Space is limited to 15 attendees and tends to sell out, so it’s recommended that you pre-register to ensure that you are included. Early registration will also get you a discount: