Integrative Core Healing and Emotional Wisdom    Watch a video here about Emotional Wisdom

Emotional Wisdom takes you beyond learning higher awareness and emotional and energy release techniques, to living it. Thus, instead of telling you to let go, allow your feelings, be authentic, set boundaries and ask for help, don’t judge or take it personally, or just telling you to believe in, accept and love yourself, I show you how! 

This is done through a process of helping you to become aware of and transform the underlying core beliefs and conditioning causing the reactive and limiting feelings you don’t want, combined with my unique ability to help you to connect with the higher awareness that allows you to ‘see’ beyond the limits of your mind, and the integrative wisdom to heal and un-condition the subconscious reprogramming, and develop new patterns that will produce and sustain lasting changes.

This work is for you if you’ve

  • Opened to positive thinking, higher consciousness, but haven’t been able to sustain it.
  • Done years of healing and growth, but still have the same anxiety, judgments, depression, reactions, and limiting beliefs coming up.
  • You still stuff your emotions, or are triggered and drained when others are upset, or results aren’t going well.
  • Are unable to sustain the positive feelings and higher awareness you’ve opened to.
  • Are still not asking for help, living your dreams, being authentic, or expressing your feelings, needs or boundaries, even though you know it’s important?
  • Are you generally positive, spiritual, capable and confident, yet are are struggling with health issues, and feel like there’s a damper on your positive feelings? 
  • You mentally believe and know all of this, but aren’t feeling it in your heart or able to sustain it?

Having been on a path of personal growth and spiritual growth for 35 years, and helping others heal and grow for 25 of those, I understand how euphoric and magical it can be to open to and experience expansions of consciousness. I know how empowering it is to learn the skills, release techniques and life principles that transform how you believe and create in life.  I also understand how frustrating it can be when what you’ve learned only takes you so far. It would be great if after a healing experience, or opening to higher awareness the positive feelings you felt lasted forever. It would be great if your reactive and limiting feelings never came up again. If it was that easy we’d all be enlightened!

When I first learned the principles that changed my life, well they changed my life! I created successful businesses, left a bad marriage, increased the confidence to believe in myself, create successful businesses, and to more and more be and express my unique self.  Over time though, I realize there were gaps in what I was being taught.  Specifically, how to deal with the feelings that years later kept coming up, even though I no longer believed that way. When I got tired of so many telling me to just let go, be with it, or to visualize and do affirmations and other basic techniques, I sought and found the wisdom to take my own personal and spiritual growth to levels that filled in those gaps.  It allowed me to more easily sustain the positive feelings and enjoy the journey as I continued to create and live my ideal life. 

I want you to know that ther ebeing more to learn doesn’t negate what you’ve learned. It’s just that we learn on layers and levels. We learn pieces, they help us, and when we discover they don’t do everything, we seek additional wisdom.   Integrative Core Healing and Emotional Wisdom provides the comprehensive wisdom to develop and sustain the beliefs and behavior that will organically produce and sustain higher levels of positive feelings, healing of reactive feelings, improvement in health and relationships, and the motivation to live your dreams   

Emotional wisdom is unique in that it teaches how to embrace and apply the consciousness that produces and sustains the positive feelings you want more of. Secondly, it includes how to apply these in daily life to more fully heal and un-condition the underlying subconscious patterns of conditioning causing anxiety, low self worth, self doubt, overwhelm, fear, anger, depressive or limiting thinking, and other patterns that limit creation and happiness. Patterns that cause you to stuff your emotions, stress and tension which creates physical imbalances that cause or contribute to real health problems.


Emotional Wisdom provides the how to steps for developing and applying the consciousness that creates lasting changes. 


When you go to the gym, you don’t expect to learn one exercise, and do it one time, and then expect to suddenly lift 250 lbs, lose 60 lbs or run a marathon. Why?  Because you understand that it’s a process that requires you to consistently do the exercises and nutrition that will increase your muscle strength, and cause weight loss.  The same is true with transformational healing and living higher awareness. It is a process. A process of opening to higher awareness, healing from the past and developing the new emotional muscles, daily habits and life skills that will organically create and sustain lasting changes.

It helps to think of me as an emotional fitness coach, and Emotional Wisdom is the manual for developing the emotional muscles and consciousness that will produce the sustain the level and consistency of positive feelings you want to feel more of.  To go beyond learning higher awareness, to living it, by developing the consicousness that increases positive feelings, and how to apply this wisdom to simultaneously heal the limiting beliefs, judgments, reactive feelings and more that limit self expression, happiness, healing and creation. 

Do I need to learn or heal everything before I feel betterNo. You will feel better physically and emotionally the moment you begin to apply any steps of Emotional Wisdom.  Each time you apply these steps, it’s like doing an emotional sit up that strengthens the pathways in your brain that are necessary to change how you respond to people and circumstances.  Thus, if you want to feel greater confidence, peace, trust or happiness, you will learn to produce and sustain feeling those feelings.

I spent years developing the steps of Emotional Wisdom. It transformed my life and those I’ve taught it to. I would love to help you discover how it can help you transform your life.  Think of this as signing up for an emotional fitness program to develop and sustain the levels of positive feelings, health, prosperity and relationships you desire.


Emotional Wisdom guides you to embrace and apply in daily life the wisdom to heal the subconscious conditioning and develop 

Decrease and Heal the core beliefs, subconscious conditioning and behaviors that pro

Increase and sustain :

  • Confidence, self worth, deservedness, feeling enough, trust and optimism
  • Self love, acceptance, compassion, surrender and forgiveness
  • Freedom of being, being present, happiness, fun and joy

How to:

  • Heal and Un-Condition where your sense of power, happiness and feeling loved and valued are negatively affected by results, and other people’s moods and behaviors
  • Trust and faith in your power to attain results change feelings and behaviors you’ve been unable to change
  •  Spiritual connection, inner peace, and
  • and manifesting from an awareness of unconditional trust, love, power and abundance.
  • unstoppable faith and confidence in yourself, your powers of creation and in life to support you. 
  • Change how you relate to and deal with feelings so that you stop stuffing feelings and use them as a tool for transformation.
  • Learn and apply the different types of emotional wisdom to heal different types of feelings.
  • Go beyond releasing judgments, limiting beliefs, and other feelings by healing the underlying core beliefs and conditioning causing them
  • Develop and apply the wisdom that produces unconditional acceptance, love, compassion, personal power, surrender,  forgiveness and happiness.
  • Heal why you suppress and don’t express feelings, needs, desires and healthy boundaries – even though you know you should
  • Develop the consciousness to confidently manifest life goals such as relationships, success and health beyond what you have so far.
  • Be and   express the unique gift of you and
  • develop emotional intimacy
  • Stay confident, empowered and centered in the higher truth of who you are however results are going or what others think feel, say or do.
  • Go beyond mentally believing in higher awareness to feeling and living it!
  • Transform why you  take things ‘too’ personally.
  • Heal addictions and co-dependency.   
  • Love and accept yourself, others and life AS IS while also setting healthy boundaries, creating balanced relationships and other life goals.
  • Heal the empathic, sound, and other hyper-sensitivities that cause you to be more negatively affected, overwhelmed and drained by others or the world around you. FYI – Conditioning is stronger for highly intuitive and sensitive souls.
  • How to be heard, understood and receive from others the support you desire and deserve


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