Emotional Wisdom

It would be great if after learning higher consciousness or releasing and shifting limiting beliefs, old limiting judgments and feelings would never come up again. If it was that easy then we’d all be enlightened, happy all the time and be living our ideal life!  If you keep having strong and persistent feelings that keep coming back up, even though you’ve done years of healing and growth, this is due to ingrained patterns of physical and emotional conditioning. To heal this aspect of a belief pattern may include some of the steps you’ve learned, but includes a few more that most coaches, therapists and other practitioners don’t know how to apply.  Not knowing how to un-condition these patterns are why even though you’ve done years of healing and growth, even though you ‘know better’, you still get triggered by people and circumstances as you do.  The good news is that these are changeable!


I will share I have many people listen to what I say I do and say, ‘yeah right!’ They’ve paid for services in which others have promised similar, or promised a magic fix only to find it doesn’t last or it only takes them so far. I’m going to be honest with you. In one session I can facilitate a profound shift in how you feel physically and emotionally.  The level of that shift and how long it lasts depends on where you are in your healing and growth process.

I have so many stories of clients who in one session go from pain level of 8 to a zero, from feeling constantly on guard and anxious to feeling peaceful and confident and able to positively affect those areas of life they previously couldn’t change.  Whether or not it lasts depends on several factors such changing what created physical and emotional imbalance, do you have the inner foundation, behaviors and emotional skills to stop stuffing feelings and support living in balance.    For some, the shift was so profound it stayed with them for months and months, others they were forever changed.  For others, for most, they don’t have this foundation even though they often think they do. Especially other holistic practitioners, counselors and coaches who believe they know all the steps and how they’re doing it is enough.

Integrative Emotional Wisdom provides the deeper and more comprehensive wisdom to go beyond releasing limits and learning higher consciousness to living it! 


Do you believe in your ability to change your life by changing your beliefs? Have you opened to higher consciousness, done emotional release work, core shifting and energy work but still have the same old feelings coming up? Would you like to more easily sustain the positive feelings, energy and seemingly magical results you’ve opened to?  Are you tired of being told you’re too sensitive and to develop a touch skin? Then This is because as powerful as what you’ve learned and done is, it’s only part of the process for transforming ingrained patterns.


How to:

  • Un-condition what causes your power, confidence, happiness, inner peace and other positive feelings to yo-yo based upon results, other people’s moods and behavior
  • Stop releasing judgments, limiting beliefs, low self worth and  by healing the underlying patterns causing them
  • Heal the root causes of limiting beliefs, judgments, stress, low self worth, anger, fears and doubts, grief and over-reactions
  • Heal the core beliefs and conditioning causing anxiety, depression, overwhelm, PTSD, panic attacks and feeling constantly ‘on guard’, powerless, not enough or unsupported
  • Heal why even though you know better, you still stuff your feelings, needs and dreams
  • Transform why you are negatively affected by or drained by other people’s moods or behavior and take things ‘too’ personally.
  • Why you over-react, shut down, stuff your feelings and needs, and don’t express yourself openly and freely,
  • Emotional eating, addictions and co-dependency.


Integrative Emotional Wisdom teaches how to apply the steps everyone tells you to do so they actually work.

  • Own your power and stop giving it away!
  • Feel more consistently confident, optimistic, happy, peaceful and aligned with Spirit however life is going
  • Experience unconditional trust, freedom of being, surrender, intimacy with others.
  • Have more fun and enjoy life even while you are in the process of inner or outer transformation.
  • Love and accept yourself and others AS IS while also setting healthy boundaries and creating balanced relationships
  • Heal the underlying conditioning
  • Heal the empathic, sound and other hyper-sensitivities that cause you to be more negatively affected, overwhelmed and drained by others or the world around you. FYI – Conditioning is stronger for highly intuitive and sensitive souls.
  • Feel okay to ask for what you want, make your needs a priority, and to set and enforce healthy boundaries
  • Develop the communication skills to be heard, understood and receive from others the support you desire
  • Have more fun and enjoy life more!
  • Feel fully present, desirable and confident in your body!

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