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Have you done years of healing and growth and still have the same anxiety, judgments and get triggered by or drained by people and circumstances in the same way?

Do your feelings of peace, personal power, confidence and happiness still yo-yo based upon the moods of others or how results are going?

Are you still stuffing your emotions and unable to sustain the positive feelings you’ve opened?

Do you know you need to take better care of yourself but still don’t take the time or feel okay to express your needs, feelings and unique self?

Do you avoid conflict or upsetting others like the plague?

Are you generally confident and capable yet struggle with feelings of not enough or anxiety?

I understand how euphoric it can be to open to higher awareness, to experience expansions of consciousness or to learn techniques to work with your energy and feelings and to attain life goals. It feels empowering and magical to learn how our world responds to your choices. I also understand how frustrating it can be when what you’ve learned only takes you so far. How even though you’ve changed what you believe old feelings keep coming up as if nothing has changed. This is because as powerful as it is to learn higher awareness, life principles, positive thinking, affirmations, visualization, meditation, mindfulness and emotional release and energy other techniques, these are only part of the process.

It would be great if after a healing experience or opening to higher awareness that the peace, bliss and confidence you felt lasts forever and your reactive or uncomfortable feelings would never come up again. If it was that easy then we’d all be enlightened!   Though each shift changes you, the reason old feelings return and the positive feelings you opened to doesn’t last is because a shift is not the whole process. Next comes applying in daily life the wisdom that produces and sustains lasting changes.  This is what Emotional Wisdom provides.

If you go to the gym you don’t expect to learn one exercise and do it one time and expect to suddenly lift 250 lbs, lose 60 lbs or run a marathon. You understand that it’s a process of consistently doing the exercises that increase your muscle strength and health.  The same with transformational healing. Think of me as an emotional fitness trainer.  Feelings coming back up as if nothing has changed has several causes. A primary one is that though you learned to believe in higher awareness you haven’t learned to consistently apply it in daily life which is how you develop the emotional muscles to sustain it. Each time you apply a step of emotional wisdom it’s like doing an emotional sit up it strengthens the pathways in your brain that will sustain the feelings you want to feel more of. And just as a situp isn’t the only exercise to learn, I help you to learn the different types of emotional wisdom for healing different types of feelings. Think of this as an emotional fitness program to develop and sustain the emotional muscles that will produce feeling higher and higher levels of positive feelings, health, prosperity and relationships you desire. The more you apply them in your life, vs just learn them, the stronger the pathways in your brain become that causes this awareness to become your more primary response.


Do I need to learn or heal everything before I feel betterNo. You will feel better physically and emotionally in your first session. Unless you are completely out of tune with feelings or your body, the moment you begin to apply any steps of Emotional Wisdom you will feel it’s affect. Emotional Wisdom helps you to consciously apply the awareness to do all those things you’ve been told you need or should do.

Emotional Wisdom guides you to embrace and apply in daily life the wisdom to:

  • Own your power to positively change feelings and circumstances when doubts or limits arise and Un-condition the conditioning that causes your power, confidence, happiness, inner peace and other positive feelings to yo-yo based upon results, other people’s moods and behavior
  • Heal subconscious patterns of physical and emotional conditioning which are why even if you know better you still get triggered as you do.
  • Sustain living higher awareness and manifesting from an awareness of unconditional trust, love, power and abundance.
  • How to develop the level of faith in what you want to believe that takes you beyond learning and believing in higher awareness to living it.
  • Change how you relate to and deal with feelings so that you stop stuffing feelings and use them as a tool for transformation.
  • Learn and apply the different types of emotional wisdom to heal different types of feelings.
  • Go beyond releasing judgments, limiting beliefs, and other feelings by healing the underlying core beliefs and conditioning causing them
  • Develop and apply the wisdom that produces unconditional acceptance, love, compassion, personal power, surrender,  forgiveness and happiness.
  • Heal why you suppress and don’t express feelings, needs, desires and healthy boundaries.
  • Develop the consciousness to confidently manifest life goals such as relationships, success and health beyond what you have so far.
  • Be and express the unique gift of you and develop emotional intimacy
  • Stay confident, trusting and in the flow of creation however it’s going in the middle.
  • Stay centered in the higher truth of who you are however results are going or others feel and act.
  • Go beyond mentally believing in higher awareness to feeling and living it!
  • Transform why you  take things ‘too’ personally.
  • Heal addictions and co-dependency.   
  • Love and accept yourself, others and life AS IS while also setting healthy boundaries, creating balanced relationships and other life goals.
  • Heal the empathic, sound and other hyper-sensitivities that cause you to be more negatively affected, overwhelmed and drained by others or the world around you. FYI – Conditioning is stronger for highly intuitive and sensitive souls.
  • How to be heard, understood and receive from others the support you desire and deserve


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