Healing and Success for the Empathic Heart and Sensitive Soul

Though you may have grown up feeling bad for feeling things bigger than others, being a sensitive and empathic person doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you! All it means is that you process information intuitively because you have heightened senses of intuition, empathy, sound, smell or touch. This can also be due to as a child or adult having physical trauma and illness which can produce heightened sensitivity.

These heightened senses produce stronger than average emotional and physical responses which is why you are more affected by, even overwhelmed or drained by, the feelings of others and the sensations of the world around you. Having stronger feelings produces deeper conditioning which is what causes how you automatically respond to people and circumstances. This can make it harder to heal patterns causing anxiety, taking things too personally, self judgment and to not express boundaries, feelings and needs!

This is why being sensitive can feel like

a curse rather than the gift it was meant to be!

Yes, a gift! I know it doesn’t always feel good but this is because in not knowing how to work with your energy and un-condition conditioning that causes anxiety, stuffing of your feelings and needs and putting everyone else first to your own detriment, you came to live with it. Being sensitive is being intuitive and 20% and though you may not have learned to deal with these feelings, this heightened empathic and kinesthetic intuition is what makes you so good at creating business or other out side the box thinking,  you have the compassion to make great counselors, health practitioners, chefs, inventors, artists and musicians, etc. You just haven’t learned to work with your feelings and energy as tool for self empowerment combined with howo deal with the conditioning or to turn down the volume on it all.

The good news is that these patterns are changeable!  Being a highly intuitive person myself, I’ve learned how to take the hyper reactivity out of sensitivity yet keep and develop my intuitive gifts to positively transform my life and those I serve.  I’ve developed specific applications of Emotional Wisdom and Energy Work for healing this type and level of conditioning and sensitivity so that you can be less affected by the world around you, stand in the higher truth of you however others are being, and share you and your gifts with the world.

If in the past you haven’t been able to change painful feelings it’s because most holistic practitioners or coaches know how to un-condition conditioning, even many counselors didn’t understand that 20% of the population have these heightened senses, so would write many off as having this or that disorder or well, you’re just too sensitive.   As you learn to apply the emotional and energy wisdom I teach to heal such conditioning and stay connected with your higher self in daily life you will experience greater levels of inner peace, freedom of being and improve the quality of your relationships and career.


  • Experience greater peace, confidence, self love and freedom of being
  • Calm the overwhelm and frazzled nervous system to alleviate the tension, pain, digestive and other health problems this produces.
  • Learn why protection techniques don’t always work and what to do instead.
  • Heal the judgments and conditioning causing hyper-vigilance, anxiety, PTSD, overwhelm, depression, need to control, low self worth and other patterns you haven’t been able to fully heal.
  • Heal why you stuff your feelings, avoid conflict and are drained or run by other’s feelings and behavior
  • Feel comfortable expressing your needs, feelings, desires and boundaries and making your needs a priority.
  • Give to yourself and receive from others the support you’ve always deserved.
  • Develop your intuition as a tool for empowerment, freedom of being and success.
  • Learn to work with your own energy field to heal physically and enhance emotional wellbeing.
  • Own your power to heal reactive feelings and manifest YOUR hearts desires!


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