Healing and Success for the Intuitive Heart and Sensitive Soul

Though you may have grown up feeling bad for feeling things bigger than others, being a sensitive and empathic person doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you! All it means is that you process information intuitively because you have heightened senses of intuition, empathy, sound, smell or touch.  Sometimes you’re born this way and for others it can be a result of physical or emotional trauma and illness. I believe the latter includes caretakers who become hyper sensitive from years of overwhelm and ignoring their own needs in order to take care of others. Whenever we learn to ignore and suppress our own needs, it creates a state of heightened sensitivity and reactivity. It’s just that they’ve learned to ignore it.

It was estimated about 15 years ago that 20% of the population is this way. I believe with more people being born with autism or developing health conditions it’s become much higher.

These heightened senses produce stronger than average emotional and physical responses because you process feelings intuitively. The more intuitive the bigger your body experiences the feelings of others and the sounds and vibrations of the world around you as if it is louder or bigger than it is. It’s also why you are more affected by, drained and often overwhelmed the feelings of others and the sensations of the world around you. Feeling the world bigger is great if everyone is in a great mood all the time and you’re out in nature where it’s peaceful. Since they’re not, you may have learned coping mechanisms to tune it all out or to manage and control the world around you. Coping mechanisms such as suppression or not expressing your needs and feelings, leaving your body, caretaking and trying to control the world around you. These were developed because they helped in the moment but are also what causes emotional overreactions, anxiety, depression, addictions, control issues and chronic digestive and other health issues.

This is why being sensitive can feel like

a curse rather than the gift it was meant to be!

Yes, a gift!  Just as a master chef has heightened taste and smell, a musician perfect pitch or a counselor or health practitioner can intuitively sense what you need with greater empathy and compassion are only a few examples of how heightened senses can be beneficial.

The good news is that just as in movies about those gaining super powers learn to work with them, so in learning how to work with your feelings and the energy of your body can you heal these coping patterns and thrive!  Being a highly intuitive and empathic person myself, I used to take things so personally and this affected my confidence which of course feeling not good enough made it a challenging to believe in myself.   As I was developing Integrative Core Healing and Emotional Wisdom and of course applying it to myself, I learned how to take the hyper reactivity out of sensitivity yet keep my intuitive gifts. This positively transformed how I lived and experienced my life.  As I learned to calm my system, separate conditioning from higher guidance, feel the feelings of others in perspective and heal what was causing my reactive feelings it produced my intuition becoming more focused and clear.  My gift is that I’m able to sense and read the emotions and energy of others as well as the subconscious patterns causing them. This allows me to guide others heal and grow on deeper levels than traditional methods.  I’ve developed specific applications of Emotional Wisdom and Energy Work for healing this type and level of conditioning and sensitivity so that you can be less affected by the world around you, stand in the higher truth of you however others are being, and share you and your gifts with the world.

If in the past you haven’t been able to change painful feelings or to develop the trust and confidence to be and express your unique self it’s because most holistic practitioners, coaches and counselors don’t know all the steps to directly address these challenges or to un-condition this stronger than average conditioning. As a result many are labeled as this or disorder or well, as just too sensitive.   As you learn to apply the emotional and energy wisdom I teach to heal such conditioning, to stay  aligned with higher consciousness and use feelings as a tool for transformation you will experience greater levels of inner peace, freedom of being and improve the quality of your relationships and career.


  • Experience greater peace, confidence, self love and freedom of being
  • Calm the overwhelm and frazzled nervous system to alleviate the tension, pain, digestive and other health problems this produces.
  • Learn why protection techniques don’t always work and what to do instead.
  • Heal the judgments and conditioning causing hyper-vigilance, anxiety, PTSD, overwhelm, depression, need to control, low self worth and other patterns you haven’t been able to fully heal.
  • Heal why you stuff your feelings, avoid conflict and are drained or run by other’s feelings and behavior
  • Feel comfortable expressing your needs, feelings, desires and boundaries and making your needs a priority.
  • Give to yourself and receive from others the support you’ve always deserved.
  • Develop your intuition as a tool for empowerment, freedom of being and success.
  • Learn to work with your own energy field to heal physically and enhance emotional wellbeing.
  • Own your power to heal reactive feelings and manifest YOUR hearts desires!


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