How to own your power and focus the power of your choices to create beyond your experiences and to sustain the confidence and trust to keep going however the process unfolds.

  • Create dynamic, empowering, loving and joyful personal and professional relationships
  • Attain prosperity and success beyond what you’ve learned to create so far
  • Heal Chronic health problems and attain optimum health
  • Empower yourself and receive from others the support you’ve always deserved
  • Enjoy life while manifesting your dreams into your reality.


You are 74% more likely to attain personal and professional goals when you have the support and guidance to grow beyond what you currently believe or know how to do.

There are no limits, only what feels like limits because it’s the edge of what you’ve learned to believe and create so far!

Sometimes, a shift in perspective or getting your energy back into alignment is all you need and you’re back in the flow of creation. Suddenly results are showing up and people respond differently towards you. Other times this doesn’t happen, or you feel better and some results show up, but it doesn’t last. If the latter sounds familiar, all it means is that part of your process includes learning how to create life differently. This may include learning communication, business and relationships skills, developing new behaviors and learning to nurture staying in higher awareness and manifesting consistent results at the level you desire.

Manifestation Wisdom teaches how to own your true power and to apply ALL the Laws of Creation to more consistently and easily manifest personal, emotional and professional life goals FROM an awareness of unconditional trust, power, love and abundance.  The Laws of Creation are the underlying principles for how creation and transformation work.  All books on how to create success, be happy, abundance consciousness, law of attraction or to attain health, relationships or enlightenment are teaching some but often not all of these core principles.

Just like gravity, these principles are operating in your life, even if you don’t know about them, believe in them or have learned to focus them to create the level of results or emotional experience you desire.  Some of your choices support creating the results or feelings you want, which is why you have manifested certain results and emotional changes, and others do not.

Manifestation wisdom takes you beyond knowing these principles because the emphasis is on how to consciously apply these principles so they work in any area of life.  This is important because though the principles are the same for all areas of life, the steps are often applied differently.  Thus, the type of perceptions and actions for changing feelings, vs circumstances, or for creating prosperity vs relationships or health are applied differently.

The greater your ability to understand and to correctly, consistently and consciously apply this wisdom the greater your ability to turn your dreams into your reality and to trust and enjoy the journey however it’s going in the middle.  Which is why as part of healing limiting beliefs, connecting with higher consciousness and balancing your energy  is combine with the wisdom to consciously create life differently.

If you believe you’ve done (or learned) all you can – you haven’t!  Robert Schueller 



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